part one: Maximum Maximus
The acting in the movie Gladiator more than lived up to expectations. Russell Crowe was brilliant in his role as Maximus, the "general who became a slave, who became a gladiator, who defied an emperor." Crowe's intense style is perfect for the relentless determination and confidence of Maximus.
XxxxJoaquin Phoenix was equally extraordinary in his role as Commodus, the corrupt emperor. Playing the villain, he was able to give his character depth by showing certain vulnerable or fragile sides, while at the same time instantly transforming to let the ruthless nature of his volatile character shine.
XxxxYes, Gladiator as a whole was spectacular. But what few movie-goers were aware of was the fact that the staged gladiatorial battles within the film weren't staged at all! Russell Crowe, on the direct orders of director Ridley Scott, fought for his life in the makeshift, Hollywood-created arenas. With a sword stained with the genuine human blood of combating handsome hunks, Crowe killed and killed and killed some more for the sake of creating the most realistic battle sequences in cinematic history!
Beginning in the early 1980's, Beverly Hills California rooftops became covered with a multitude of chimneys, as having fireplaces in every room became fashionable in a geographical location where the use of fireplaces seemed absolutely ridiculous. As the number of fireplaces per house increased, the size of the chimney flues decreased, until the average dimensions of a flue were twenty by twenty-eight inches (50 x 72 cm). It goes without saying that only slim men could fit into a flue of this size to clean it.

New-age Chimney sweeps soon found the solution. Rich businessmen would go to the overflowing bus depots in Hollywood and buy starving actors for anything from a few thousand dollars to a quarter million, depending on their size (the slimmer the better). Actors fresh off American heartland farms and so on were purchased for this purpose. The California charitable organizations aiding indigent young transplants were thrilled to be rid of this disposable class of people and cared little for what happened to them after they were sold.

What became of these actors, all of them male and providentially handsome? Well, because they would often not voluntarily climb up smokestacks, they were compelled up into hot, cramped chimney flues with kicks, slaps, and, occasionally, fire. Hundreds nearly died from suffocation, burning, or collapsing brickwork. They were not paid well for their work, but were forced to sleep in cellars and beg the streets for food (thinner men fit more easily into chimneys).
Two young wannabe actors sold to a wealthy industrialist in 1984 was one Russell Ira Crow, age twenty, and one George Timothy Clooney, age twenty-three. This young duo was invited to a small office on Gower for an "audition", but once they entered the small enclosure two knaves-sent by the industrialist of course-immediately pounced upon them and roughed them up.

just a reminder, photos do not conform to details of the story
They rapscallions casually walked over to the young man called Clooney, who was still on the floor groaning, and brought some chloroform into play. The giant ... a mountainous man called Bruno ... grabbed George's neck and slapped the cloth onto his mouth and nose. The handsome young would-be actor tried to struggle but it was over quickly and he blacked out. While Bruno was taking out Clooney, it was a thug named Howard's job to take out Russell. Sitting next to the young man, the larger ruffian got close and put his arm around the Aussie's neck.

Russell pulled his hands up in surprise, trying to get the lock off of his neck and twisting in the knave's grip. Howard took his right hand, and brought it down hard between the struggling youth's legs. Russell's face turned white and his breath whooshed out as the large fist slammed into his testicles and then clawed. The iron fingers found the youth's soft, loose balls and began to crush them. Russell tried to pry the hand off or sink into the very floor to escape the claw ... but it was to no avail.

Finally he let go and allowed the young Aussie to sink to the floor. The pain had hit Russell hard, but he'd been hit in the balls before and knew the worst would soon pass. He tried to recover, but then his arms were grabbed and held back behind his body. Howard held him now as Bruno was finishing off George.

The giant came now over to Russell, and the youth raised his head, looked into the immense scoundrel's eyes and pleaded,

"What's going on?"
Bruno looked down into his gorgeous eyes and could not resist.

The boy was somewhat gifted, his cock was visible through his loose pants and the giant could even see the outline of his balls where the pants were folded in from being crushed by Howard. Bruno aimed and kicked -- steering for Russ' balls and scoring dead on. Russell could see it coming but was unable to move because he was held fast by the larger man. He cried out as the pain hit again, this time it was so bad he was ready to vomit. He twisted with pain and retched uncontrollably. Howard let him go and he fell to the floor and then the knaves rendered him unconscious as an anticlimax.

The two unconscious young men were bound and then brought to a mansion in the hills where they would begin work as Chimney-sweeping boytoy slaves.

The two awoke in a rather comfortable cell complete with a bathroom annex. Once he completely regained his senses, the first thing George did was hurry to take a shower-to cleanse the stench of the ruffians who'd kidnapped him off his person.

Outside of the bathroom Russell listened, the sound of running water started. When George returned Russ was shocked to see he'd removed all his clothes. He surveyed the twenty-three year-old's body, finding his physique breathtaking. Having never allowed himself to really look at a man before, he soon found that he was getting very aroused.

"H-hey ... since we're here, you wanna...?"
Without answering Clooney ambled in his direction. Standing over him, George removed Russell's T-shirt, pulling it over his head. Kneeling, he removed the Australian would-br actor's sneakers, and then his socks. Russell hadn't been undressed by anyone since he used pass out drunk in taverns down-under, and being undressed by the older man proved very erotic. After removing the boy's socks, George ran his fingers over the sole of his foot, sending tingles up Russ' spine.
"You ticklish?" George said, tickling the boy's foot again.
Russell was surprised to hear himself giggle.

Hearing the slight giggle from the boy, George tickled his foot again. Russell titterd again, eventually snatching his foot away from the man's assaulting hands. Standing, George pulled Russell up, the prominent protrusion in his shorts shocking the boy.

