the BrigRat's revised by Bob Martin
Matt was restless. It had been a while since he had yielded to his overpowering bloodlust -- the one that overwhelmed him sometimes. But there was that lust in the air tonight. Matt felt it, couldn't resist it. His dick was half hard in his tight jeans, his groin ached with need. And on this rainy, chilly, spring night, Matt found himself in his old beat-up van, consumed with dark desire, driving slowly around the wet, deserted streets, sucking slowly on another beer, searching for another lonely, likely mate for an ultimate adventure.

Donnie had always liked to walk at night in the rain, especially the hard downpour of a nocturnal spring shower, letting the water soak through his clothes, cooling and washing his body. The dark streets have a special character as they glisten with the reflection of streetlights, an occasional car splashes through the puddles and the rushing water swirls in the gutters.

During the heavy rains of the past week, Donnie was often frustrated because bad timing or other commitments kept him from the night streets. Tonight, Friday night, Donnie picked up hamburgers and fries on his way home from work, drank a couple of beers and watched a game on TV. He decided to stay home and not go out, so he ended up going alone and early to bed in his hot, muggy room with everything damp from the afternoon rain, and quickly fell asleep. He awoke to the sound of rumbling thunder, a steadily increasing beat of rain on the roof and the splattering of water onto the pavement from a downspout nearby. The green fluorescent hands of his military watch showed it was after eleven oclock. He jumped up to close the windows, then pulled on a pair of Levis, a sweatshirt, socks and sneakers, and went out. The heavy rain quickly soaked his crewcut and ran down his face, feeling beautifully cooling. The shoulders of the sweatshirt darkened as they soaked up the falling drops, then the dark stain spread further down and Donnie could begin to feel the delicious water soaking through to his chest and down his legs. His feet began to get damp, too, as he splashed though a puddle. By now, as the rain continued to come down, the streets were his alone. It seemed in the darkness that the world had retreated from the falling, rushing water. Finally the rain slackened, and Donnie returned home to strip and dry off, and drink a few more beers.

Although his watch read almost two in the morning, am, Donnie felt fully awake and alive, his mind and cock itching for some kind of exhilarating, dangerous adventure on the rain-swept streets.

As if to suit his mood, the rain fell harder again, and he couldn't resist the call. He pulled on a pair of worn, snug-fitting, gray sweatpants that did little to hide the bulge of his swollen cock and balls, and a body-hugging, red, short-sleeved T-shirt with the famous globe and anchor design surrounded by the words United States Marine Corps in gold. Adding dry socks and his already wet sneakers, he walked again into the rain.

This time, his route led down the center of town toward the fishing piers where even at this late hour, a few cars passed, with occupants occasionally looking curiously at him. The cold night rain soaked quickly through his thin red Marine T-shirt, making his oversized nipples hard and clearly visible through the wet T-shirt, and he grinned to himself as he glanced down and noted that the bulge in the front of his sweatpants had become more obvious as the rain soaked and darkened the upper part of the bulge more quickly than the rest. A missing downspout left a gushing stream falling from the gutters of a roof of one of the buildings onto the deserted wharf below, and Donnie stood for a few moments under the torrent, letting the heavy fall of water beat on his head and shoulders, quickly soaking through the clothes. He gasped as the cold water swept away the body heat that even the sodden clothing had helped to retain, then resumed his walk through the empty streets.

A beat-up van with a bumper sticker supporting the local fishing industry passed him, then pulled to the curb half a block ahead, and as he approached, the passenger window rolled down. Donnie stopped and stuck his head in the van. A wave of warm, humid air and heavy man scent hit him in the face. Donnie exchanged a few words with the lean, dark haired driver, a good looking man probably in his early thirties, then climbed into the passenger seat. The passenger seat-back was reclined at about a forty-five degree angle, so Donnie half lay in the seat as they talked.

The drivers name was Matt, and Matt was a little drunk. His hands were tucked in the crotch of his jeans, the sleeves of his marine blue fishermans shirt were rolled up showing the dark hair that covered the backs of his hands and forearms like gloves up to his smooth round bicepses. The shirt was unbuttoned to his belt and open showing a damp, very defined, very hairy torso. His words slurred a bit as he responded to Donnies questions about his fishing trips.

