Toni and Skip were brother and sister. Toni was a few years older than Skip, and he adored her. She was a poised, secure and self-confident woman, and in a way, Skip never missed having a big brother -- Toni was so strong a personality.

"Skip, you won't believe this. But I have this crazy favor to ask of you. I'm so embarrassed, but it's easier to ask you than some other guy, who might take advantage of me."

"OK, Sis, what's the deal?"

"I really hate to ask, but, my sorority is having a 'scavenger hunt', and I have to bring something back at the beginning of the year."

"So, what is it?"

"Well, I need a photo of a guy tied up. It can't be something from a magazine or anything. It has to be a real picture.

"Would you be my model? I mean, that way, I don't' have to ask somebody who I don't really know, or maybe couldn't trust.

"Know what I mean? It wouldn't hurt or anything."

Skip looked a little skeptical, but he had that little bit of a smile that he always wore when he was going to gibe into his big sister. He almost never said 'No' to her. In fact, he was thinking that he never refused her anything. This was silly, but she was right. Why take a chance and ask some guy at college who might take it wrong and try to get back at her, or something like that.

Skip said,

"Tell me what you have in mind. I need to know what I might be getting into."

Skip smiled a little as he spoke, and Toni knew then that he wouldn't refuse.

"OK, it'll be easy really. I can just tie you to a chair with a few coils of rope. The requirements are that your hands have to be tied together behind your back -- behind the back of the chair. And there has to be a gag.

"See, here's the sheet that describes what is needed for this item in the scavenger hunt."

Skip took the sheet, and read it quickly.

"Yeah, I get the idea. Sure, why not. It doesn't sound painful."

Skip's brown eyes sparkled as he contemplated being helpful. It was a silly request, but it seemed harmless. Why not, his expression almost said aloud as his right hand brushed his long brown hair out of his eyes.

"OK, let me get some things ready. Can we do this in the garage? Find a sturdy chair that will look good, OK? I'll go find some rope. Meet you in the garage," Toni said jauntily.

Skip went in search of a suitable chair. By the time Skip got an appropriate chair out to the garage way in the back of the yard, Toni was waiting for him. She held a several lengths of white cotton rope in her trim hands.

"I'm ready for you, little brother," she said with mock menace.

"Put the chair over here. This will be great! No one in the sorority will ever know how easy a time I had doing this because we don't look much like brother and sister. They'll think I had to work really hard to get such a handsome stud as you tied up!"

It was true. Skip was dark haired and had deep brown eyes, while Toni had blond hair and blue eyes. Skip's medium length hair curved just above his collar, and his long neck sat on steeply sloping shoulders. If you looked carefully, you could see the similarity to each of their parents, but they were so different, looking at them, most people didn't think they were related.

"Well, let's get this over, Sis. I don't have all afternoon. Rod is going to come by later, and I'd rather not have to explain rope burns to him, OK?"

"Sure, no problem! Put the chair over here under the light."

Skip dragged the chair in the dim garage over to the center of the empty bay. The bay was empty because their parents were on their customary late summer vacation.

Toni would go back to school next week, and Skip was starting his senior year. He was in great shape because he had spent the summer life guarding at one of the camps downstate.

When Toni indicated the proper position for the chair, Skip stood back and looked at the prop, sitting forlorn beneath the naked lightbulb. He brushed a little dust off of his hands, and put them on his slim waist.

"Looks great Skip. Go ahead and sit in it. Great. Sit back, and sit up straight."

Skip complied, and automatically put his hands behind the back of the chair. Toni took a length of the rope and tied Skip's wrists together. Then, she tied each ankle to one of the legs of the chair. Finally, she looped rope around his chest, just under his protruding pectorals. With the rope snugged underneath the meaty pecs, they stood out even more than usual through his bright white T-shirt.

"Wow," Skip said, "This feels weird."

"Oh come on, it's just like when we used to play cowboys and Indians."

"Well, I guess you're right. But it still feels weird. It's been a long time after all."

