Jeremy was the first in his family — both sides — to go to college. He was special. At least that's what Jeremy thought.

He was getting pretty insufferable back from school on breaks. So for summer vacation, his cousins planned a special come-uppance.

Jeremy came back from his first year at college on the dean's list — a 3.875 GPA. Damn good — especially when you heard Jeremy talk about it. He was next to God in importance.

Jimbo, Chester, and Carley listened and nodded and acted quite impressed. It was all they could do not to laugh and taunt, but that might ruin it.

They went out of their way to be nice to Jeremy. He'd never really liked his cousins before, but he would be alone except for his mother and aunts otherwise, and that was no fun. Besides, they wanted all their boys to get along. They wanted them to have fun together — that's the way of menfolk.

It was Saturday afternoon and Jimbo, Chester, and Carley were going down to the lake to swim.

"Water's still damn cold, but if you jump in and don't sissy it, it's tolerable. But it sure does make your cock and balls shrink up — you'd swear it makes you a girl!"

"Not me," Jeremy bragged. "Not my nine incher and hen's egg balls."

"I guess it takes big balls to make such good grades," Carley snortled.

"Don't know, but some studies say it takes big balls to do good in math — that's why there are no women mathematicians or architects."

"You don't say!"

"You boys go on — have some fun, Jeremy. Too much brain work and you'll sprain something up there, and Heaven knows what will happen then!"

"Yeah, big man on campus, have some fun."

Jeremy went with them. He rode up front with Chester — it was his truck. Jimbo and Carley rode in back.

It'd been a while since Jeremy had been to the lake, but it didn't seem the way.

"Yeh. It's not the way we usually go. They've got that road torn up so we gotta go this way."
They didn't end up at the lake. Instead it was an open field that had just been plowed under for summer planting.
"This isn't the lake."

"No shit, Sherlock. 'T's time for you to learn some manners, cuz."

Before Jeremy could protest, his door was jerked open and he was jerked out, arms held behind by Carley while Jimbo balled up his fist and gave him five, maybe ten hard gut- punches.

Jeremy was gasping for breath and struggling when he was released. He stood there dazed while Jimbo grabbed his hands and pulled them behind his back and Carley and Chester started unbuttoning his shirt.

"You sure are a skinny boy, cuz," Carley snorted.

"Yeh, cuz," Jimbo iterated.

"Nice radio dials, though," Chester said.

He and Carley took turns twisting Jeremy's nipples.
"Let's see what you been braggin' 'bout," Chester said. "Maybe we can have fun with them too."

They pulled Jeremy's pants down and much to Jeremy's horror and shame, his cock was hard and snapped back, slapping his belly when his underpants' elastic pulled it down.

The boys whistled and Chester said,

"Guess you weren't lyin', cuz. Maybe it wouldn't shrink to nothin' in the lake. Too bad you'll never find out."
With that they pulled his pants off, tied Jeremy's hands behind his back, took a rag and tied it in his mouth. They carried him to back of the truck and laid him on his back and then pulled his balls down as far as they'd go in the sack then held his cock and balls together and wrapped a rope as tight round them as they could, several wraps before they got to the swell of the balls. They tied a knot and jumped in the truck.

Chester stuck his head out the window and shouted,

"Say goodbye to your balls, cuz. Guess next year you won't make such good grades!"
Jeremy was beside himself, twisting, screaming, trying to break loose, but he was too scrawny.

Jimbo shouted,

"We got plenty of slack so's we can get some speed up. Then, SNAP, you got no cock or balls to brag about, cuz!"
Jeremy's eyes were so full of tears he couldn't see clearly. He could just hear the truck rev up and see and feel the stones as the rear tires spun.

The truck sped down the dirt road. Jeremy could feel the tug on his cock and balls. He prayed — harder than he'd ever prayed in all his life. He squeezed his eyes tight, begging God for a miracle.

Suddenly the tug stopped. Jeremy was sure his cock and balls had been yanked off. He'd heard of things like that — no feeling at all, then suddenly, BANG, an explosion of pain. He waited for the BANG.

He could hear the truck slide to a stop then rev back. He could hear his cousins jump out, laughing.

They surrounded him, unzipping, laughing. They pissed on him.

Jeremy was so angry he was sure he was going to burst something in his brain.

Jimbo and Chester reached down and grabbed Jeremy's shoulders and jerked him to his feet. Carley untied the rope.

"Cuz, you'd better put your trunks on if'n you're gonna wash off in the lake."
Carley said,
"Hey, guys. He's as hard as ever. Must like this kind of thing, eh, cuz?"
The summer turned out a lot different than Jeremy or his cousins thought it would. They were the best of friends ... and still are. Ain't life grand.