Jeffrey gets Pete


In a little town of Beverly MA just north of Boston lived a stunningly handsome 18 year old young man named Pete. He had short wild blonde hair, was tall and well proportioned, years of high school wrestling had given him nicely rounded well defined and full muscles. This Saturday morning was boring so he was just playing hoopoes outside, occasionally running through the sprinklers in his white cotton shorts, the water soaked shorts clinging to his well developed gluts and upper thighs. The shorts also clung to his enormous endowment, and clearly outlined it as they flopped around unrestrained by underwear. The rest of his well developed body glistened in the sun, each muscle group large, rounded, full, plump and very clearly defined.

Across the street where Pete lived was a 31 year old man named Jeffrey. For years he had watched Pete grow up and develop into a mouth watering hunk. Jeffrey himself was a large hulk of a man. Larger than Pete from years of strict diet and intensive exercise, and strikingly handsome. He was gay, and had a hidden sadistic streak in him. He was eyeing Pete watching him in his shorts, he knew it was time to lure Pete in and make him his dinner. It wouldn’t be the first young buck he had lured in and eaten. Several others had also mysteriously vanished, spending their last hours at Jeff’s hands.

Jeffrey poked his head outside "Pete come here" said Jeffrey.

"Me?" said Pete.

"Yes come here"

Pete wondered over to Jeffrey "Hey Jeff" said Pete.

Jeffrey drooled over his rippled prey for a moment as Pete nervously shifted his weight from one foot to the other. "Hi Pete, having fun out there?"

"Just a boring Saturday… Ah… I'm just in my shorts, and I’m soaked to the bones." said Pete.

"Ya, I Can see that, but it’s okay by me unless you are shy" said Jeffrey.

"Nope, I’m not" as he rubbed his hand over his rippled and chiseled abs!.

"Pete, follow me I want to show you something."

Pete followed Jeffrey, watching the big muscles under his clothing bulge and flex. He was led to the basement Pete noticed the large grill, and then heard the large metal door latch behind them. Jeffrey slowly walked up to Pete, and ran his finger on Pete's V-Shaped well muscled back he tasted him "Pete how do I say this?" Pete started to get a little nervous and exhilarated at his sudden closeness to this huge sexy man. Jeff continued "Well I want to have you for dinner".

"I already had breakfast" said Pete as Jeff was now using both hands on his thick pecs, and running them down his abs. Pete just stood there unsure what to do.

"No Pete I want to have you for dinner you know I want to cook you and eat you" he paused as he shifted a bit, then grabbed Pete’s Large balls in one hand, and a half bubble butt glut in the other. Pete didn’t resist as Jeff intently massaged both. Pete enjoyed the attention like never before, even the sharp pains caused by the testicle pressure.

"You’re going on that grill." said Jeffrey.

Totally caught up in his fantasy all Pete could say was "yes sir".

Pete was nervous but excited too "you really want to cook me and eat me?" said Pete.

"Yup" said Jeffrey.

"No fooling? Me on that grill… whole and alive???" asked Pete.

"Yup, just look at all this big young lean meat you have. And such a nice package you have! I’m sure these big balls will be succulent and sweet" said Jeffrey.

Pete knew he could never overpower Jeffrey, and noticed the door they had entered had closed and latched. Pete had also always fantasized about being SO Envied for his large muscles, that someone would catch him and cook him up someday! Pete’s large cock started to swell with the fantasy.

"Well, I’ve always fantasized about this…’ Pete said slowly, continuing to enjoy the attention and not sure if this was a joke or just a really hot fantasy game. “Should I take my underwear off?" he asked.

"Well you would cook better and more even and your underwear would just burn off.” said Jeffrey.

"Well ok" Pete put his hands on the waistband of his white cotton shorts and as he pulled them down his large cock sprang up, now completely hard. It was a bit embarrassing to Pete, but Jeff was delighted! Clearly Pete enjoyed this, and his cock was enormous! It must have been almost 10 inches rock hard, with a big head colored to match his skin. Balls hanging low and wet still. Large as lemons! Pete slowly dropped them to his feet he stepped out of them Pete stood naked before Jeffrey.

Jeff just took in the beautiful sight. From sun bleached tangled blond hair, handsome face, broad cannonball shoulders, thick pecs with tiny little nipples, Bulging arms, ripped abs, a Perfect V Shape where each rib was clearly visible as Pete slowly breathed in and out. His heart sending pulses of blood to his throbbing cock. Down to his well developed thighs and calves. This young buck was meant to be eaten!

