Fatal Mistake

Warning: This is an extremely violent, vicious, brutal snuff story. If you are offended by these topics, leave.

"Fatal Mistake"
by Uriah Wolfe

Dustin caught the eye of way more than one horny old man in his time.
A stripper at Ebi's Lounge, Dustin's body was the object of many
fantasies, Dustin himself being the recipient of many "offers" as the
night progressed. Staying on his dance box for almost the entire
night, even after the dance floor had opened, he'd politely decline
each proposition he was faced with, but usually only until the club
closed at 6. Then he'd survey the offers still remaining and make his

Almost 6 feet tall on the nose, Dustin weighed in at a slender, yet
very lean and chiseled 185. He had the kind of uniform tan one could
only get from a tanning bed, with a very slender patch of lighter skin
revealed by the g-string he usually wore. His v-shaped waist and
rippling abs could, when he flexed them and "rippled" his body from
head to toe, make the strongest men cry & deadest men cum. Delicious
watery-green eyes danced across the throngs usually gathered at the
box upon which he did his act, and it would naturally go down every so
often to accept a tip, a drink, to negotiate a proposition or to just
chat with someone. Very personable & easy-going, he had the ability
to make any man who approached his table feel like the only man in the
place. Jet black hair capped his perfectly-formed face - remeniscent
of a youthful, slightly more "angular" Tom Cruise.

The night had been a fairly good night for tips. He could feel wads
of ones, and noticed a few patrons had slipped him tens or twenties
with their phone numbers written on them. That was always priceless -
he never knew who they were or what they looked like, and so really
couldn't risk giving them a call. What good would it do to disappoint
them upon later if they turned out to be men he couldn't get into?

The night had also been very good for drinks, which some men
occasionally bought him in the hopes of winning his favor. But for
some strange reason, most of the drinks to show up this evening seemed
to appear right out of thin air - he never could pin down who was
setting them at his feet while he wasn't looking. Mostly Purple
Hooters, but sometimes a Black Russian or Long Island Tea would
appear. Very strange, but enjoyable just the same.

The night had finally melted into morning as patrons slowly trickled
out to their cars, taxicabs or, if they lived close enough, directly
to their front doors. One could almost feel the world outside
stretching awake from its morning slumber. Luckily for him, Dustin
lived just upstairs from "Julia's", a small restaurant & deli across
the intersection from Ebi's Lounge. With as drunk as he usually
became during the course of a single night's work, he needed to be as
close as possible, and nowhere *near* a set of car keys. As he
surveyed the scene, he gazed upon the usual 5 or 6 propositions still
mulling about while the bartender went to work with the broom.
Just as he was about to inspect his selection more closely - it wasn't
too easy to see through the lingering, thick smoke - a voice next to
his right ear made him just about jump out of his skin.
"Hey dude," it said, deep & gruff.

"DAMN!" exclaimed Dustin as he turned to see who it was. No one he'd
ever met before, but the guy was kind of cute. A little bit "older" -
perhaps 35 or so - with a nicely trimmed, but full beard & mustache.
He didn't seem to have a real "muscle-man's" body, but he looked fit
enough. Laughing, Dustin said, "Sorry, you startled me!"
"I apologize, I didn't mean to," said the man with a smile. "My
name's Dave. I noticed you look a little tipsy. Do you need a ride
home?" 'Dave' had lost count how many drinks he'd slipped onto the
young stud muffin's dancing booth during the course of the night,
slipping away before the gorgeous young man noticed. Being the
courteous (not to mention "blossomingly alcoholic") young stud muffin
that he was, of course, Dustin naturally drank every one of them.
"Oh, no," Dustin said, talking with more of a slur than he realized
and weaving back & forth even though he was leaning against the bar.
"I live right across the street."