Donnie was laying back and looking up at the man. In the closed confines of the van, the heady mixed smell of clean man sweat and beer and grass was almost overwhelming. Donnie was aware of the half-closed dark eyes surveying his big blond body as he lay back with his legs spread and his arms at his sides. He realized that in some ways he was more exposed to this man through the wet sweats and soaked T-shirt then if he had been naked. Donnies bulge got bigger and his nipples got harder, pushing out erotically from his bulging pecs against the transparent wet T-shirt.

Then as if to explain the Marine T-shirt, Donnie told Matt that he got in the Marines right out of high school and that he had spent nearly five years working off a four year enlistment because of bad time, including time spent going over the hill and time spent in confinement.

Matt lit up a marijuana cigarette, took a deep tug, then reached down and held it to Donnies lips while he inhaled several times. Matt asked Donnie if he had gotten some rough treatment in the brig.

"Oh yeah, man," he said softly. "I was the youngest marine in the brig and a couple of the MPs really like to work me over. When I fucked up and broke one of their little rules or talked back, the guards would take me to solitary and string me up with a pair of handcuffs, naked, with my toes just touching the floor.
xxxx"They beat me with rubber hoses, or just with their fists. One guy liked to bind my arms to my sides while I was hanging there and wrap my upper legs and calves with rope, then he would use my butt and thighs and stomach as a punching bag, hitting and slapping me around for an hour at a time.
xxxx"His name was Morelli, a big, dark-haired Italian guy. Usually late during the night watches he and one or two other guys would come back and fuck me as I hung there, helpless."
Matt turned in his seat and dropped his boot between Donnies big thighs.
"Open your legs, boy," he rasped.
Then he moved his foot to the boys crotch and started to massage the bulge with his boot. The boy spread his legs and involuntarily pushed his bulging pubic mound into the boot.
"Yeah, thats a good boy, rub your fucking pussy dick against your mans boot," Matt said.
Donnie was getting about as hot as a dog in a state of total animal heat.
"I also got it from guys in the barracks. There were always a lot more black guys than white guys, and just about every night half a dozen or so of the bigger and more aggressive black guys would drag some white boy down to the head, tie his hands behind his back and gang-rape him. Since I was young...."
(and white blond and as smooth as a babys butt, thought Matt)
"...this happened to me a lot. And when they were done fucking with me in the showers, the last one usually slapped me around and then took me to bed with him and slept with his hands on my tits and his dick up my ass. I was pretty much their fuck boy."
Donnies eyes were closed, his mouth was open and he was breathing hard, like he was out of breath. He was laying with his big legs spread wide, his hard bulge was lifting the waistband of his sweats away from his washboard belly and he was rubbing it back and forth against the black boot.

Matt lit up another grass cigarette, inhaled deeply a couple of times then gave it to Donnie to finish and started up the van. He found a quiet deserted street and parked the van in a dark spot, shaded by trees from the widely spaced streetlights. He locked the doors of the van and looked at the hot, young, blond ex-marine and massaged his own aching groin with both fists. His dick was hard and straining against his jeans. Damn, he thought, this is about the best built kid I ever picked up.

He turned toward Donnie, leaned down from his drivers seat and put his tongue in Donnies mouth. Donnie sucked at the tongue like it was a cock and greedily swallowed the spit that drained into his mouth. Matt grabbed Donnies big erect tits between his fingers and thumbs through the wet T-shirt and twisted until Donnie gasped. Turning more in his drivers seat, Matt put his jeans-clad knee on Donnies hard bulge, then moved off his seat, shifting all his weight onto Donnies chest and crotch.

Donnie moaned out loud, whimpering like a submissive bitch in heat. His cock was hard as a rock under the weight of the other man, and leaking a steady stream of pre-cum. Yeah. This was what he needed, a man who would take control. A man who liked it rough. This was what he had really been looking for tonight in the rain.