Pete watched as he struck a match and lit the firewood under the grill

"ok Pete up on the prep table I need to rub you down with olive oil and butter" said Jeffrey.

Pete nervously stepped up on a chair he sat down on the prep table Jeffrey rubbed olive oil on Pete’s face he then rubbed it on his neck he then rubbed it on his chest and stomach and on his sides he then rubbed it on his back he then rubbed it on his big bare bubble he then rubbed his ginormous throbbing cock and huge balls. Careful to not cause an orgasm yet. Pete was moaning the whole time, clearly enjoying being pampered and envied for his meat. Jeff then rubbed olive oil on Pete's thighs and legs he rubbed it on the back of his legs too he then rubbed it on his bare feet he fixed a platter filled with various fruits and vegetables he placed it on the table.

Jeff carefully took bailing wire and wrapped it several times around Pete’s large balls. “This will hurt now, so brace yourself” Jeff warned as he placed a large industrial clamp on the end of his hard cock steak, just behind the flare of the huge swollen head. Pete yelped in pain, but didn’t move to resist. Then Jeff stroked Pete’s cock a few times, while putting pressure on his testicle bundle… Very soon, Pete screamed and bucked as his orgasm began. But immediately the delicious cream filling (Being stoppered up) backed up and caused excruciating pain! Pete couldn’t stop; he kept shooting, just expanding his urethra and interior seminal ducts. Jeff smiled to himself, then quickly wrapped more bailing wire around the very base of the HUGE Cum filled treat. He wrapped it over and over, tighter and tighter. Pete finally screamed, from the pain, flexing his oiled up well defined large meaty muscles, but still restraining himself from stopping Jeff.

Recovering from his pain a bit, Pete noticed the fire was going good and was getting hot, but the grill was still swung out from being over the fire…

"Good boy Pete. Now hop up, and go lay on the grill, on your stomach" said Jeffrey.

Pete walked over to the grill, pain on his face as his swollen cock and balls swung heavily from side to side. He laid on the grill pressing his large cock and balls onto the grill, his butt up in the air. Arms at his side. He knew this is what he wanted. To be completely coveted and controlled and then taken for his meat.

Jeffrey inserted a bright red apple firmly into Pete's mouth. Then using more bailing wire secured Pete to the grate at his neck, chest and elbows, waist, upper thighs and ankles. Pete wasn’t going anywhere now. Jeff ran his hand over his prize. Squeezing his raised meaty butt, kneading his thick thighs, then with an evil grin pushed down hard on his butt, causing blinding pain as his cock and balls were squashed more. Pete screamed around the apple.

Jeff quickly finished coating the backside of Pete with olive oil, lingering on the large glut muscles, kneading them as he enjoyed their size and firmness. So lean and meaty.

Jeff slowly swiveled the grate over the fire, about 2 feet off the glowing embers, and flames. Pete’s head was not over the heat, that part of the grate hung outside the coals… Immediately Pete struggled and screamed around the apple as he was feeling himself beginning to sizzle he smelled himself cooking. Jeffrey was poking his bare meaty flexing butt which would be eaten pretty much raw. Soon juices from the oil were dripping into the fire.

By this point Pete realized that yes this was his fate, no game. He wondered how long he’d live during his cooking. The pain just increased and burrowed deeper into his meaty pecs abs legs and especially his overly expanded rock hard cock and balls, which were pressed firmly against the searing grate! Out of sheer reflex he continued thrashing and twisting against his restraints, as Jeff just looked on with his own big hard cock out, slowly stroking it completely enjoying Pete’s cooking.

After about 1 hour Pete had stopped fighting, as the heat had exhausted him, and cooked most of his front. Jeff had no intention of letting Pete die on the grill, or of flipping him. He enjoyed some raw glut meat occasionally! Jeffrey seasoned him with salt and pepper one more time.

Swinging the grill off the heat, Jeff untied Pete, then pulled him off the grill. Pete was put on the platter filled with various fruits and vegetables, cock and pec side up, apple still in his mouth he sat down he began his delicious feast. He started with the fully cooked and swollen cock and balls which were the obvious first choice. Pete was awakened when he was placed on the platter. And aware as something tugged at his painful cock and balls, then a blinding pain as they were slowly sliced off! He tried to struggle, but all that actually happened is some twitching from his uncooked backside.

Next Pete saw the knife coming towards his upper torso. The blade placed under his heart pec, and sliced upward, removing as much of the whole thick meaty pec, complete with grill marks and nipple. The pain was staggering, but he realized this is what he wanted. Pete faded away happy and content.