"Ah, I see." David, of course, already knew that. He'd been studying
the boy for months. He knew most of his routine, and the kind of man
Dustin most often selected to take home for the night. Dustin seemed
to have a thing for khaki shorts with sandals & a t-shirt, all on a
slightly "older" man with a mustache & beard. Chest hair didn't hurt.
So David had dressed to the nines for this, hoping to have the hot
young dude - in way more ways than one. "Well, you're a little drunk.
I can always walk you to your door." David noticed that as he
continued talking to Dustin, some of the other patrons had left. He
also noticed that when they'd left, the bar was still too smokey to
see what most of them looked like. That was a *good* thing, at least
as far as David was concerned.

Dustin was feeling pretty woozy. Woozy enough that he began to wonder
if someone didn't slip something into one of those anonymous drinks
he'd been left. "Hey, are you all right?" asked David, leaning down
to look up into Dustin's pretty green, though erratic & unfocused
eyes. "You don't look so well..."
"Eh, I'm fine," he replied. "Just a bit too much to drink." With
that, he started sliding off the bar stool which, with nothing on but
a g-string, gave David exactly the kind of view he might have hoped

Taking Dustin gently by the arm, David said, "Here, let me at least
walk you to your door. You shouldn't be going up any stairs in this
condition." Had Dustin not been so drunk, this might have provided a
clue - he'd never told the man he lived in an upstairs apartment!
David realized his slip for a split second, but quickly became
confident that Dustin was far too drunk to think about such things.
"Okay," was all Dustin could reply, though it came out more like
"thlblka". Staggering heavily against David, the two of them made
their way to the exit. David had been trying to stall Dustin until
the security staff left the exit where Dustin had left his jacket -
and thus his apartment key. They finally left and were beginning
their sweep of the club to clear people out, starting on the other
side as usual. David and Dustin managed to be out of the building
well before the bouncers had arrived to clear out their section of the
bar. Fortunately, this small neighborhood didn't start "hopping"
until 8 or 9, so no one was driving on the road to notice them as
David led Dustin up to his apartment door. It certainly wasn't the
first time he'd gone home wearing nothing but his g-string and a
jacket, but none of the holy-rolling do gooders who were against Ebi's
very existence tended to be up and about so early in this part of

Finally at Dustin's door, David fished the key out of the rapidly
fading man's jacket. Dustin finally passed out just as the lock was
beginning to turn.


His head throbbed like nothing he'd ever felt before as Dustin
attempted to open his eyes. Something didn't feel quite "comfortable"
about his hands, and he had a dream someone was clenching them in
between a pair of alligator teeth. In addition to that, his ears felt
as if someone had yanked out his eardrums with a darning needle. As
his mind slowly started coming together, he suddenly realized that he
was tied up, blind-folded and gagged, face down and spread-eagle on...
well, on what he *thought* might be his own bed, though he couldn't be
sure. Other ropes were tied around his thighs in order to raise his
ass high into the air. As for "spread eagle", Dustin had no idea just
how far apart his legs were until he tried to move them. Whoever tied
him up had gone well beyond the point they would have needed to in
order to simply fuck him. His legs were at more than a 180 degree
angle to each other, and straight out to the side. As soon as he
realized it, searing pain shot through his hips as he also realized
that for them to be that far apart, they had to be out of joint.
Which they most certainly were.

As soon as he attempted to make some noise, he felt a pair of hands on
his ass, squeezing & kneeding each one of his muscular, tight ass
cheeks and occasionally licking them. The tongue "migrated" all over
his ass, flitting in and out of his hole and around his balls... It
felt almost like he was being licked by a dog, but the hands told him
it was definitely a human presence. He couldn't remember the night
before, so he had no idea who had him tied up like this. It was, of
course, "David".

"Good morning, sexy, I see you're awake," came a seemingly familiar
voice, yet while Dustin felt sure he'd heard it before, he couldn't
quite remember who it belonged to. All Dustin could do was lay there
and make muffled sounds, which David blatantly ignored. "You're
probably wondering about the pain in your ears," the stranger said,
eliciting an almost unintentional nod from Dustin. "I stuck your
eardrums with needles, but I didn't tear them open just yet. I wanted
to 'talk' to you a little first, make sure you understand exactly what
is going on here and what I will be doing to you for the next few

Oh, God, thought Dustin. Days? Who was this freak? What was he
planning to do that he already had poked needles through his ears? A
wave of terror suddenly crashed in upon him as the gravity of his
predicament became clearer to him. And still, all he could do was to
make muffled, unintelligible sounds.