"Yeah, you do have a lot more muscles than you did then. You were a pretty skinny Indian!"

"Hey don't make fun while I can't fight back!"

"How about some pictures. Ready? Try to look scared."

Toni snapped a few frames, but then her face emerged from behind the camera, scowling a little.

"Don't look so fake! Look like you're really scared!"

She returned her eye to the viewfinder, and snapped away.

"Good. Good, that's it." Toni went back to taking pictures.

"Ready for the gag?"

"Well, if I have to," Skip said, feigning resignation.

Toni flipped her long blond hair out of her face. Her actions were surprisingly like Skip's when he cleared his hair out of his eyes. She walked over to the counter at the side of the garage, and picked up a long cloth. She tied a knot in the middle of the strip of cloth.

Skip watched her intently, but in silence. Finally, he said,

"Hey Tone, that's a pretty big knot. Don't want to choke me do you."

"Of course not Little Brother," Toni said warmly. "It's just a little prop. And besides you won't have to wear it long. Open wide."

Skip tilted his head back a little, as Toni held the strip of cloth out for him to clamp his shapely lips around. His Adam's apple bobbed a little bit as he took in a deep breath before accepting the gag.

Toni wrapped the two loose ends of the cloth behind his head, and began to tie them.

Skip looked a little surprised at how tight she tied the gag, and how deeply into the corners of his mouth the white cloth bit.

The white contrasted with his finely textured, tanned skin. The brown hair at the nape of his neck was deeply indented by the cloth.

When Toni was finished tying the knot, she rested her hands on her brother's shoulders, and said,

"You look fabulous, Skip!"

Skip mumbled something incomprehensible. Even though it was not clear, he repeated it several times,




"Swedish, brother? No? Oh, I understand, you're saying 'It's too tight.' Well, you can still breathe. Relax."

Toni went about taking more pictures. She encouraged Skip to look like he was trying to get free.

He seemed surprised at how tightly he was bound to the chair. It scraped a bit on the floor. But Skip remained secure.

"Oh, I'm out of film! Rats! I'll be right back."

Toni left, and was away for a while. It seemed like hours to Skip, who had never been tied up as an adult. This was beginning to annoy him. Maybe worry him a little.

When Toni returned, she was carrying the camera, but some other things as well. And most amazing, with her was May, her friend from college.

Skip hadn't known May was in town. But he recognized her from the Christmas and Easter break visits she had shared with Toni.

He was embarrassed that another person who knew him was going to see him tied up. He blushed.

The two women went about setting up a video camera, in addition to the still camera Toni had been using.

Skip was mumbling protests into his gag, but the young women ignored him. They worked in silence, and finally stood back when they had the video camera going.

Toni went over to Skip and menaced him with the big shears he had fetched from the counter. She gently moved his jaw back, exposing his throat. His Adam's apple quivered nervously.

She poked at his tits, bulging involuntarily under the thin fabric of his T-shirt. Toni began to cut out little holes to expose the coppery radio-knobs on his chest.

Skip wagged his head and screamed into the gag, clearly begging to be let go. The two women obviously enjoyed tormenting him.

Soon the T-shirt was in shreds, and the two went about slicing the young man's shorts. In a few minutes, only his white jockey shorts were left intact, showing the outline of his substantial cock.

"So when is Rod coming over, brother?"

Skip's eyes got quite large, realizing that his friend would be coming over soon. They're going to embarrass me in front of my friend! These two are insane!

Skip watched Toni walk out of the garage, disappearing through the door into the bright light of late afternoon. May disappeared into the shadows and Rod was left alone in the center of the garage, sweating a little beneath the bright light in the warm summer air.

It seemed like a long time before Skip heard pleasant chatting growing louder as Toni and Rod approached the garage.

Just before his shadow appeared in the door frame, Skip heard Rod ask,

"So what's he doing, working on the old man's car?"

The sunlight streaming in behind him lit up his short blond hair like a halo. He advanced a few steps into the garage and waited for his eyes to adjust. When he finally was able to see Skip, he laughingly asked,

"Oh my God! What's going on here?"

