Warning: This is an extremely violent, vicious, brutal snuff story. If you are offended by these topics, leave.

unknown author

"What lovely eyes you have," said Raif as he stared into Kevin's
terrified blue eyes. The boy was the hottest thing Raif had ever managed to
catch - somewhere between 16 and 19, his hair, mustache and goatee were all jet
black, his eyes a glistening blue and his body the kind of slender, lean
physique most men would die for.

Not quite remembering how he got here, all Kevin knew is that he was
tied up in some sort of contraption which apparently enabled his captor to
position his limbs any way he wanted them.

Searing pain ripped through his shoulders as his arms had been bound
behind him and then pivoted so that his hands were just above his head. His
legs weren't doing any better as they'd been put straight up into the air
perpendicular to his body and then pushed completely aside - toes still pointing
up towards his head - until they were at slightly more than a 180 degree angle.
The stinging enema Raif used to clean him out rounded off his pain just right so
that, much to Raif's delight, Kevin's lean, slender body was wracked with
unimaginable pain. He convulsed off and on from the pain and the terror as he
felt Raif's rough, calloused hands slide over his legs, ass and back, caressing
and squeezing him - sometimes quite hard. Raif's beard and mustache brushed
across the surface of Kevin's torso as his tongue lapped and licked and sucked
on his body all over.

He could only moan and writhe in agony as Raif continued sucking,
licking, pulling and squeezing Kevin's free hanging, exposed fleshy and huge genitals,
When Raif began nibbling
at Kevin's body and limbs - biting only hard enough to draw blood - he knew he
was in trouble.

His mouth was being held open by some sort of device that he couldn't
see, though if he was correct, it was probably some sort of penis gag. Raif
inched up on top of him and took full advantage as he covered Kevin's gaping
mouth with his own and jammed his tongue deep into the boy's throat. Raif's
tongue was actually long enough to nearly touch Kevin's trachea. He squirmed it
in every direction inside Kevin's mouth, most especially sliding over and around
the hot young man's tongue. Feeling some strange guy's tongue lapping at the
back of his throat made Kevin want to puke, but all he could do was retch with
dry heaves as the Raif's sweaty face filled his view every bit as much as his
tongue filled Kevin's mouth. Perhaps Raif had pumped his stomach or something
while he was unconscious, as there was absolutely nothing coming out.
Raif seemed to produce buckets of saliva as his tongue danced through
Kevin's mouth. It was almost like a faucet, giving Kevin no choice but to
swallow it if he wanted to keep breathing. With each unwilling gulp, he
wretched a little more as his mind recoiled in disgust and horror from what was

Backing away and standing upright for a moment, Raif reached to Kevin's
left and grabbed a remote from some table he couldn't see. Soon, the two were
surrounded by no less than a dozen flickering television screens. Each bore a
different scene of other men who had been raped, tortured and murdered in this
very same room. They were all well muscled young men, with nice endowments, All sorts of
horrifying sounds filled the room, terrifying Kevin more than he ever thought
possible. Bones crunching, a sickening wet, "sucking" sound he couldn't
identify, and the sound of flesh sizzling on the same grill he could see in a
corner to his right. As he looked around in wide-eyed terror, Raif continued
groping and licking him. When he realized what the sucking sound was in the
videos, all he could do was scream - it had been the sound of skin being peeled
from the victim's flesh. Oh, how he wished he could pass out.
Raif loved listening to the sounds of past victims while working on a
new one, and he loved the affect the videos had on his victim's nerves. The
more nervous the victim, the more he enjoyed the dismemberment and torture.
Kevin almost began

pissing, but with a searing jolt sending waves of intense pain through his
penis, he realized that he couldn't. Raif had jammed a long metal rod into his
penis until just the head of the screw stuck out. From the feeling of it, it may well
have gone all the way into his bladder. He
screamed as the new awareness of pain began shooting through him, the pressure
of his bladder trying to unload causing the sharp end of the electrified metal rod to dig
into the walls of his urethra in bolts of pain like he'd never experienced