"First thing's first!" said the man as though he were preparing to
lead a kindergarten class into their first "colors" lesson. He had
this whole thing worked out, from the abduction to Dustin's final
breath. The various "toys" he would use were placed on stands all
around the circular bed, to be used as he came across them.
Dustin felt the man crawl on the bed beneath him, felt his nakedness
brushing up against his own. The stranger's erection pushed almost
painfully at Dustin's testicles while a tongue slid up and down the
exposed portion of his nose. "Oh, yeah, you're going to be one hell
of a tasty treat..." said the stranger.

Dustin hoped the man meant that in a purely sexual context. Yet it
was hard to tell with some of the sick-minded whack jobs out there.
How did he let himself get into this situation? Why couldn't he
remember last night?

"I've been stalking you for months, Dustin, and you didn't even know
it. I've been planning this for a very, very long time. And now I
finally *have* you! I can't believe my stupendous luck!" Some things
began flickering through Dustin's mind at that point - blank messages
on his machine, strange e-mails from gore & snuff sites (which he'd
never been interested in), and that white Lincoln Town Car with the
tinted windows he'd see on occasion parked across the street, even
when Ebi's wasn't open. He didn't know why these things didn't raise
any internal alarms with him, but they just didn't. The man must have
concealed himself good enough to seem perhaps "strange," while at the
same time seeming like a perfectly normal presence. The tinted
windows were probably the thing - had Dustin been able to see inside
the care, see the man who was watching him, things likely would have
turned out very differently. As it was, he had no way of knowing
anyone remained in that car for hours at a time, just watching...

David looked Dustin's gorgeous body up and down. "Okay, Dustin, it's
time to get this thing started."
"What 'thing'?" Dustin wanted to ask, but couldn't. He began fighting
his restraints, trying to squirm his way loose from them when he felt
a whack of something solid on the back of his head.
"That was a small baseball bat, Dustin. You're not getting away from
this, I've waited far too long. Keep trying to slip out of your
bonds, and I'll get out that *big* baseball bat you keep in your
closet." Biting none too gently at Dustin's nose, he added, "And I
won't be afraid to shove it all the way up your ass, either. So
*WATCH* it! Do I make myself clear?"
Dustin had no idea what to say. He wanted to say yes, to plead for
his life, something, anything... He began crying as he realized he
had no idea what the man had in store for him, and that from what he
could tell, he was probably going to die. He didn't want to die yet,
he wasn't ready... He had so much to live for... Stripping was just
a profitable occupation to get him through college, after which he was
planning to be a full-time electrical engineer. He'd begun all the
right courses, made all the right friends, knew all the right names...
This man *couldn't* be planning to kill him! He just had too much to

Another whack to the head and Dustin quieted down. "I wish we were a
little further off from other people," sighed David. "I'd love to
hear you scream without that gag in your mouth..."
That was it. David knew he was done for at that point. As if to
confirm it, the pain in his ears suddenly became sharper. He realized
that the man must have had two... "needles", or some similar object,
one in each ear. They must have been there the whole time, because he
didn't feel them go in until they broke through the ear drum and began
hooking around the bone chain in each ear. It was then that he also
realized his head had been placed in a "vice" of sorts. Otherwise,
he'd probably already be dead from thrashing around with those huge
needles so deep in his head. As it was, he could only twitch in
horrendous agony as he heard the world quickly grow silent. Shortly
before his left ear drum had been completely destroyed, the man yelled
into his ear, "Oh, and by the way, I'm going to eat you alive. In
part, anyway. Bye bye, now!"