George couldn't help but to comment,

"Wow! Seems like SOMEBODY likes getting tickled this way, eh?"
He brought his hand to the boy's cock, caressing it through his shorts. The touch of the man's hand on his cock was exquisite, forcing a soft hiss from Russell. George rubbed the boy's cock again, Russell's pelvis slowly swinging forward in turn. He pulled Russell's shorts and boxers down ... Russell marveling at what it felt like to be naked with a man.
"Ooh! Uncircumcised eh? Interesting...," George said.
Gently he pulled the boy's foreskin over the enlarged head of his jutting pole. Slowly, his fingers started working the length of it. Russell couldn't have prepared himself for what he was feeling, the touch of another on his cock almost overwhelming. Gripping Russell's hard cock, George pulled him into the bathroom. He released the cock, stooping to turn the water off. Running his hands through the water he remarked,
"Okay, kid ... get into the water."
Russell obeyed. The water was just right, its warmth like many massaging fingers to his skin. Sitting he looked up at the man who was lathering up a towel. Soon the older man applied the soapy towel to his back, rubbing it vigorously. By the time he'd gotten to his groin, Russell was raging hard again.
"Lay back ," the older man instructed.
Russell reclined in the tub, resting his back against the cool porcelain. His cock stood out from his groin, bobbing above the water. George leaned over him, caressing his erect pole. Russell watched, entranced. His cock throbbing right along with the inward hope that Clooney was going to suck him. George gently peeled the foreskin back, exposing his pink-red knob. Scooping up a handful of water, he let it fall over his sensitive glans. Scooping up another handful, he repeated the action.

Russell lay in the water, his cock throbbing, the unexpected stimuli of having someone else service it unbelievable. Observing how engorged the boy's cock had gotten, and the way his chest was rapidly rising and falling, George's sharp senses alerted him to the fact that the younger man was very near shooting his load. Releasing Russell's cock, he squeezed his balls, exerting just enough pressure to thwart his fast approaching orgasm. Russell's eyes popped open, his face twisted mildly in discomfort. When George was satisfied the youth's hair-trigger response had been averted, he massaged the boy's balls tenderly. Russell lay back, his eyes closed, his legs falling open. Watching his reaction, George reveled in the way the boy's youthful body helplessly yielded to his ministrations.

"Scoot down in the water, and spread your legs, mate," he urged, imitating Russ' own Aussie accent.
Russell obliged, lifting his legs from the water and planting his feet atop the sides of the tub. George about lost it at that point. The sight of the boy's fair-skinned legs lifting out the water, rivulets of water dripping off his feet, would be an image he would play in his mind a thousand times. His feet having been submersed in the hot water created an almost fiery, pinkish-red effect in the soles. George fought the urge to lick every droplet of water off the Aussie boy's feet, .preferring fist to fondle them ... expertly swabbing the towel across them. George's cock grew so hard, it hurt. Holding Russ' foot high, George encircled its long toes individually with his fingers. Russell's foot doubled over to the sensation, the sole forming lush wrinkles. What thrilled George the most, however, was that his cock never lost its throbbing erection.

He eventually left the boy's feet, returning to his balls. Soaping them up, he rolled them around on his fingertips, charmed with how they fit his cupped hands. The widespread position of the boy's legs gave George full access to his virginal asshole and under the guise of washing him, he lathered up the tight socket, sliding his soapy finger back and forth across it.

Stimulated by the older boy's fondling, Russell rocked his pelvis slightly, raking his tight rosebud across the man's delving finger. His mind was incapable of considering the implications of what having someone stroke your asshole meant, let alone letting him give you a bath! All that mattered was how good all this was feeling.

"Turn over and get up on your knees, Rusty."

"Don't call me. 'Rusty', mate," Russell replied good-naturedly while simultaneously obeying the command.

Flipping over in the water, he rose up on all fours and presented George another image to fantasize about for ages to come.

Watching the water cascade down Russell's body, some of it rippling between his round ass cheeks, George commenced lathering up the younger man's backside, eventually arriving at Russell's upturned ass. George took his time, deliberately lingering over the twin globes, playing with them, lathering them, rinsing them, bewitched by them. He would run his hand all the way down Russell's crack, slicing his finger across his puckered asshole, and then between the boy's legs, fondling his balls, and gripping his stiff cock, stroking it a couple of times.

All of the mountains of stimulation Russell were experiencing served to frustrate and delight him at the same time. While his cock was begging for release, his body was thoroughly enjoying all the new sensations. He'd never been this raw-assed, helplessly hot before in his life!

"That's it," George declared, standing up. "Out of the tub."
Standing, Russell stepped out, water running down his legs and pooling at his feet. George fetched a towel, seductively swabbing his body, tweaking his nipples until they stood out, firm and erect, and otherwise copping feels on the boy while he dried him. Leading him back into the their comfortable cell, George joined Russell on the single queen-sized bed. Having an exceptionally beautiful young man at his disposal was becoming more than George could handle. He stilled himself, seizing the boy's cock, stroking it for him. Russell lay back on his elbows, his legs spread, hardly able to contain himself.

George, knowing that the boy was dying to be sucked, stroked Russell's cock a little longer, prolonging the boy's anxiety. Finally, he got between the boy's legs, slowly enveloping Russell's cock in his warm, velvet soft mouth.

Russell groaned, nearly jumping off the bed. The man's mouth on his cock went way beyond his wildest expectations. His breath became ragged his whole being seemingly pulled up and into his cock. George held on tight, the boy's moan's exciting him.