Sliding back halfway onto his drivers seat, Matt put his lips to Donnies ear, licked it and quietly told the boy to take off his sweat pants and T-shirt and shoes, everything, and crawl naked through the low door between the seats into the back of the van.

Obediently, Donnie raised his big arms and stripped off his still damp Marine T-shirt, reached down and got rid of his wet sneakers and socks, then raised his hips off the seat and slid his gray sweatpants over his hips, down his thick legs and off. He was not wearing a jock or briefs, so his big stiff boy-cock, now released from the tight sweatpants, smacked hard against his rippled belly, the leaking head dripping hot boy-juice into his lightly haired navel. His juicy pink nipples were erect. Donnie was in such a state of sexual arousal that just a single touch on his throbbing dick would have been enough to bring him off. But he didn't touch his dick. His big body naked and open, Donnie lay back in his seat, feeling totally submissive to the dominating dark-haired man who was looking down at him from the drivers seat. Donnie turned and rolled into the narrow space between the two seats, presenting his smooth butt to the other man for the first time, then crawled through the low door into the back of the van. Matt followed him through the door, lowered and locked it.

Donnie was kneeling in the middle of the back of the van. Matt went around the kid and sprawled on the wide seat that was set low off the floor just in front of the vans padded back doors. There were two very dim lights in the back corners of the van, up behind Matts head. Donnie could see that the sides and top of this part of the van were heavily padded, probably sound proof, and there were two sets of chains with cuffs hanging from some kind of apparatus in the high ceiling of the van.

Matts stretched his long hairy legs out on either side of the almost naked, kneeling, young ex-marine. His hand brushed the front of his tight jeans. Donnie heard the zipper slide open and watched in the dim light as the man pulled out his cock, working it a little with his hand to bring it up. Donnies own cock was standing stiff against his hairless groin, his big boy-balls hanging loose.

"Suck it," Matt whispered.
Donnie reached forward and stroked the swelling cock with his hand.
"Suck it, boy. You did it in the brig. Do it now."

"In the brig, I was forced to."


Matt took Donnies left arm, secured the wrist to one of the cuffs hanging down from the chains in the ceiling and did the same with the right arm. He slapped the boy brutally hard across the face, then back again.
"I guess this will do, boy. Now, suck it."
Donnie put his face down into the steaming crotch and took the big dick down to the black hair. Matt stretched out his legs, spreading wide. Donnies head bobbed up and down and he licked eagerly at the cock. Matt pushed the boys head down hard, forcing the stiff prick down Donnies throat as Donnie gagged and retched, then Donnie continued to work on the cock as Matt eased off the pressure.
"Oh yeah, boy. You like this. You like it rough. You found the right man, boy."
Matt reached over the sucking boy and grabbed the boys muscular left leg, bent it up and backwards at the knee and secured the ankle to one of the two remaining cuffs hanging from chains from the ceiling. He did the same with the right leg. Now Donnie was totally suspended, his ball sack just brushing the floor of the van. Matt eyed the sucking boy, hot and suspended and his.

Just the thrill of having the kid secured, no way of getting loose, his to do with what he wanted, made Matt spurt a little cum into his victims sucking mouth. He let the boy suck and nurse on his cock for a few minutes then pushed one of the toggle switches at the side of his low-slung chair. The two chains cuffed to Donnies arms retracted, lifting his sucking mouth off Matts prick and pulling Donnies head toward the ceiling of the van, lifting his torso almost to a vertical position, open and exposed to the dark-haired man sitting in the chair in front of him. The mans shirt was open, showing his lean, hairy, defined chest and his big levi-clad legs were spread wide. In the dim light, the sex-hot kid thought the guy looked like a wet dream come true.

Matt leaned forward, stroked Donnies beautiful hairless torso hanging in front of him, then gave the boy half a dozen quick, hard punches to the stomach. The boy twisted around in his chains, suspended, surprised, and in pain, but his meaty cock stayed up hard and stiff, hugging his groin. Grunting with satisfaction, Matt got naked, took off his jeans and shirt and boots and threw them in the corner behind the boy.

