Jimmy Earl

Today was Jimmy-Earl's birthday. He was twenty-three. He had been in the Marine Corps for five years now and had just been promoted to Sergeant. He was going to be a drill Sergeant... and he really looked forward to that.

Unfortunately, for Jimmy-Earl, that is, it was also Hilda's birthday -- her fiftieth. And Hilda's best-buddies, Hannah and Helen, wanted to make it a birthday to remember.

That's where Jimmy-Earl came in. Helen and Hannah had been watching him for a little over a month now. He was a typical, swaggering male -- easy for a woman to manipulate.

Hannah's daughter, Heather, was perfect for a femme-fatal vamp, and was only too eager to help snare Jimmy-Earl for Auntie Hilda.

Heather talked JimmyEarl to take his vacation early -- they'd go down to Orlando and live it up ... and maybe get married. Jimmy-Earl wasn't planning on getting married, just on getting some. And Heather wasn't planning on getting married either, just 'getting someone'. But they told each other they'd get married.

Heather said she had to stop off at her auntie's country house on the way ... say 'Hello'. Nothing unusual about that. But when Jimmy-Earl had a beer, he got pretty drowsy.

When he woke up, Jimmy-Earl found he was in all tied up. Heather was there and he started cussing and swearing, saying he was going to make her real sorry when he got loose. Heather just grinned. After a while, JimmyEarl was trying to bargain, talking all sweet and lovey dovey. Heather just grinned at that too.

But when Jimmy-Earl tried to go to sleep, Heather poked him with a cattle prod. And when Heather got tired, her mother spelled her, then Helen spelled. They'd poke Jimmy-Earl with the cattle prod anytime he started to drift to sleep. After a couple days, he had to be prodded nearly every four or five minutes.

That made Jimmy-Early too discomboberated to resist. That was good, because he was one mean hunk of marine when he was all there.

On Hilda's birthday, the three H's bundled Jimmy-Earl up, threw him in the trunk, and carted him to Hannah's house. When the garage door was down, they pulled him out and dragged him down to the basement, already decorated with balloons and streamers and all.

They had already put some really heavy eye-bolts into the floor joists and handcuffed Jimmy-Earl to them, stretching his arms overhead and to the sides, like they were crucifying him. Then they wrapped his upper thighs in some leather straps with steel eye-holes and loops so they can be locked on tight. Then they tie ropes to the leather and fix these to the wall.

Helen leaves to get Hilda and mother and daughter finish getting ready.

Hilda is lead down into the basement blind-folded. When it's removed, Hilda gasps. There's Jimmy-Earl, hard muscled marine hunk strapped to the wall with his nuts stretched over a candle and his foreskin sewn shut and his cock wired off and pumped full of port.

The three H's sing 'Happy Birthday' and give her a box of kitchen matches instead of blowing out the candle, Hilda gets to light it!

Jimmy-Earl's tied so tight he can't do anything about it ... he's so exhausted, he can't even struggle much. But he sure can scream. His bellering is just too loud, so Heather pulls out a wire and wraps it around his throat, right across his Adam's-apple, and twists it tight, till all Jimmy-Earl can do is gurgle.

While Jimmy-Earl's cock is marinating with wine and his balls are broiling in their sack, Heather brings out the electric resistance cooker with long metal prongs on two electric cords. She stabs them into his right pec and turns it on, zapping the meat medium well in only a few minutes. She then cooks the left pec and both his bicepses.

After only a half-hour or so, dinner's ready. Birthday girl Hilda gets Jimmy-Earl's left pec -- the one over his heart. It's as big as the dinner plate and three inches thick more meat than all four could eat, but it's all for her.

Heather, the youngest, gets his right pec -- after all, she's a 'growing girl'! And Helen and Hannah each get a biceps apiece -- like two three pound fillet mignons!

Since it's her birthday, Hilda, gets the prize parts, served with white cake and strawberry ice-cream.

All in all, It was certainly a special birthday. One Hilda wouldn't forget soon.

What happened to JimmyEarl? Well Heather seared the wounds and kept him alive for the couple months it took to butcher him a pound or so at a time. He wasn't listed as AWOL for a month. And by that time the trail was cold a whole month before his body was!