"AAAAAAHHH!!" Russell hissed, and moaned, his cock swelling in the man's mouth.
The sensations were so intense, he started wriggling, spreading his legs, wanting more of his cock down the man's throat. George's hot mouth locked down on the boy, desperately attempting to bring him off.

Caressing his taut balls, he sucked, whipping his tongue around the head of the boy's raw cock. Russell flung his legs spread eagle, his dangling feet wildly dancing about George's ears.

"Here I goooooooo!!" he yelped, his body bucking.
George slammed the boy's cock into the back of his throat, the writhing muscles vibrating on the boy's swelling cock. Russell raised his head, his eyes riveted on the man's sucking mouth, wondering why he didn't release him. He heard himself cry out as the man's convulsing throat muscles squeezed his cock, milking the cum out.

Bucking and writhing, his cock leaped in the man's mouth. George clamped down, his throat gripping the head of his cock like a vise. Shaking like a leaf, Russell erupted, his cock spurting his precious seed down the man's throat. Russell gawked at the man as he gulped, his thirst insatiable. He couldn't help but to wonder if the young Aussie would ever stop cumming. Russell's fiery cock rocketing off. Grunting and moaning, he emptied his cock, George swallowing furiously, desperately trying to catch every last drop of the boy's potent load.

Finally, Russell fell back on the bed, his cock still convulsing, the poor thing sucked bone-dry by the man's talented mouth. The young Aussie's eyes closed, his breathing ragged.

Though there were moments of pleasure during their captivity, Russell just couldn't get used to the brutality he often witnessed. And the most barbarous acts weren't committed by the masters against the actors, but by the actors against each other.

He remembered how actress/comedian Shirley Hemphill ... a friend of one of the masters and by no means a captive ... had grabbed a young and handsome actor, Jon-Erik Hexum, around the neck. Her helper George ... forced into service under the threat of castration ... used his fingers to carefully, expertly search for a crucial spot on Hexum's throat and applied pressure to it.

Russell recognized the procedure as a kind of choke hold -- designed to shut off blood to the brain, but not oxygen. He remembered how the young actor looked as he struggled vainly. Then his eyes slowly closed, as if he were dozing off under anesthesia, and he relaxed in unconsciousness. Big Shirley and George released their grip at that moment, letting the limp body of the actor slip to the floor.

Clooney knew to do what he was told. Hemphill was a friend of his master and she was given the authority to do whatever she pleased with any of the actors. This almost three hundred pound black woman was even known to kill captive aspiring young thespians on a whim. Buddy Hanson, Stephen Worthing, Geoff Tomlin, Travis Denton … who were they? Young men who wanted to be famous actors, but never got the chance because "Sistah Shirley" found one reason or another to do away with them after she'd had her fill of using them.

Not long after he passed out, Jon-Erik's friend Wally Ward returned unexpectedly from a chimney-cleaning session. When he saw and his friend Jon-Erik's inert body, he released a panic-stricken cry. Big Shirley quickly grabbed him from behind and put the young man out with the same procedure he had used on Hexum. The deadly duo then dragged Wally into the restroom, forcibly stripped them naked, tied him down by wrists and facing backwards on a toilet bowl.

Big Shirley immediately lifted her cane, aimed it and then slammed it down as hard as she was capable of, fair across both cheeks.

Wally Ward decided he wasn't going to plead for mercy. Not yet. It had hurt horribly and he knew each successive one would be worse but he was no wimp.

Down came the second stroke and he screamed again, his body now wriggling most erotically over the toilet. Big Shirley had to suppress a desire to beat the boy unconscious and have her way with him right then and there. She didn't of course -- she was a lesbian after all. But when it was finished, she would invite young George Clooney to fuck the boy hard and fast. He'd tear the blond youth's ass since the eighteen-year-old was clearly straight and a virgin in the hindquarters.

Each stroke of the cane was separated by a couple of minutes during which Wally screamed and/or moaned and writhed around over the toilet. The welts across his buttocks mounted and slowly changed color from white to pink to red to purple and some were actually oozing blood. By the time the twelfth stroke landed, the young man was screaming non-stop and Russell's penis was visibly throbbing in his pants. And Big Shirley was creaming her panties and licking her lips ... not at the sexiness of the young man, but at the thought of how much pain could be wrung out of him.

"Ok, now fuck the shit out of Hexum, George!" Big Shirley Hemphill cried, motioning towards the handsome young actor who was just beginning to regain consciousness. He was strapped to another toilet bowl in the same manner as Wally.
Clooney grinned and readied his cock for double-duty. He lost no opportunity to show off his body. Now, with his rampant throbbing tool standing erect in front of him, he moved up to the young man's badly bruised buttocks and spread them wide.
Big Shirley just nodded at Leroy who poked his throbbing tool at the puckered hole and rammed it in -- hard.

Once more the handsome young man screamed as loud as his lungs permitted and wriggled his bottom in an effort to escape the battering ram up his rectum. George grabbed him around his flat belly and delighted in the feel of the muscles under his fingers, digging in deep as his powerful thighs and muscular buttocks rammed his pulsating penis brutally in and out.

Once the handsome young actor passed out from the brutal fucking, Big Shirley and George brought out the "shock box" and attached electrodes to their fuck toy's scrotum, by way of huge alligator clips -- clips which made Jon-Erik scream as he regained consciousness, for they bit into his sensitive testicles. Big Shirley then added a tiny cup-like electrode which she and Leroy smeared with glue and affixed over the tip of his penis. This had a three inch long rod centered in its base and this slipped on up his urethra.