"Hit me," Donnie moaned.
Yeah kid, Matt thought, Im ready to get down to business. He gave the kid a flurry of heavy blows on his chest, then took a rag from under his chair and stuck it in the kids mouth. Leaning forward, Matt put his lips on one of Donnies big ripe oversized nipples, sucked it into his mouth and lashed it with his tongue, then put his teeth on it and bit down. The kids eyes opened wide and he pushed his head back, hitting the top of the van, trying to scream through his gag as suddenly the rough pleasure was transformed into intense pain and panic.

Matt tasted blood and kept sucking and scissoring his teeth. He licked his lips, then pulled back and lightly caressed the heaving boys ivory-hard washboard abs with his right hand. Without warning he punched the beautifully exposed belly muscles with his left fist, as hard as he could, then with his right, then the left, right, left, using the boy like a punching bag. The kid was moaning, his hard cock was spraying pre-cum as his chained body bounced around crazily in the back of the van.

Steadying the suspended body, Matt stretched up and licked the salty sweat that was running down the kids sides and torso. Then he put his mouth back on the bloody nipple and nursed at it until the blood slowly trickled into his mouth. He bit down hard with his teeth. Finally the tit came away, and he chewed and swallowed the meaty piece of raw boy-breast. Then he leaned over and bit off the nipple from the boys other big hard breast. A small streak of blood ran down the kids sweaty torso, dripping on Matts hard cock and running down over his full ball bag.

Donnie screamed in his gag and twisted wildly in his chains, straining the big, smooth muscles, his heavy thighs and calves, his beautiful arms and torso, his strong thick neck, as he tried to bust loose from the chains that were harnessing him and from the man that was devouring him.

Matt lay back, chewing on the bloody tit, stroking lightly on his wet cock, mixing the blood that was dripping on it with the leaking pre-cum, and watching the dimly lit wild erotic scene in front of him.

Matt tongued a little of the blood off the boys big chest then reached up and cupped the smooth, bulging biceps on Donnies left arm. His fingers traced excitedly along the distended vein that rounded over the hard muscle. He put his lips up to the big muscle and licked the sweat from it, lifted the arm and plunged his mouth into the sweaty, salty golden pit hair and sucked it clean. He rubbed his face and neck and eyes over the wet bulging boy-biceps and then opened his mouth and put his teeth on it and bit down hard enough to break the skin. He moved to the other big biceps and worshipped it in the same way.

He fumbled around behind his seat with one hand and found his fish gutting knife. Matt grasped Donnies left upper arm and biceps tight, took the sharp knife, and lightly traced it along the distended vein. A thin razor-ribbon of blood followed the knife point. He traced the vein on the other big heavy biceps, and leaned back and watched the boy move, hot and sweaty, with a gossamer spider web of blood tracing his big arms and beautiful, hairless torso. There was fear and panic in the boys eyes, but the boys big dick was still rock hard and smacking against his rippled, taut belly.

Matt stretched his long ball sack up to the kids hanging sack, then pulled them both tight and rammed them together hard, and again, ten, fifteen, twenty-five times. He almost came with the incredibly good deep groin pain.

He stroked his big horse cock, slapping the kids big dick with his open palm, wicked blows back and forth, and then pulled his leg back and put his big naked foot between the kids legs, putting full pressure on the kids ball sack, squashing the boys large nuts as he lifted the boys body. The boy moaned and tried unsuccessfully to twist away from the torturing leg. Matt lightly bounced the boy on his foot then alternately ground the ball of his foot and his heel into the kids balls.

Finally he lowered his leg, pulled his foot back and kicked the kid full in his balls, again and again, waiting between blows until the muscled body had stopped gyrating wildly. Wailing into the gag with pain, the boy suddenly came, his straining cock shooting thick streams of steaming boy-cum all over the legs and chest and face of the sadistic man in front of him.

Matt stretched up and kissed the kid, licking the tears and sweat from the cheeks and around the rag stuffed mouth. He stroked the kids still hard prick, pulled the sore nuts down in their sack, ran his hand behind the sack, massaged the slick ass lips and then pushed four wet fingers up the tight ass. Holding Donnie steady with the hand that was pushed up in the boys tight ass-hole, Matt took the boys dick in his mouth, licked it clean, then tongued the belly and chest, licking up the blood and sweat from the superbly muscled body.