David really *couldn't* believe his luck. The dude was a fucking
hottie! And so much nice meat, he'd keep him well-fed for at least 5
or 6 days! Continuing his regimen of torture as he lay under the
now-writhing hot bod above him, David looked at the boy's blindfold.
A tube extended slightly from the center of each one, with a roofing
nail driven part way into it. This was to insure they'd go where
David wanted them to go, as he slowly pushed the roofing nails into
David's lovely green eyes. The boy screamed so hard, David almost
instinctively looked out the window to make sure no one was around to
hear. But he'd brought the boy back to his cabin in the woods behind
his house. It was enough of a neighborhood that someone might have
heard David if he were allowed to scream unhindered at the top of his
lungs, but it was small enough of a neighborhood that the bound and
gagged young man likely wouldn't attract any attention with his cries.

After the nails had been driven into Dustin's eyes, David removed the
blindfold, including the nails. Blood and eye juice trickled down
onto his face as he surveyed his handiwork. Dustin could only
continue to scream from the pain as David grabbed a hold of his
eyelids one at a time and sliced them off so he couldn't close his
eyes any more. Neither could he see, as the roofing nails driven into
his eyeballs permanently blinded him. With Dustin's delicious green
eyes unable to close, David pulled his head a bit closer and began
licking his wounded eyeballs, drawing even harder sobs from the
agonized young man. He continued pushing his erection forcefully
against Dustin's testicles just to increase his pain. Then, he picked
up his razor blade - also on the table - and sliced Dustin's left eye
completely open. He left the resulting eye juice flow into his mouth,
savoring the flavor before sliding his tongue into the gaping wound in
order to scoop out the eye guts such as the lens, retinae, etc...
Once Dustin's left eye was hollowed out, David simply stuck his mouth
over the other one and sucked it out whole. The hole from the roofing
nail cause the eyeball to "deflate" at first, but David had a strong
tongue. It didn't take long at all for him to suck it the rest of the
way out of Dustin's head.

As Dustin's blood trickled down upon him in a steady, warm stream from
his eyeless sockets, David reached over to the next stand and
retrieved a small blowtorch. He didn't even bother talking to the
boy, as he was now completely deaf and blind. He just fired up the
blowtorch and directed it into his empty eye sockets, frying them up a
little to stop the boy's blood flow. At this, the boy very nearly
cracked his own skull open trying to shake loose from the head vice.
But it wasn't happening, nothing he could do could get him away from
the sharp, fiery pain being inflicted on him.

Sliding out from underneath him, David stood up and inspected his
prize some more. Smooth, muscular back, lean, perfect waist, biceps
to die for... and his ass... OH, what a perfect ass the boy had!
Tight and firm, nice and round and *very* obviously muscular. Unable
to resist, he plunged his face into the boy's right ass cheek where it
meets the back, & bit a piece of his flesh right off. Raw & bloody as
hell. But WOW, did it taste good! Chewing the ass skin away from the
actual flesh, the boy's raw ass flesh practically melted in his mouth
like raw fish. It made him scream like hell, of course, but that was
just the icing on the cake for David. Again, he fired up the
blowtorch & cooked Dustin's wound until it stopped bleeding. This
time, though, he shook a little salt on it right before he fired up.
David then felt the urge to rape the boy. He raped all the boys he
brought here. Raped them, dismembered them, ate them... So he got to
it. Sliding up behind the writhing young hunk, David surveyed his
sexy ass as he pushed his cheeks apart. He'd douched Dustin at least
a dozen times while he was out, so he knew the boy was *very* clean.
Diving right in, his tongue flickered savoringly across the boy's
tender, delicious ass lips. He pushed & pried & licked, and slowly he
managed to work his tongue in deep enough to feel the end of the boy's
tightly clenched sphincter. The taste went way beyond divine since,
as he'd sucked out his eyes and tore off a piece of his ass and ate
it, the boy had broken into a nice, salty sweat. He could take it no
more! He rose up and watched his rock-hard 10" erection reach maximum
fatness (7" around), and just shoved it in deep and hard right on the
very first thrust. Dustin, of course, had to leave out another yelp,
though David detected a hint of hoarseness in the boy's screaming
voice by now.