When she applied the current, it went from Hexum's balls to the insides and outer tip of his penis. He didn't scream. Not at first. That first violent shock had paralyzed his voice-box but it had made his other muscles react as well, arching his lean body up off the toilet in a taut bow. They kept the current feeding into his genitals for long seconds and when they finally switched it off, he was a lather of sweat, his breath came in ragged gasps and his heart was going nineteen to the dozen.

Eventually he passed out.

When Hexum awoke again he saw that his ball sack was tied in a leather strap, taunt but it didn't hurt perhaps that was because Big Shirley was massaging his balls in a circular motion to loosen them up. His penis hardened from the movement below. It was over quickly. A sharp knife ripped into him. Even being only semi-conscious he felt some pain. The knife felt like the claws of a cat, then he felt dampness in his groin. One teste was cut away and moved upward so he could see what had been taken out of him. He tried to move away and save the final bit of his manhood, but he was still bound tight, and pain made him woozy.

That was all the chance Big Shirley needed. She retrieved her knife, took a few steps back, aimed and threw it, all in a smooth fluid motion. Jon-Erik Hexum glanced back over his shoulder just in time to see death coming as he took the blade into his throat. He toppled across the toilet with a horrible, bloody gurgle.

The media would report that Hexum expired after playing a game of Russian roulette with a loaded prop pistol, But Wally Ward, Shirley Hemphill, George Clooney and especially Russell Crowe knew better. Russell would remain captive in this horrific, murder-filled world for weeks, and during that time they cleaned the chimney of the industrialist who'd had them abducted.

Indeed, between 1980 and 1985, four bills were proposed to the California State Legislature which would have outlawed the practice of using immigrants as chimney sweeps. According to Governor Jerry Brown, "such a measure, we are convinced from the evidence, could not be carried into execution without great injury to property." All four bills were defeated.

Meanwhile George Clooney had the time of his life.

At this time began his fetish for legs, feet and masculine smells. He was very much interested to see his fellows chimney sweeper-slaves when they changed clothes in the communal cells. They were along walls with coat hooks. George liked very much to look as they took off their shoes and their jeans to go barefoot shoes and wear shorts. He grew hard enough cut diamonds When he changed their socks ... showing their bare feet. He was especially interested when these feet were rather dirty. Most of all, he liked very much the odors of socks and feet and of pants of the soiled clothes they removed at the end of the day.

He wasn't sure where it had come from, but his enthusiastic desire to remove the socks and the pants of his fellows-to smell their odor, to taste their flavor, to caress, lick and kiss their feet and toes had always been there. Until he'd been abducted he'd never had the courage to engage in his secret passion. All that remained was fantasies during masturbation.

Till his few experiences with girls when he was eighteen to twenty, he'd only masturbated. In his bed he tried several techniques -- he began cumming in a sock ... preferably folded three times if it was long ... to create a kind of vagina. Then, because he liked the odor of his socks and liked to increase it, he began to wear the same socks night and day for one week.

Now that he had been abducted, he could indulge in his fantasies with the other slaves, and ... according to the man who'd had them abducted ... would be guaranteed secure acting jobs once their services were no longer required.

But in the meantime, accidents continued to occur ... and all too commonly. Historian Joey Spinelli would later relate one eye-witness account in which Russell Crowe was ordered to do a job which needed to be done quickly. The youth scaled part of the way up the chimney, but climbed down again straight away, because it was too hot. The boy's master told him to hurry up, so the twenty-year-old went back up the flue, slowly, and eventually yelped that he was stuck on a nail. The would-be actor began to whimper for a while, but was then silent for twenty minutes, at which point George Clooney was sent up the chimney to fetch him. The second youth could reach the first boy's toes, but could not pull him down, and said that the boy would not come down.

After all attempts to talk the boy down from the smokestack failed, George grabbed Russ' foot and ran his tongue from heel to toes. He chuckled at the boy's pained whimper. He grabbed the legs of Russell's jeans and pulled them down. Those ended up at the bottom of the chimney as George stood back and admired Russell's raging erection.

George clmbed further up the chimney himself and stopped. He reached a cool hand up and grasped Russell's cock, running it firmly from sac to wheeping head. He then smirked at the young Aussie,

"Wow. having fun here in such an odd place ... kinda a turn on, ain't it?"
George then pulled Russell's sweat soaked socks off his feet. Inhaling the aroma deeply, George thrusts his face into the Aussie's feet, licking the sweat from in between his toes and lapping up the sweat from his soles. Russell, whose feet were very ticklish, wriggled about in his space within the chimney, moaning with pleasure as George continued to lick every part of both of the young Australian actor's beautiful bare feet.

George climbed even further up towards the boy so that it was easier for him to lick all the sweat from Russell's feet, running his tongue sensually along the soles, taking the toes one by one into his hot mouth and sucking all the sweat from them, and finally licking the tops of both feet for good measure. George then began to lick Russell's chest, coating it with saliva, flicking his tongue sensually over both nipples. The young Aussie was in heaven.

Instead of coming down from the chimney to continue their fun, George and Russell switched places so that the smirking youth was positioned above, and the young Aussie below!

Russel wasted no more time. He thrust his face into George's feet, taking the salty sweaty toes into his mouth and sucking on them for all he was worth ... draining every ounce of sweat from them before lapping hungrily at the soles and tops. For ten solid minutes, Russell licked and sucked Clooney's toes and feet, moaning and groaning in sheer ecstasy while the older boy watched on intrigued.