How desperately he wished he could pass out again, but the merciful
blackness never came. Unknown to him, Raif was keeping him on an iv drip of
adrenaline and water mixed with a slight bit of cocaine to make sure he remained
conscious for the entire ordeal. Aside from keeping him conscious, the iv drip
was intended to fill up Kevin's bladder as much as possible. This was so that
Raif's cock could pound against the boy's bladder like a punching bag until it
burst. The pain of having an extremely full bladder being pummeled by a long,
fat cock up his ass was bad enough - when it ruptured, Raif knew from experience
to expect some of the tightest anal spasms he could torture out of his victims.
As Kevin closed his eyes to try and get away from what was happening -
even if only in his mind - he felt the man licking and fingering his anus,
clearly lubing him up for what was to come. Raif's tongue nudged and pried at
the clenched opening of his irritated and slightly swollen anus until it
actually managed to slip in. His tongue squirmed and lapped around through
Kevin's rectum just as it had in his mouth earlier. To further his pain Raif’s free hand
was continually pulling and squeezing Kevin’s low hanging swollen testicles.
Then Raif stood up and got into fucking position. Kevin couldn't watch,
he didn't want to know what was happening. He just wanted to be home again. He
began to cry almost like a little boy as he felt the fat, squishy head of the
man's cock begin to press against his asshole. His bowels began cramping again
as the man slowly shoved the fat head of his throbbing cock through the tight,
slick lips of his anus. Having his anus stretched open by a cock wasn't
anything he ever wanted to feel, and as it became increasingly clear just how
fat this man's cock was, he wanted it even less.
A horribly sharp pain shot through his clenched anus as he felt Raif's
swollen, mushroom-like dickhead slip past his tight ass lips and into the
rectum, itself. He had no idea how long Raif's cock must have been, because he
seemed to keep pushing and sliding in forever. At one point he felt the cock
hit what must have been a dead end, and he couldn't even feel Raif's balls
against his crotch yet - how much deeper could it go? Raif slid back a little,
then pushed forward. As he repeated this several times, Kevin felt something
shifting around a bit inside of him until eventually, the cock was able to
continue sliding in. Past that point, he felt a sharp, stinging pain with every
inch the cock continued plunging deeper and deeper into his body. It felt as
though it had begun throwing off sharp sparks in all directions. He couldn't be
sure of it, but it felt like something was breaking inside of him. His body
struggled hard to push the enormous cock out - which unknown to him only made it
feel better to Raif.

Had he been a willing fuck, Raif would have tried acclimating him to the
depth of his penetration slowly. As it is, he wanted it to hurt, and hurt it
did. After what felt like an eternity, the man's pelvis finally pushed up
against Kevin's crotch, smashing his testicles in the process,
his cock in as deep as it possibly could go, filling
Kevin's bowels with such a huge, fat mass that his ass felt stuffed to the
breaking point. He didn't realize it, but he'd just taken a good 13 inches of
fat, horny cock - a cock that many older guys couldn't handle, let alone one of
Kevin's age and build.

His body a mass of unbearable meaty straining pain from head-to-toe, inside and out, all
Kevin could do was scream as the man began raping him more vigorously. Fucking
him faster and faster, he plundered Kevin's asshole without mercy, sliding all
the way out and then plunging all the way back in to the hot, silky bowels, in the process
slamming into Kevin’s testicles on each violent thrust. He
slammed against Kevin's crotch so hard that it seemed like it might break at any
moment, though it never quite did. Meanwhile, the tear in the lining deep
inside his bowels grew larger and larger until Raif found himself plunging into
Kevin's abdominal cavity directly for at least the last three inches of thrust.
Between thrusts, small amounts of blood began squirting out of Kevin's bruised,
mangled asshole, though not much escaped before Raif plugged it back up with his
enormous, hungry cock. He didn't care about the blood puddle forming on the
floor beneath the sling, he wanted to blow this load all the way into Kevin's
hot inards, and the blood only turned him on further - almost as much as the
boy's frantic, anguished screams.

While he fucked Kevin, he continued licking, groping and sucking the
young studs rippled struggling meaty torso all over, frequently stopping to probe the back of his
throat with his tongue. It wasn't until this point that Raif's plans for the
boy's bladder began to be more noticeable to both of them as Raif's fat cock
punched against and past it in a space that was noticeably tighter than when he
began. Kevin's pain increased in intensity the closer his bladder came to the
bursting point.

It seemed to go on forever as Raif continued pounding and pounding and
pounding at Kevin's hot body, aiming his cock in different directions in order
to cause as much internal bruising and pain as possible. Every time his cock
slammed against one side or another of Kevin's bowel walls, the boy's asshole
clenched from the pain. At other times, Raif would bite down on Kevin just to
make his asshole clench again. Kevin kept pleading for him to stop, but he
never did. At some point, he gave up on begging for mercy as all he could do
was to shudder and cry.

Eventually, Kevin's bladder was as swollen as it could get. It could
withstand the strain no longer as Raif pushed in against it, fortunate enough to
feel it with the head of his cock as Kevin's bladder finally burst. The anal
spasms flooded Raif with ecstasy. Kevin tried to scream, but at this point no
more screams would come out. The pain was unimaginable as Kevin began sweating
much more profusely than at first.

