At 20 years of age, he was a phenomenal athlete, a first-rate diver and a stupendous gym¬nast. He’d spent his whole life training and concentrating on getting his coordination perfect and his body in top shape, to the exclusion of all else. He was so handsome that he could have been a model, but his beauty was unrecognized in himself. He was incredibly shy and modest to a fault. Training was his whole life. Being able to make his body do all these remarkable things was his only goal. He’d never had a date, never even thought of it. Training, accomplishment, perfection.

All that it meant was that he would take a much longer period to die. They would dwell on him. He was so much more fun than the others -- he was so perfect and he suffered so much greater. He was stronger, too, so his body could withstand more abuse.

It was a shame to have that accomplishment and effort be destroyed. That body that had devoted itself to itself and could arch and spin in the air so gracefully, covered only by a thin swatch of nylon across and around the groin. It was a shame that it was rendered so helpless and then so slowly, so methodically taken apart. His agony was supreme -- he had never even had the sweet pain of conventional sex and here he was spred-eagled while strangers for no apparent rea¬son tortured and mutilated his cock and testicles.

He would never taste the pleasure of sex again, he would never be athletic again, he would never be allowed to move his limbs of his own accord again -- in a while he wouldn’t even have arms and legs anymore. They would be cut off and this young boy who had not even begun to live, who had worked so hard and developed his estimable gifts and whose beauty and sweet personality promised a lifetime of bliss, this boy would become a limbless freak in a box, existing in a limbo of torture.

Not dead, but not really living as a person does. But he would be aware and feeling. And he will ponder his fate and feel his body as he continues to be used as a receptacle for pain and humiliation. They will torture his dick, but they will leave it on him so that when he is limbless they can sheath him in leather, covering him completely and carry him by straps, like luggage. They will leave a hole at his crotch for his genitals to pop out and that will be all that is exposed. They will cut out his tongue and imbed spiky instruments of torture into his nipples. They will keep a throbbing plug up his ass and occasionally they will torture him there with electricity.
They will keep his dick attached to the rest of him because it is so beautiful and full. But they will ceaselessly torment it as its exposure from the leather case will make it too tempting a target. They will constantly experiment with trying to put things up the slit of his dick and they will carry him around by it. They will torment it with their lit cigarettes and want to press various agonizing and cutting tools into the tight, sensitive skin. He will arch in pain and cry for the parents who gave up their hunt for him since no trace was ever found after he disappeared from practice. Their son is gone, but they will never believe what has become of him. The sweet smiling boy who practiced so seriously and who was just becoming such a handsome, strong man, is screaming somewhere in a leather case, his arms and legs removed, his wash-board stomach tortured and branded, his back and ass whipped, his face covered from view, and a four inch needle matching the ones sunk through his testicles, has just been sent through the center of his dick.

He is turned from a devoted active young athlete preoccupied with his outward goals and pursuing future accomplishment into a pain-ridden freak, stripped naked, his arms and legs tortured off and his cock and balls the focus of abuse and mutilation from his captors. His developed limbs are painfully severed, forever separated from his torso, his scalped torso is whipped, branded, flayed. His virgin anus is invaded, tortured with electricity, blistered. His nipples are shredded and sliced. His beautiful face is mutilated and shut away from all view. The flexibility and coordination training of his body are forever irrelevant. His modesty, generosity, friendliness, intellect, and good nature count for nothing and will never be considered again as part of his life. That his family and friends ever loved him, or that he is still his parents’ son means nothing. He will live for as long as his captors see fit to keep him alive as a thing to be tortured, with his cock forever exposed between the stumps of his thighs, and he will never know how or why he has come to be an amputated root of screaming agony.

Where possible, I have tried to include pictures of the boy’s legs and arms, so you may imagine the hours of effort it took for him to develop them so beautifully, and so you may then imagine his horror as he watches them being amputated.

Also, I focussed on young men who showed a range of tenderness and approachablity in their faces. This is the blossom of untapped youth that will be wasted, that will be disfigured, hooded and turned in on itself to suffer excruciat¬ing agonies. The torsos are all of young, well-sculpted athletic men, often caught at some sports event or in some athletic environment. These are the muscles and the flawless skin that will be worked over methodically, with every precaution taken to assure that the boy anticipates the terror and can feel the physical anguish as much as possible.

Mounted with his asshole impaled on an upright stake or suspended from meat hooks driven through his stumps, his flesh is tortured inch by inch all over his back, ass, chest, stomach, abdomen, asshole, with pins, needles, razor blades, electric current, hunting knives, open flame, glowing branding irons, barbed wire, whips, pincers, and by endless having strips of skin slowly torn off and reset to heal. All over. Where he can see and where he can’t.


Up high around his face and down low all through out his groin, extra care is taken to make sure that he is always conscious of the torture that is happening to him, that he can feel the pain, and that he is not in immediate danger of dying and thereby escaping the next agony. The abbreviated bodies of these once-promising boys, now suffering in an endless hell, can be carried around by using their genitals as the handle. When it doesn’t seem likely that it will kill him, he is sometimes suspended upside down from his genitals and weights are attached to his nipples from fishing hooks stuck through them, while they whip or brand him. Since he has no arms or legs, he has no choice but to dangle helplessly from his pain-filled man-root, beg God for the reason he should be screaming so, and plead for mercy which does not exist.
His exposed genitals remain intact for a while at least, but they are constantly tortured like the rest of his torso and head. Wound with everything from string to barbed wire they are constantly being fixed into place for abuse, sometimes nailed down or squeezed almost flat to bursting from metal straps lain across his dick and anchored with screws or nails. His testicles are twisted and compressed, injected with saltwater, his scrotum is slit open and the tests are pulled down on their cord and tormented then reinserted and the scrotum sutured back up -- all without anesthetic.

Both his cock and balls are beaten, branded, stretched out and cooked on a grill, worked over with razor blades. They have pins and needles sunk into them over and over, sometimes red-hot, and they are pushed all the way through to the other side, then slowly withdrawn. The root of his dick, right at the point where it joins his shaved torso, when not wound in wire or laced with needles or nails, receives the searing heat of white-hot branding irons pressed into the sensitive flesh too many times to count.


The tip of his dick feels the agonies of being invaded by every conceivable substance. Glass, wood, steel, copper wire, and plastic tubing carrying cystic chemicals and boiling water are forced all the way up the length of his captive dick into his torso and bladder. Other probing, scraping instruments find their way into the testicles. The blistered and charred by burning matches sunk deep inside his dick.

Eventually his cock and balls will be vivisectioned and the entire genital area will be amputated, probably with the balls being taken off a year or two before the cock, and finally leaving his groin nothing but a skinless, gaping wound. Then depending on how available his senses still are to being tortured, the rest of his skin will be flayed or he will be put on display somewhere to idly abuse and mostly forget about until vermin or insects make a feast of him.

This is the fate of all of these boys. Think of what happens to their cocks as you see them there. Then think of these boys as REAL boys that the really happens to. Look at those faces and imagine their fear and horror as these things really happen to them: see their beauty transformed by terror and unthinkable pain and irreversible degradation, mutilation and amputation. Handsome, beautiful, virile, sweet, good, friendly, sexy, accomplished, dedicated, loving, well-endowed, perfect, smart, broad-minded, happy young men and sons -- screaming in anguish as their naked bodies are taken apart in pieces and they are endlessly tortured until they are allowed to die.