Then, George started rubbing his bare soles down on Russell's cock. He then bean gently giving the Assue a foot job. Russ moaned and shot hot jism over George's feet, then immediately licked every last drop of it off. When he'd finished, George said,

"OK, now suck me!"
Russell had quickly climbed up so that he was in front of the Aussie ... and soon he had taken George down his throat. He could taste the pre-cum and sweat was thankful for the first time the chimney was so hot and perspiration-inspiring. Clooney was a good size and Russ was gagging continuously as he bruised Russell's gullet. Mercifully he wasn't at it long before he pulled out and shot on his face. The next shot went into that Aussie's hair and the rest of the smirking youth's seed coated his shoulder and back. He must have been keeping a lot of juice stored up in his king-size balls. He then placed the head of his cock back into Russell's mouth so that the Australian youth's could suck the rest of his seed as he started to soften. Finally he pulled out of George's mouth and let loose a stream of semen all over Russell's body, face and hair.

Eventually "builder" had to be called to dig through the wall to get BOTH boys out. It was a very difficult task, as the two young men were wedged into a piece of chimney twelve by fourteen inches, and the flue was extremely hot and sooty.

The following day, George was sent into a flue at the home of a studio exec. The masonry of the chimney had rotted, and when the wannabe reached the top, the entire chimney collapsed, causing George to fall underneath an avalanche of bricks. After he recovered, the smirking youth was offered a part on the fledgling sitcom The Facts of Life. George made it clear that he's rather clean chimney's for the rest of this life than perform on that sitcom.

The following week, Russell was forced by his master, to sweep a chimney in the mansion of his mistress which a fire was lit. The whore covered the fire with slack and Russell mounted the chimney, but stopped after a few yards, saying that the chimney was too hot for him to proceed. His master told him that it was not, whereupon the young Aussie continued to climb the chimney, burning himself in the process. While the wannabe actor was continuing to climb, a ball of flame roared up the chimney, which scorched the youth badly. The handsome young man, although he a mite scorched, managed to climb to safety to the roof.

He arrived back into his cell within the industrialist's home where he immediately collapsed unconscious.

It was hot when George returned form his own assigned task and found him. Seeing his young friend sprawled and helpless, the smirking youth immediately came in erection that was very visible under his thin shorts and pants.

Russell himself was only in white cotton socks and white thin underpants of nylon but had no erection. George looked with insistence at his socks. When Russ regained some semblance of consciousness and saw his friend watching him, he lifted a leg and put a foot on the smirking youth's nose. George felt immediately an increasing of the pressure of his sperm behind his penis and an imperious necessity to masturbate. The sock smelled of pure mansweat. He took it off and licked Russell's toes. But they had little time and they feared they would be forced to into performing serrate work assignments like before.

Having lost every inhibition because of the invitation of his friend, George lowered his pants and sucked his penis that became quickly hard. After only a few movements, Russell shot his load and the smirking Clooney received spurts of white cum in his face. George had an urgent need to let his cum go out. He masturbated and after six strokes sent his load into Russell's exhausted face before the young Australian lost consciousness again.

George and Russell survived their time in captivity and would eventually go on to be wonderful actors. Other prisoners ... Christopher Akins, C. Thomas Howell, Trey Aimes ... they would face hardships during their times as slaves and after.

As prisoners these "climbing boys" had the option of either doing what they were told, and possibly surviving to adulthood, or of running away, where they would be tracked down and beaten by their masters, and where they would have no place to sleep, and no skills to peddle, other than chimney sweeping ... and perhaps the occasional walk-on role in B-movies. They had, in other words, no more choice than any other slaves had in life.

It took some time before Russell garnered the role of a lifetime. But the time DID come.

The character Maximus is a successful general under the ailing Marcus Aurelius who sparks the jealousy of Commodus, the emperor's son and heir. When Commodus ... who was being played by handsome Joaquin Phoenix ... becomes emperor, Maximus is sold into slavery. Forced to become a gladiator, he is left to fight for his freedom and for revenge. Gladiator was filmed in Italy, Morocco, Malta, and England.
muscleboy glads
altered photos

Merely reconstructing the Coliseum, scene of the film's gladiatorial combat, took nineteen weeks and employed more than a hundred British technicians and two hundred Maltese tradesfolk. Time constraints and area limitations made it impossible to build a full-scale replica of the massive three-tiered original. The construction team built part of the first tier measuring nearly one-third the circumference of the Coliseum and fifty-two feet high; computer graphic imaging was used to complete the rest of the building. Populating the Coliseum were two thousand extras, who are seen cheering alongside thirty-three thousand computer-generated spectators. The costumes and weaponry involved a degree of historical extemporization. The costume designer was inspired by the works of artists like Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema and George de La Tour, while supervising armorer Simon Atherton invented "period" weaponry.

As he reached his mark in preparation for one of several gladiatorial battle, Russell/Maximus planned to get the scene shot as quickly as possible.

Eventually Russell's opponent bounded into the area.

His adversary was wearing his gladiatorial finest and his broad back glistened with perspiration. The scrotum collar cradling his sizable package seemed to grow taut to the point of almost breaking as he stretched and flexed. The muscles in his back, shoulders and arms bunched and moved with a steady rhythm. His features was concealed by a metal helmet complete with face plate.

The raven-haired Aussie stepped towards his opponent boldly. Director Ridley Scott had encouraged both actors to really "mix it up" in the battle sequences, and it was clear that Russell's helmeted foe was taking the order to heart.

The filmed fight itself was such a jumble of flying arms that it was almost funny. Then a blow connected and Maximus grunted and fell with a sickening heaviness to the grass. A guard was barely in time to prevent the enraged helmeted man from leaping atop the prone youth and hacking him to pieces with a dagger he'd seized from the ground. It simply wouldn't do for the battle to end this early, so the masked opponent was dragged back thirty feet, giving the raven-haired Aussie man time to regain his strength.