He stared wide eyed at Toni, standing a foot or so off to his left. Skip was mumbling something fiercely into his gag, but it was completely unintelligible, though clearly desperate.

Rod didn't know what Skip meant by thrusting his head toward Rod's right side.

Just when Rod took a step toward his bound friend, a length of 2x4 clobbered Rod over the head.

The lanky youth's arms and legs jerked out at odd angles. His head slumped forward, and his entire body collapsed into a disorganized jumble.

May appeared from the shadow behind the door where she had been hiding.

"That was easier than I thought it would be," May said.

Leaning down to scoop up a finger full of blood from the red stain growing in the roots of Rod's light hair, Toni whispered,

"Yeah, what chumps."

Toni, brought the dark red smear up to eye level, and turned it this way and that so that the light glinted on it.

"It looks almost like chocolate-cherry sauce," Toni said.

She licked it gingerly.


May interrupted Toni's revel, saying,

"We better get him tied up before he comes to. He's still breathing."

May was checking Rod's breathing and heart beat with a hand on his muscular, T-shirted chest. Her hand lingered a while on the unconscious body of the tall young man.

Rod was about 6'2". His hair was cropped fairly close in a summer cut. His long legs extended from impossibly short faded denim cutoffs that barely concealed a generous set of genitals.

His large feet were clad in white running shoes. He wore no socks. Rod's long arms were splayed out at strange, helpless angles from his long torso.

The white of his pale nordic skin contrasted with the black T-shirt he wore. When he fell, the shirt hiked up to expose some of his flat and shapely abdominal muscles.

The two women were absorbed in the vision of the angelic, unconscious form for a few moments. Then, together, they removed his T-shirt, stretching his arms above his head. His mouth lolled open a bit, and his pale blue eyes were hidden behind closed lids.

Next, they unbuttoned his fly, and easily removed the cutoffs. The jocky shorts came off next, and out popped a long, but thin cock sprouting from a dark blond, spare bush. The shaft was circumcised, and the head was much darker than the two women might have guessed.

"What a nice red cherry," May exclaimed.

Other than that remark, they worked in silence as they trussed the young man. His wrists were tied, then his ankles, then his ankles and wrists were tied together. This bondage caused his slim but well developed chest to swell, his pectorals like waves cresting on a ripply abdominal sea.

They lay him over on his side. All the while, Skip had been screaming incoherently into his gag. His eyes were wide, and in fact, he seemed near tears.

Finally Toni turned to him,

"Well, brother, as you see, we've got us another man here. And the real object of the scavenger hunt will become apparent in a little while.

"But we want him to enjoy it too, so we'll wake old Roddy up first."

May bent to slap Rod's face firmly, but gently. After a few slaps, he began to recover. First he only moaned, but then when he began to piece together his condition, he became more vocal. He began to struggle in ernest as he discovered that he was bound, hand and foot.

May stroked his fine hair,

"You're ours now, dear."

The blood had stopped seeping from his head wound, but he was clearly disoriented.

As his vocalizations became more sustained, and louder, Toni produced another strip of white cotton cloth. This she made into a gag as well, like the one she had made for Skip, but this one had very long tails.

Toni soon had Rod silenced with the long gag.

"Don't you like us?" May quizzed. "Come on Toni, let's see if he likes us."

They started massaging and stroking his lanky body sensuously.

Gradually, in spite of his pain and confusion, he began to respond. His tits visibly erected, and his cock soon began to follow in its turn. He even began to moan a little, rather than cursing into his gag.

Skip watched this performance hungrily. Toni knew he was more into seeing his friend's response than the sexual behavior of her friend May.

The two women kissed Rod's eyelids, sucked gently on his toes, and stroked his long legs with their elegantly manicured nails. They took turns caressing his ear lobes, flicking his firm nipples, and licking his rippled abdominals.

Soon Rod's cock was at full staff, and his pelvis began to thrust involuntarily. His moaning reached a high volume, and came in rhythmic pulses.

