an anonymous essay shared by FEMINA SOCIETY

At first thought, two full days -- forty-eight hours -- of real slavery might sound like a porn-pulp dream come true. One can easily imagine being chained and whipped for hours, time and time again, or tongue and lip worshipping the Boots, Shoes, and Feet of the Goddess over and over again. But, of course, the key word in the above is the word `real'. A real slave doesn't do what he wants; he does what his Supreme Female Owner wants. And that is the case at all times.

Let's think about what those forty-eight hours might be like -- realizing that the forty-eight hours depend entirely upon the Owner of the slave and not the slave.

Slave owners are far more intelligent than Their lowly property and will have thought ahead of time of those things that should be done by the slave during the forty-eight hours. Thus, it is likely that considerable work -- perhaps forty-eight hours straight without break -- will be demanded.

my Owner would likely make me clean everything, as She always demands cleanliness and neatness. All things in Her kitchen, from pots and pans to floors and cupboards must be immaculate. This does not mean taking the dishes and washing them off with a cloth and then setting them to dry. It means examining the top and bottom of each and every dish to be sure it is spotless before it is dried -- not by setting, but by hand. Everything must be removed from the cupboards and every corner cleaned with a toothbrush -- since a toothbrush gets into small places very well. All surfaces must be spotless and dried -- by hand -- before everything else is cleaned and finally returned to its exact location in each cupboard. This is a task that will take all of the first morning and some of the early afternoon because it must be performed perfectly.

Of course, none of us slaves is perfect, so it is really more correct to say that we must humbly strive for perfection in cleaning for our Supreme Owners.

The Owner may or may not permit the slave to eat a small lunch of slave food from a dog bowl on the floor of the back porch. The slave cannot eat from the now clean kitchen floor -- he is not worthy of such an honor. If She feeds him scraps from the table, he must carry them in his mouth to the back porch to eat them, then return for another scrap. A bowl of water can be placed on the back porch if the Owner feels particularly kind. Every part of the kitchen floor that has had a scrap of food fall on it must be cleaned again -- with the slave's tongue. If the Owner feels particularly kind, She might kick the slave several times while he licks Her kitchen floor.

After lunch, if one is permitted, more tasks await the slave. These may range from cleaning the rest of the rooms in the house in the same careful, immaculate way, or doing yard work or laundry with ironing, or repair work, or, of course, anything the Owner wishes. Any forty-eight hours of real slavery is the Owner's forty-eight hours -- not the slave's. Nothing belongs to slaves -- slaves belong to their Superior Owners.

She may place the slave in chains on Her back porch -- or even front porch -- for the rest of the day and invite friends or even strangers to examine her property. She may allow him to accompany Her on a trip. Perhaps She will take him to a mall and allow him to follow three steps behind with his head bowed while She inspects the merchandise in different stores. he will stay behind Her if She buys something and only when She permits -- `My servant will carry that' -- may he approach and pick up Her packages and again follow with head bowed low. If questioned, he will always say, `Yes, Mistress' -- many Owners will not allow Their property to answer `No'.

Since slavery is, unfortunately, illegal, the relationship must be treated, in public places, as one of Mistress and servant. Observers may notice, though, that the Mistress treats Her servant as if he were Her slave -- see him there, kneeling on the floor, before Her, cleaning Her Boots with his tongue.

Bathrooms are often the rooms which Owners most want a slave to clean. Owners certainly should never be expected to clean Their Own bathrooms -- or anything else, for that matter -- that is what slaves are for!

Again, the slave must clean every surface -- counter tops, shower walls, floor -- until it is immaculate. The toilet should be cleaned with the slave's tongue. he must lick the seat and the porcelain and right down to the floor until it is thoroughly clean. This is a great honor for the lowly slave. -- Imagine how wonderful it must feel to this worm to be permitted to lick the seat where a Goddess has placed Her bare Bottom while relieving Herself. Imagine how wonderful it is to lift the seat and lick the porcelain that has been so close to Her elimination. This careful and thorough cleaning of the bathroom will consume the rest of the afternoon when done properly.

It should be pointed out that, while performing for his Mistress, the slave will be dressed or undressed as She wishes. my Supreme Owner might allow me to be naked in Her house, perhaps only wearing a ring around my cock and/or a collar round my neck. The slave must always be on the floor when the Owner is in the room. Only if She permits it, dare he rise even to his knees! he must always crawl in Her presence and must back out of any room She is in when and if She dismisses him. It is important for the slave to constantly repeat the mantra, `i am only a slave, the property of my Divine Mistress!' He must remind himself that this Female is his Owner -- she must be obeyed in all things, in all ways, at all times, in all places, in front of all people. She is his Totality. he has no rights -- he has only to serve.

The Owner might grant Her slave the honor of again eating table scraps or from a dog bowl, if he has cleaned it well -- notice, i do not say from his hog bowl since nothing belongs to him -- nothing at all -- not even his body, soul, or life.

A truly pleased and generous Woman might even permit Her slave to give Her a pedicure during the evening or serve Her drinks and be Her footstool while She relaxes and reads -- or listens to music, watches TV, or does whatever She wishes -- She is the ruler -- he is nothing.

When it comes time for bed, he will help Her undress and help her into bed, then lie on the floor -- perhaps under her bed -- all night. That is, if She does not order him to continue with other cleaning tasks during the night hours.

The next day, he will make breakfast and serve it to Her in bed or wherever She wishes. If he is lucky, She may relieve Herself on his face -- he will serve Her in any and all ways that She wishes for the next twenty-four hours, and complete the full forty-eight hours by continual obedience to his Owner.

She may like to have her feet worshiped -- or She may not. She may like to have Her Bottom worshipped -- or She may not. She may like to beat him half to death -- or all the way, for that matter -- or She may not. It is Her forty-eight hours, not his -- and this is the most important thing for him to realize -- everything is Hers, nothing is his, not his body, not his thoughts, not his life.

Do not accept a slave, do not become a slave Owner unless You accept this -- that the male is just property, nothing more. All men are meant to be slaves, but most are not yet ready for it. we males have been raised in a society, on a planet, where males are typically the bosses. In our world, slavery is presented and viewed as a great evil and is to be shunned and even done away with. But this is an abomination to nature. males should never be bosses -- we are obviously inferior intellectually and emotionally. Often we are stronger physically -- like oxen and horses. But who would choose a horse to be the boss of a civilized society! Females are superior to males in every way. They are meant to be the Bosses, the Rulers.

Slavery is not evil -- it is the natural way of things. In nature, slaves are found everywhere. And a real man is happiest and at his best when he is a slave to a Dominant, Superior Woman.

Any man who has experienced a full forty-eight hours of slavery, and Woman who has experienced a full forty-eight hours as an owner will have found his or Her natural place and will probably never stray. Those forty-eight hours will become forty-eight years. i know -- for i devote my life to the service of my Superiors -- the Females of the Femina Society.