Maximus climbed to his sandaled feet and glared at his adversary as he advanced. Then the helmeted man aimed a blow that carried with it his entire weight. The raven-haired Aussie was still dazed, but he miraculously dodged, and then his fist sent the overbalanced helmeted man sprawling.

The cast and crew on the sidelines burst into a cheer, but before the fight was over the adversary had staggered to his feet and hit Maximus hard. VERY hard. The handsome raven-haired body flew backwards and fell -- fell like a sack of grain dropped off a high roof. But soon he was up again ... and once more the helmeted man rushed him. Russell sidestepped his foe, kicked at his kneecap and sending the helmeted man sprawling across the ground headfirst.

The sideline cant and crew's cheers increased.

The adversary staggered to his feet ... as if he could no longer feel the pain. Part of his face had been gashed along one cheek and blood dripped through the mask and down his neck. White showed all around his seemingly drug-crazed blue eyes and his lips were pulled back to bare his teeth.

He leaped. Maximus/Russell tried to avoid him again, but the faster masked youth's outflung arms caught him neck-high and they both went slamming against the arena wall. Maximus pushed his opponent away and tried to get to his now sweaty, sandaled feet. The helmeted man grabbed a sword that had been tossed into the staged arena and hefted it like a club in preparation for the death-strike.

Backing away, knees bent, hands out defensively, Russell could almost hear his fight-trainer's voice: 'the fighting Ridley wants you to do in this movie isn't a game! For the sake of realism he wants you to fight as if you're truly trying to save your life!'

The helmeted man advanced toward him, brandishing the sword. A low growl came from his throat. Maximus watched his adversary's sandaled feet as he came closer, forcing himself to concentrate on what he must do, calming his breathing rate, putting his muscled body in balance.

The helmeted man swung the sword in a wild overhand sweep. Maximus ducked under it and leaned all his weight into a punch to his opponent's diaphragm. Then he grabbed him and spun him into the wall.

Maximus/Russell had just enough time to retrieve a weapon lying haphazardly on the arena floor.

The helmeted man turned and swung again wildly, but Maximus blocked it with his own sword and kicked him through two pillars in the constructed arena. These wooden posts splintered and cracked loudly as the masked adversary's body shattered them.

Clenching his teeth, Maximus lurched toward his opponent's inert body, his legs trembling, his hands slippery with sweat. Barely able to drag the sword with him, he wondered how in the name of hell he would ever lift it off the ground again. But he knew that the blow he would strike now would be the last; it would be the blow that would save his own life and give him back a future. He knew he would find the strength somewhere ... around him now the crowd of observing cast and crew voices were rising, chanting,

Step by step the raven-haired gladiator closed in on the helmeted man's body; the journey across ten feet of bloodstained ground seemed to take a hundred years. He reached his opponent's motionless sandaled feet, looked on along the inert corded-muscled body towards his head. The helmeted man had removed his mask and now his face was only hidden by his upflung arm. The scene was over.

Between takes, Russell roamed around the set -- admiring it's detail and construction. Like a child he played with kicking up the dirt with his gladiator sandals as he walked, coating the toes of his feet. Before long, the sweat between his toes and beneath his feet had mixed with the dust to make a slippery mud.

This act did not go unnoticed by his Gladiator co-star, Joaquin Phoenix.

In fact, the young actor invited the Aussie to his trailer so that he might help Russell to cleanse the mud and grime from his feet. The Australian agreed, and he soon found himself seated on the bed within Joaquin "JP" Phoenix's trailer with the younger man kneeling at his feet like a servant.

Joaquin's heart rose in his chest and froze as he slipped his fingers worked the straps of Russell's right sandal and began to unfasten it. The Aussie had a sinewy calf, and a well-shaped ankle bone. JP's breath shuddered as he slowly removed the sandal, revealing an exceptionally beautiful foot that gradually broadened as it approached the toes. Russell's second toe was half the thickness of the big toe, but was even longer, and was separated from it by a bit of a gap. Slipping his index and middle Russell's feet were as perfect as the rest of him, the tendons and the blue veins showing through even the tanned flesh there was on the back of his foot.

JP held the removed sandal absent-mindedly as he stared at Russell's well-shaped toes. Crawling around so he was at the foot of the trailer's bed facing Russell, JP sat down cross legged and began to remove the sandal from the other foot. Russell watched with interest. This was exciting in a strange way, having JP removing his footwear like this. Joaquin was evidently getting into it too, his bright eyes actually gleaming as he concentrated on what he was doing. Russell took advantage of JP's concentration to sneak a look at his crotch. He figured the young man had to have a huge one beneath that toga he was wearing. Russell ran several ideas through his head how he might find out, but they all sounded childish.

Having removed Russell's left sandal, Joaquin Phoenix took his left foot in his lap and began to wash the mud away. After both feet were cleansed he began to massage each one, beginning with the left. He kneaded the heel and worked toward the toes. He could feel every tendon and every bone as he ran his fingertips in tight circles over the back of Russell's foot. Reaching his toes, JP formed a "U" shape with his fingers and thumb and slid them over Russell's big toe, slipping his fingers between his big toe and the one beside it and sliding his thumb down along the outer side.

He squeezed gently as he drew his fingers up, allowing them to spread apart as they passed over the first knuckle and then constrict as they followed the curvature of the toe, expanding again as they passed along the fleshly bulb that made up the last half of the digit. The nail was as clear as if he'd just finished a swim, the back forming a natural extension with the skin but the sides curved and recessed. The front was cut straight and was trimmed well back from the edge. JP slowly slid his fingers back down and then drew them up again. It was like tugging on his dick to get it stiff, the bulb at the end of the toe being the bulb at the end of his cock. The thought made his erection throb.