But just as a sparkle of pre-cum appeared at the tip of his heat reddened cock head, Toni curled her right hand into a fist and smashed it into his relaxed stomach.

Rod buckled, and tears came to his eyes as he screamed loudly into the gag.

The two women laughed uproariously.

Skip sucked in a surprised breath, at least as much as he could with the gag digging deep into his mouth. He mumbled into his gag,


Rod writhed on the floor, his hands and toes flexing as if to grab hold of some way out. His cock deflated as he concentrated on the surprising pain.

When Rod calmed down, they began to arouse him again. Toni said,

"See, being a horny young male, he can't help himself but to be aroused, even though he knows this pleasure will end in pain."

And it was true. The gentle ministrations of the two beautiful women gradually brought the salute to Rod's cock again. His body this time was covered with the barest sheen of sweat, as though he were nervously anticipating the punctuation of being slugged in the gut again.

But this time, May chopped his Adam's apple with the side of her hand.

This brought real tears to Rod's eyes. He tucked his head deep down into his chest, as though he could protect himself from these evil women.

When he looked up again, the question he could not voice was written deeply into his eyes. When the tears no longer clouded them, his clear blue eyes seemed to ask Why are you doing this to me?

The red mark slowly subsided from the white skin of his long throat. He looked over at Skip pleadingly, but it was clear that no matter how much Skip struggled against the bonds holding him to the chair, he was not getting out to help Rod.

The women waited for Rod's pain to subside. They began again a cycle of caressing and massaging his body, and teasing his erogenous zones.

"Look at this ass hole! He can't control himself, even though it means that his body is asking for it again," Toni said.

As Rod's cock swelled again, May socked him in the balls. The poor fellow arched his head back, and screeched into his gag.

Skip winced and turned away from the sight of his insulted friend.

"He really wants to cum, poor puppy," May snortled.

She leaned down and began to suck Rod's cock which had become flaccid again. And sure enough, after a little while, it began to respond.

Rod looked down at his organ, stiffening and sliding in and out of May's expert mouth. He began to gyrate and thrust again.

May stopped long enough to ask,

"Think I should let him cum?"

"No," Toni said, "Why don't you just cut it off?"

With that, May produced a gleaming, curved knife.

Rod's eyes pealed back in fright. Before he could even get a muffled plea out she whisked the razor sharp blade across the screaming young man's cock, slicing a deep, blood spurting gash in it with almost no effort.

Rod bucked and screamed a loud muffled donkey-bray into his gag.

Toni laughed, chortling,

"Do it!"

May grabbed Rod's softening cock and stretched it, squeezing blood out between her grasping fingers. As Rod tried to buck and twist away, she carefully alined the curved blade across Rod's urethra, just above his balls, then pulling the cock down and the blade up with a twist, cut through the rubbery meat like it was a soft banana.

Rod and Skip were both screaming and crying, throwing their chairs side to side with as much force as they could muster. But Rod was weakened by the sudden blood loss and shock and was easily held still by Toni, grabbing his shoulders.

May held Rod's severed penis up close to his face so that he could get a good look. He tried to turn his head away, clenching his eyes shut, but Toni grabbed a hank of his hair, pulling his head back and grabbing his jaw to force his head back while May used one hand to pry open one eye and dangled Rod's cock by the bloody root.

Toni pulled Rod's head back and May slowly dragged his pre-cum and blood gooed cock head back and forth over his eye.

Rob and Skip both were blubbering in their gags.

May smeared blood on both of Toni's cheeks, laughing, pinching her nipples.

Toni let go of Rod's head and asked,

"Can I?"

May handed Rod's cock over to Toni who sidled over to her brother.

She held Rod's amputated organ in Skip's face. He looked like he might puke.

"Hold on, bro, the show ain't over yet."

She dropped Rod's penis in Skip's lap. Skip jiggled and bucked to try to get rid of the disgusting thing, but it was no use.

"Now watch this, little brother," Toni snorted.

She had picked up a meat cleaver from someplace.