Cramming his cock into Dustin's ass was the most wonderful sensation
he'd ever experienced! He fucked him, sliding in at every angle
imaginable just to make sure there weren't any areas of Dustin's silky
anal guts that his cock hadn't fucked. He made sure to rupture his
intestines anywhere he possibly could just for good measure. As the
fucking came to a climax, David came, ejaculating at least five good
squirts of cum into Dustin's silky, sexy ass.

The boy was still crying as David reached
back to the next stand and got out his coring knife. He knew the
sensations the boy would be feeling, and thrilled at the thought of
causing him so much pain as he took the double-bladed, razor-sharp
knife and slowly plunged it into the area between Dustin's sphincter
and his cock, much closer to the sphincter. Dustin was shuddering as
violently as he could at this point from the pain, which caused the
restraints to tighten, which caused him even more pain as David "did
his thing" to him. The knife plunged in a good 8 to 10 inches, and
David made sure not to make the hole too wide. He'd be coring out the
boy's rectum later, but for now he wanted to have a little "fun". So
through the cut, he plunged his fingers into the meat of the boy's
crotch and fished around. The penis has both an external and an
internal section of its shaft. The internal section supports the
external section during an erection. As David fished through the
boy's spasming crotch, he finally found the end of his penile shaft
where it connected to the boy's prostate. With a little bit of
manipulation, a whole lot of blood and squishy "sucking" like sounds,
David managed to tear out the boy's entire reproductive system through
the wound he made in the boy's crotch. Rather than cutting the penis
off, he pulled it out of the skin, so that all Dustin now had was a
gaping wound covered with the limp skin of his penis. The boy was
just trembling now, obviously in shock, as David took the gorgeous
hunk's mutilated sexual organs to the kitchen. Flaying the penis open
and laying it flat in a pan, he proceeded to fry it while he sliced
the boy's testicles and fried them in with it. He decided to eat the
prostate raw, letting the organ burst with its fluids in his mouth and
practically sending him into another mind-numbing orgasm just from the

While Dustin's cock and balls were frying, David took a soldering iron
and plunged it into the wound to cauterize it. He wouldn't be letting
his tasty little morsel bleed to death so easily!
David finally decided his special meal was finished. He'd left it
cook long enough for everything to become nice and tender. As the
head of Dustin's former cock melted in David's very satisfied mouth,
he sat beside the bed. Dustin was writhing in such wonderful agony,
David thought. Watching him in so much pain made his own boner stick
up at least a whole inch longer than normal. In fact, his cock was so
hard it was literally beet red from the engorgement of blood.
So he got up, positioned himself behind the boy - and this time,
instead of fucking the boy's perfect asshole, he slowly shoved his
thick, buldging erection into the gaping wound he made when he tore
the boy's reproductive organs out. This made the boy almost try to
"leap" off the bed, as his hoarse screams became more intense. Having
someone rip out your entire cock and then fuck the wound - Dustin
couldn't believe that a person could live through this much pain! The
pain was sharp and burning, the horrible sensation most unusual as
another man's cock filled up the void left by the removal of his own.
He couldn't feel it when David squirted his load into the gaping
wound, as it had begun bleeding profusely again from all the activity.
This suited David just fine, he was thirsty. Taking the remains of
Dustin's tender fried cock and testicles, he pushed them piece by
piece into the gaping wound he'd just fucked. Then he buried his face
in the wound and sucked them out piece by piece, getting to drink
plenty of blood as he went along. He didn't ordinarly take such
risks, but the boy was just too hot, he was powerless to resist. He
also happened to work for the boy's doctor, and knew the boy had no
sexual diseases that they could detect. So it was well worth the
risk, he figured, to do with this hottie what he'd always wanted to

After David finished eating out Dustin's entire fried genetalia from
his wound, he realized it was getting late. So he sat back in the
bed, Dustin hovering and writhing above him in a vision most
"heavenly", and contemplated what tortures to visit upon the boy in
the morning.