Taking Russell's right foot, he began to do the same to it. He finally finger under it and placing his thumb over it, he slid them along the contours of the sculptured toe, along the first joint, over the first knuckle, curving down along the second joint, and then expanding over the bulbous end. Feeling the fragile bones under the flesh made him ache, and he was aware of a dampness forming at the tip of his cock. Russell's thick dick was itching like mad also as JP fondled his toes. Tugging on them with his two fingers and thumb was identical to the way Russell fiddled with himself whenever he got boned up. Nobody had told him about doing that, or that it was called jacking off, or how to do it. It had just come natural. Sometimes when he boned up when he was laying in bed and thinking about the day, he would spend ten minutes or more just tugging on himself that way, making himself feel good.

He wondered if JP tugged on his dick, and if he did, if he did it the same way as he did. He wondered how he could find out. Releasing Russell's left foot, JP raised his hand in the pretense of scratching his nose with the back of his finger. He inhaled deeply and trembled at the faint foot odor. To hell with pretending! He reached down and drew Russell's foot to his face and inhaled. He could swear that he could sense a faint masculine aroma. He smiled at his imagination, and before he lost the courage, he slipped his mouth over the big toe and sucked on it gently. It was delicious. Russell made no objection, and made no effort to draw his foot away. Encouraged, JP slipped his mouth off and began to lick the long, sculptured digits, running his tongue over the tops and under the fleshy bottoms, and wedging it between them. Having given in to his impulse, he decided to go all the way ... and for the next fifteen minutes he licked, sucked, and savored Russell's unique toes.

Exhausted after a fervent hour of this, JP actually stretched upon the floor of the trailer and unexpectedly fell asleep! It had been a long week out on the set, and both actors had been taxed beyond their limits on this particular day of shooting. As Joaquin slept prostrate upon the thickly carpeted floor, the young Aussie stared down at him with a half-hearted smile.

Russell then raised one bare foot over Joaquin exposed back and slowly brought it down. He began to caress the beautiful actor's massive back muscles with his toes. When JP didn't wake up, Russell got down on his knees next to the sleeping young actor. He replaced his foot with a soft, gentle hand. Slowly, he rubbed and massaged Joaquin's back. Running his long fingertips down his spine, he tickled Joaquin's backbone and, eventually, reached the dark crease separating Joaquin's perfect, round ass cheeks. Running his palms over JP's butt he began to moan.

The low, rumbling noise stirred something inside the Aussie ... a deep tickle that caused his dick to harden immediately. Russell ran his finger between Joaquin's cheeks and grunted. JP stirred but still he did not wake up! Russell slowly undid his costume and positioned himself over Joaquin bare ass. He was running his huge penis and run it over the length of that sexy young actor's body when JP suggested that he and the young Aussie switch clothes on a whim.

And approximately six minutes after the suggestion had been made, Joaquin Phoenix was dressed as a gladiator, and Russell Crowe was clad in the attire of an emperor.

Ridley Scott, the movie's director, eventually traversed to JP's trailer in search of his two missing actor, Knocking on the trailer door was fruitless, so he peered into the residential vehicle's side window. With his mouth agape, he watched as JP climbed under Russell's toga and could see the actor's head bobbing up and down within the costume's folds. The young Aussie apparently came but the director heard not a sound from his side of the window pane.

When they eventually left his trailer, Joaquin and Russell both had scum dripping down their chins but neither attempt to wipe it away until Ridley demanded that they do so.

And discipline on the set did not improve over the next few weeks.

Ethan Carter ... tawny-haired, blue-eyed and handsome … was a stuntman who was abruptly given the role of a gladiator in the movie because, according to rumor, Crowe had killed the last three during rehearsals, was eager to suit up and appear on the set. He didn't believe any of the bizzare rumor until he arrived at the makeshift, Hollywood-fabricated battle dome.

Russell Crowe was standing over three dead gladiators … and two of these dead gladiators included two extras that the stuntman knew! Ethan was horrified … the Aussie was actually KILLING! It was at this moment that the fair-haired stuntman realized that it was delusion and stupid to believe that the realism In the movie would be produced through artificial means. In the makeshift battledome they were all suppose to battle to the last man standing. And Russell, after killing two actors intended to be that last man!

The fair-haired stuntman looked at the bodies of the slain actors lying on the blood-stained ground. They were lying in the direct center of the arena … directly above them was narrow circular opening at the top of the artificial dome. And Russell suddenly raised his right arm and pointed his blood-stained sword back towards the sky in savage triumph. He bellowed the fair-haired stuntman's name, "Ethan!"

The swarthy actor was charging the arena towards him -- his sword held high overhead. The bulging muscles under his wet tanned skin were fully flexed as he flew down the steps. He reached the second step from the bottom, about a foot above Ethan, when the fair-haired stuntman spun around to his left and thrust his sword up and towards his solid stomach

Russell screamed and rose to his toes as the blade side-swiped him four inches above his navel. The swarthy combatant twisted his body to the left as he fully extended his right arm and drove the blade towards Ethan's his chiseled torso. The fair-haired stuntman was cut, but not deeply enough to do any major damage. It did, however, cause Ethan to drop his sword. A fatal turn of events. Russell used his blade to brutally pierce the fair-haired warrior's sternum.

