These contain material of an EXTREME Nature.
All characters of men and women are over 18.
All characters are pure fantasy! NEVER to be attempted.
YOU Must be 18 or older to view these files.

Anonymously Donated

Leningrad Warehouse
(males butchered for food, illustrated)

Abusing Dawn Laney
(f/f 'vanila' non-extreme enemas)

The Abduction of Antoine
(m/m 1770 capture/rape of a young man)

(m/m castrated and bondage slave)

Ghost Seed
(hanging, witchery)

My Life by The Numbers 5/13/2021
(cannibalism, nonconsensual)

A Simple Plan 7/25/2021
(Donner, m/m cannibalism, nonconsensual)

Musical Chairs 2/7/2022
(m/m, cannibalism, nonconsensual, multiple beefy prey)