Matt kissed the boys big left biceps, took his knife and traced the large, hard vein again. Donnie tried to pull his arm away, but Matt grasped the biceps firmly, and then retraced the big vein, this time slicing it open. The boy reared back, banging his head against the top of the van and twisting violently in his chains, but he couldn't get away from his hairy assailant. Like a sex-crazed animal, Matt did the same surgery on the bulging right biceps then put his mouth to the open vein and sucked down a pint of hot boy-blood.

Blood was running from Donnies thick arms, down his torso to his crotch where a steady stream ran from his genitals, like he was pissing red, onto Matts hard nine inch dick which was stretching straight up to the boys ball sack. Matt took his hand and used the sticky stream as lube while he stroked his stiff cock.

The boy was still groaning and twisting around in his chains, but the loss of blood was slowing him down fast.

The blood-drunk young fisherman grabbed Donnies ball sack and dick with one hand, put the fish gutting knife under the thick mess of genitals and with one clean, powerful up-stroke neatly sliced off the husky blond boys heavy male organs. The increased flow of warm boy-blood onto Matts genitals was almost overpowering for the horny dark-haired dude, but not wasting any time, Matt quickly took the rag out of the boys mouth and stuck the severed balls and dick in, with the big softening dick-head hanging out over the boys bottom lip and chin.

The new fuck-hole in the boys muscled groin was very inviting. Matt lifted his strong, hairy legs up and over the backs of the boys smooth muscled thighs and around the kids smooth, heavy buttocks. He put one arm around the boys torso and lifted himself off his chair, his full weight was now suspended with the boy. With his other hand he maneuvered his huge throbbing dick into the hole where the boys dick used to be, then put both arms under and around Donnies shoulders and pulled himself into a hanging embrace with the dying boy.

The feel of the two sweaty naked bodies together was electric. Matt pulled his body close and rubbed himself back and forth over the boy. He put his lips up and took the dangling dick-head of the boys severed penis in his mouth and fucked the large oven-hot hole in the boys golden haired crotch just a couple of times before he felt the beginning of an enormous orgasm. As he came in the hole in the boys abdomen, his lips pressed the dying boys lips. Together they sucked on the boys penis as Matt watched the life drift out of the boys eyes. Matt hung there with the kid and had a second orgasm moments later. As he did, his own shit hole opened up and his hard brown turds joined with the kids shit on the floor of the van.

Slowly Matt lowered the still warm pink and white body into the red blood and brown shit on the floor of the van.

He stayed there, laying with Donnie for about an hour, having another beer, stroking the smooth body, coming several more times. He kissed the boys lips and licked the boys neck and shoulders. He took the boys bulging ball sack in his mouth and bit off each big testicle and swallowed it. He lifted the boys heavy, golden-haired legs, put his head down between the boys smooth ass cheeks and licked the ass clean, savoring the acrid taste of the fresh boy-shit. After sucking on the distended ass lips till they were completely clean, he let the legs down, crawled up and lay on top of the boy, and put his dick back into the new hole and gave Donnie a last, long, loving fuck.

Matt took a towel, cleaned himself off and slowly drove to the abandoned pier.

He backed to the end of it and eased Donnies body and clothes quietly into the water, wrapped in the heavy plastic sheet that had covered the floor and sides of the van. The heavy plastic package was bound and tied tight with stout fishnet twine and was weighted with about a hundred ponds of an old broken cement anchor that was kept stacked up inside the back of the van.

Matt slipped over the end of the pier into the cold, salty water, washed himself and grabbed the knife and washed it.

Refreshed, he climbed out, closed the back doors on the van, and still naked, got in the drivers side, turned up the heater and headed for home. The first hint of morning sun was just barely brightening the clouds on the eastern horizon far across the water.

Matt was glad today was Saturday and he had the day off. He felt refreshed and drained at the same time and knew for sure that he would sleep good until at least noon.