"Uuuuhhhh …" Ethan moaned.
He stumbled down to the first marble step. His tightly flexed body bent forward at the waist, his arms were out to his sides … his fists were clenched. Trickles of blood ran down his belly and filled his navel. Russell grabbed his sword from the floor, raised it over his head and plunged the blade deep into Ethan's thick chest ... piercing the skin just beneath his left pectoral muscle. This fair-haired stuntman had taken his friend's blade in his belly twice before without crying out, but the deep cut through his chest elicited a loud, throaty scream.

His tawny head and broad shoulders sprang up from the alter and both his hands clutched the blade buried deep in his chest. A few seconds passed and he slowly relaxed his grip on the sword. Ethan's head fell back on the marble slab beneath him -- his arms fell to his sides.

Some members of the crew were turned on by the sight of the battle. Some members of the cast ... most notably Connie Nielson, who played Lucilla, and Gianina Facio who played Maximus' wife ... were more a bit MORE than turned on by the sight of two men battling to the death. It eventually got to the point where Connie, dressed in nothing but a set bathrobe, sat down on the set sofas in front of Gianina.

Without Gia saying a word, Connie took a ripe nipple into her mouth and sucked on it fervently ... all the while keeping her eye on the center of the makeshift, artificial battle arena where swarthy gladiator Russell Crowe was preparing to finish off Ethan Carter. Gianina released a contented sigh, and gently cradled the fellow actresses head in her arms. The young lesbian thespian could really suck a tit, and soon Gianina's vagina was leaking.

Sensing that her fellow actress was getting close to her orgasm, Connie dropped away from Gianina's chest and buried her face into her smooth pussy. Her probing tongue quickly found Gianina's erect little clitoris, flicking at it harshly, making the young woman jerk with each connection. Gianina cupped her breasts and twisted her pink nipples while she stared down at the actress eating her hot young slit. Her head began to spin out of control as the lust in her clit spread like fire all over her body. Her loud groan signaled that the first orgasmic contraction was ripping through her dripping pussy. Over and over again her cunt muscles squeezed together, each time resulting in another orgasm.

When it was over, Connie's face was glistening with the sticky juice that had erupted with Gianina's climax.

Meanwhile raven-haired Russell Crowe pulled back his sword and shoved the blade up into Ethan Carter's muscular belly again.

The blade cut into his friend just above the first wound. Ethan screamed again and rose to his toes as his blonde head snapped back. Russell grabbed the right side of the fair-haired warrior's torso with his left hand, the muscles rippled under his hand as he pushed the blade all the way through his best friend. Russell then pulled the blade half way out, then ran it through the fair-haired stuntman a third time. Blood spurted from the wound before he pulled his sword out. The swarthy combatant's left palm dug into Carter's chest as he tore the blade from his muscular body. The fair-haired stuntman fell face-down to the stone floor in front of him. Blood oozed from the three slits in his back where Russell's blade had punched through.

And as Ethan fell, Gianina … turned on by the carnage … plunged her tongue deep into Connie's hairy honey pot. Like all woman, Connie had a very sensitive clit that didn't take much licking to bring her to orgasm ... especially since she had just spent the last ten minutes with her mouth on Gianina's vagina! Now it was Gianina's turn to get her face covered with pussy juice! The young woman seemed to have an bountiful supply of the sweet liquid, and every weekend she tried to drown Gianina in it! Gianina really wanted to see more of the boys battling each other to the death down in the area, so she bored in on the "little man in the boat", and brought Connie to a shuddering climax!

And with Connie's scream of ecstasy still ringing in his ear, Russell Crowe stood over this last slain gladiator … which had been his best friend. There was nothing to say. He glanced up at the narrow opening at the top of the domed roof as the rain continued to fall. The swarthy combatant had escaped the battle with only minor injuries.

Still he wasn't finished. He decided to give into the urges that had been manifesting himself while he was battling the stuntman.

Seizing Ethan Carter's ankles, the swarthy combatant tugged the actor's corpse over to a barrel lying on it's side -- the lifeless dragged body leaving a dark streak of blood across the dirt of the arena floor. The fair-haired stuntman was then draped ass-up over an empty horse's saddle. His lifeless body was utterly limp. The raven-haired actor fucked the dead youth for several minutes before fellow actors Djimon Hounso and John Shrapnel … who held the roles of Juba and Gaius in the film … appeared in the set to join in on the fun. Then Russell Crowe and the two fellow actors took turns ramming into Ethan Carter's hindquarters. The lifeless fair-haired stuntman's asshole eventually lost all of its suppleness and was a wide-open, gaping void, dripping with semen. The insides of his creamy thighs were smeared with the refuse and slime of multiple fuckings. And still his the swarthy combatant and the other two actors continued to use Ethan's floppy, completely lifeless and unresisting body for their perverse pleasures. Three thick, steel-hard dicks plowed away at the fair-haired warrior's syrupy asshole while the actresses on the sidelines watched, cheered and diddled their pussies to show how much they adored the grotesque exhibition.

Things got to be more interesting when Hounsou and Shrapnel turned on Russell Crowe and began to rape the swarthy combatant just as ardently as they had fucked Ethan Carter's corpse!

Russell eventually recovered and the movie was released. Excellent Story. Excellent Writing. Excellent Acting. Excellent Directing. The movie had it all. Audiences particularly enjoyed the mood of the film. Even though it had a lot of action, there was a subtle elegance throughout the picture that gives it great style. The movie flowed effortlessly from scene to scene, while at the same time creating wonderful intensity and nail-biting excitement.

But hardly anyone outside of the movie's cast and crew of aware about how much sweat and BLOOD had gone into making the exciting scenes so exciting.


Russell Crowe
promitoinal photo for Gladiator
if you have not seen the movie, be sure to rent it ... better yet, buy it on DVD so you can play the really violent scenes over and over without burning the tape up!