"I'm going to eat you alive," Raif said at one point while coming up for
air. "And I'm not kidding. I can't wait to taste your hot meaty flesh as it twitches
around in my mouth - you're one fucking tasty looking piece of ass..." Before
he could go on much further, he began to be overcome by the approaching orgasm.
Wave after wave of intense pleasure swept through him like wildfire, causing him
to almost convulse with ecstasy. Soon, the waves of pleasure were accompanied
by the feeling of release as his cock began squirting load after load deep
inside Kevin's hot belly. He shot at least 3 very heavy loads and numerous
smaller ones. As the last of his cum was squirted out into Kevin's hot, steamy
bowels, Raif began to slow down and soon, stopped fucking entirely. Beads of
sweat streamed down his face and body as he left his cock go limp and slide out
of the hot meaty body.

By this time, Kevin had settled down into a kind of incoherent babbling
as he continued shaking. "You have the loveliest blue eyes," Raif said again.
Kevin's lovely blue eyes looked up at Raif, terrified to the core. Not
expecting what came next, Raif leaned over as if to kiss him again, only this
time he diverted his aim and went higher, where he began sucking on the boy's
left eye. It wasn't until an intense pain began shooting through his face that
he realized Raif was trying to suck the eyeball out of its socket. More silent
screams. Raif's tongue slowly managed to pry its way into the socket, where it
got behind the eyeball and began trying to scoop it out. It came out with a
sickening sound, where Raif proceeded to yank it all the way from the socket.
Instantly blood began gushing from the socket as Kevin finally began going into
shock. To keep the boy from bleeding to death right away, Raif took a blowtorch
and fired it into the empty socket until the wound was cauterized.
As Kevin writhed in semi-conscious agony, Raif began his favorite part -
the butchering.

Starting at the "horseshoe line" separating his stomach from his pelvis,
Raif sliced across Kevin's heavily muscled and well defined
abdomen, then traced the crease in his thighs from
the abdomen, past the cock and balls, and to the crotch at the base of the penis
shaft. Then he traced the same path from the abdomen and through the crease of
the other thigh. Using a razor-sharp serrated butcher knife, he angled it
against Kevin's belly and began carving off the area of pelvis inside the
triangle he had traced earlier. Getting the whole thing off, he tossed it onto
a table off to the side, where it landed with a squishy, whet "sploosh" sound.
Immediately he torched Kevin's mutilated pelvic area until the blood stopped

Next, with a long, slender serrated knife, he plunged into Kevin's
crotch just above his anus. Much like one might carve eye holes from a
jack-o-lantern, he proceeded with a sawing motion to core out the hot ass he
had just fucked minutes earlier. It came out and he dragged about a foot of
intestine with it before cutting it off and stuffing the unkept intestine back
into Kevin's new orifice. This time, he took a soldering iron and fucked the
wound with it until it stopped bleeding. Kevin was probably unable to feel much
at this stage of shock, but Raif wanted to keep him alive just the same - "just
in case".

Tossing Kevin's bruised, bloody ass to land right beside his cock and balls, he
proceeded to lean back on a stool beneath Kevin's perfect firm, round ass.
There, he took a fork and steak knife and began cutting cubed sections from the
gorgeous right meaty butt cheek. These he didn't set aside, he ate them one bloody
chunk at a time. He'd peel the skin off with his teeth and lips, swallowing it
first and then savoring the taste of fresh-cut ass flesh. He then sliced a path
around the left butt cheek, prying the meaty flesh off the boy's hips with his
bare hands.

Over the course of the next hour or so, he continued butchering Kevin
alive, piece by piece. After peeling off each of the chest muscles, he took a
pair of forceps and used it to stretch Kevin's tongue out of his mouth as he
sliced at the base of it. By this point, Kevin had accepted his fate as meat
and just hoped he was a good meal. Raif got down to business and began dissecting
him. The boy's full tongue was about eight inches long, and he tossed it onto
the table along with the growing number of Kevin's assorted body parts.
By the time he got around to cracking open Kevin's chest, his arms and
legs had been completely stripped of flesh and his face had been peeled off.
Extracting the heart, lungs and liver, the last thing he did was to cut off the
top of Kevin's skull so he could pull out the brain in one entire piece.
As he packed up the assorted body parts, he stole a bite here and there
- particularly of the chest muscles. He sucked on the boy's tongue through most
of it, until at last everything had been sealed away and ready to be stored for
later enjoyment.

As for the skeleton, he stripped as much flesh and tendon from the bones
as possible before tossing them into his furnace. The remaining bits of skin
and internal organs were sat in a special bin atop the furnace so that they
could dry out. They'd be powdered later and scattered in the woods behind his

The next morning for breakfast, he fried up Kevin's anus along with a
few slices of chest flesh, serving them with sliced testicles and glans which
had been stir-fried with some onions and garlic. Normally, he'd keep his victims
for a good while longer before eating them, but in Kevin's case, he simply
couldn't resist the appeal of the youth's tender, attractive flesh.