May was holding the tails of the long gag in Rod's mouth so his head was bent back, exposing his long neck. Rod's angular Adam's apple jiggled in Rod's neck as he alternately tried to breathe and tried to cry.

Rod's amputation wound still oozed blood and he was really growing faint.

The tailed gag pulled Rod's neck out long and vulnerable.

Toni touched Rod's throat gently, and stroked his bouncing Adam's apple, ending with a little caress of his well-defined jaw line.

She looked up into her brother's horror stricken face,

"You see, little brother, the real prize is a young blond head."

Toni tickled her fingers across Rod's neck one more time before clasping the cleaver with both hands.

She stood there, staring at Rod's neck like some karate fighter trying to psyche himself up. Rod was too weak to struggle out of the way. He was a completely docile target -- a lamb led to the slaughter.

While May continued to stretch Rod's neck using the long gag, Toni swung the cleaver over and around her head several times before bringing it down with all her force.

The steel blade followed through, slipping out of her hands and clanging on the concrete floor.

Rod's head leapt from his body, jerked by the taut gag-tails. It thudded dully on the concrete.

Rod's dickless body twitched a little, and involuntary spasms rippled across his abdomen and chest.

May picked up the pale blond prize. She undid the gag, and the dead mouth sagged like a dead fish's.

Rod's eyes were almost closed, but a little of the blue iris showed between the cracked lids.

Toni sidled back to her brother and May tossed the prize to her. She stroked her brother's bound body with it, caressing his chest and belly with its hair, smearing blood on one pec then the other, drawing circles in the blood-smear with the head's nose, then pressing the dead lips to Skip's shrivelled cock-head.

They tried to make him kiss it, through his gag, but Skip turned his head away.

Instead of holding his head in place and making him kiss the dead lips, the two women just pressed the lips to Skip's cheek softly, dragging them slowly over the young man's light beard stubble.

Skip's cock was responing to the touch of his newly dead friend's still warm, moist mouth.

Toni slid Rod's dead lips over her brother's jaw and pressed them to his bobbing Adam's apple then slid them over his blooded sternum and down his lightly haired zipper.

In a few minutes, Skip was bucking and pulsing in his bonds as his sister gently pried open Rod's mouth and held down the tongue so she could slip it over her brother's hard throbbing cock. She pushed it all the way down on his cock so the bright red head peaked out the bloody neck, stretching open the throat so it could be seen in an otherwise indistinguishable smear of blood-slickened meat.

Skip couldn't help himself. He spurted, hitting his sister in the face.

She laughed and wiped her brother's cum off her cheeks and pried his mouth open and made him lick it off.

Toni then pinched both of her brother's nipples and radio-dialed them, leaving Rob's head impaled on Skip's now deflating cock. She leaned forward and kissed her brother an the lips, pressing hard as he tried to pull away.

After several minutes Toni grabbed a hank of Rob's hair and jerked the head off her brother's now soft-again cock. The jaw was so lax there was no back-pull, no plorp as the head jerked off Skip's lap.

The two women then wrapped the head up in a plastic bag, and packed it away in a cardboard box that was about a foot square. They dragged the body into another body bag, and then hoisted it into the trunk of the car in the other garage bay.

Skip watched this all from his bound seat, so in shock it no longer seemed so atrocious -- so horrible -- or even so unusual.

When Rod was loaded up and the floor was hosed down, Toni came back to Skip,

"You know, you can't tell anyone about this. Nobody would believe you didn't do this, bro dear. You are a part of this, and there's no way you can get out.

"Besides, I know you, brother. There's no way that you can shame yourself with the admission of what you saw made you so hot and horney -- admid that fucking a dead head made you cum all over your own sister.

"I'm going to untie you now. And you will never say anything about this to anybody -- ever."

Toni was stroked her sobbing brother's face as she and May untied him,

"Promise?" Toni asked.

Skip nodded his head 'Yes'.

In the fall, May and Toni were the winning team in the sorority scavenger hunt. The video of the collecting of Rod's head, along with the trophy itself, put them over the top. No other team had thought to record their collection.