Deer Slayer

Deer Slayer
by Clark Williamson

illustrated by Mike Carcel

The way it all started was simple enough. It was hunting season for deer and Jim was going to get himself as many bucks as he could. There was a limit of one buck per hunter this year, and two doe. Bucks were all Jim hunted. They had balls. Jim would hunt out of season if the mood struck him to do so. Sticking to the limit was strictly a mood thing, and Jim pretty much did in life whatever he was in a mood to do. Mrs. Markham, his second grade teacher, said it would be the death of him. Jim wasn't going to die; that's something others did.

His cabin was near a wildlife preserve and he had outfitted it for his S&M games. The location was far enough away from any other cabin in the area so screams of pleasure could not be heard. Screams of agony couldn't be heard, either. All the land was posted no hunting because of the preserve. This meant few visitors. In the back, a tree has been cut of branches to make a whipping post. Inside, there were various hooks in the walls, floor and ceiling for chains and ropes to hold a man secure.

The previous owner who used the place only for hunting had a frame looking like a child's swing set, but no swing, just a couple of chain hoists hanging from the cross-bar. This, of course, was built as a deer gutting frame. The dead animal would be hoisted up off the ground and the belly cut open. The guts would fall out. Dressing the animal there made butchering much easier.

Nearby was a spit over a fire pit used for cooking fresh venison or other freshly killed meats. The frame and hoist had been used for the S/M pleasure of both Jim and his guests more times than for deer gutting. But that was not on Jim's mind. Today, he was looking forward to enjoying his favorite food - fresh deer balls roasted outside on the spit.

He had tramped off into the woods about a mile when he spotted the antlers over a large bush. Only 6 points, but big enough. Jim raised the rifle to his shoulder and took aim. His cock stiffened inside the cami shorts he wore on this warm fall day. His cock always stiffened when he killed, no matter what was being killed, even a struggling mouse with its head caught in a trap.

The deer was munching on something. Jim could not see the mouth, but the antlers moved down out of sight, then back up, then down, like someone's head when giving a blow job. Behind the bush was the animal, and Jim could estimate the height and location of the neck. He peered through the sight and squeezed the trigger. The boom echoed in Jim's ears. The antlers bucked up higher, then fell down amid a crashing though the bush sound, a thrashing noise, and all was quiet.

Jim's prick jutted out a tent on the fabric as he rounded the bush and saw the animal lying on its side, some blood oozing from the black nostril and a large hole ripped through the neck just below the head, the eyes still open wide. Jim squatted behind the buck, reached between the large meaty hind quarters and felt the large, softball sized deer nuts. They would make a good meal.

That's when he heard a gasp, a human gasp

Jim jumped to his feet, holding the rifle ready. He advanced toward some more bushes between the tall trees. He intended just to fire the gun and ask questions later, if anyone was alive to answer them. Then he decided against that idea.

"Get your god damn ass out here now!" Jim barked.

"Don't shoot, don't shoot," a frightened male voice said.

"Hands high over your head where I can see them and step out slow," Jim ordered.

Two sets of hands slowly rose, then two young men emerged from behind the bush to a few feet from Jim. One, a blond, wore no shirt, just swim shorts. The other, a redhead, wore jean shorts and had a knit shirt tucked in the waist. Their sweaty wet chests were well tanned and muscular, covered with a dusting of hair. They looked scared, as well. They should be, considering who held a gun on them, but how would they know?

"You young fellows should have stayed on campus instead of skipping class today," Jim said.

"Excuse us. We are studying botany and are here collecting leaf samples. Our collection bag and note-pad are behind the bush," the blond explained.

"We didn't mean to stray off the government land onto your private property, but did not see any boundary marker," the redhead added.

"There isn't any. I poach on government land when I please. All this belonged to my great grandfather. In the depression, when farms were in trouble, the bank foreclosed on all the farms around here. The wildlife preserve was formed and some of the bank officials got hunting cottages surrounding the preserve. Poaching is just an old local tradition. I bought a hunk of land with a cottage from the estate of one of them god damn bankers now rotting in hell, sort of getting the family land back."

"That's good to know," the blond said, shifting from foot to foot. "We didn't mean no harm. If you don't mind, we will be on our way."

"Not yet," Jim said.

"Looks like you will have plenty of fresh venison for a while," the redhead said.

"Yes, I will." Jim said, figuring what he was going to do with these two young male specimens. Actually, he was figuring just how he wished to fix a meal of more than venison. "Well, I think you two should come over to the cabin and join me for a sample of my cooking."

"That would be nice, but actually I have to get back to take my girl out for dinner and a movie we have planned for tonight," the blond said.

"Fuck the movie, fuck the girl, which you probably do. I will hear no excuses. You both will be my guests for din-din tonight."

Jim picked up his shorts. "It's a nice warm day. Why don't you guys take off your shorts so you will be comfy? Neither of you got anything I haven't already seen before."

Neither young man moved. They were not anxious to be naked around a stranger. They also thought this was beginning to be like one of those slasher movies where the young college kids run into a madman with a chain saw. But those were not real stories.

"I haven't got all day. If I have to cut those god damn shorts off with my knife, I will, and they will be in no condition to ever be worn again," Jim said in a low menacing voice. "Now take those god damn shorts off!" he shouted.

The redhead started opening the buttons on the A & F jean shorts. As the fly split open, Jim could see red pubes topping a thick pink prick, and no underwear. The young man bent down, exposing his ass hole centered in a red down of fur, then stood, holding his shorts and shirt.

"What's the matter, blondie? Your friend has a big cock. You afraid to show what little meat you got?" Jim taunted.

"No," the blond said, and he unlaced the strings across the fly and let the swim shorts fall, revealing a pair of rather tight tommy boy boxer briefs in red and blue.

"Well, fancy college boy with fancy underwear... Come on, boy, get those fucking 15$ undies no real man would wear off your ass," Jim barked.

The blond shook his head, saying nothing. Jim moved like lightening, ramming the rifle stock into the full pouch on the boxer briefs. The blond screamed and doubled over, clutching his crotch, and stumbled to his knees.

"Ok, pull the underwear off for him," Jim ordered, waving the gun at the redhead who complied in silence. The blond did not look at his friend and made no attempt to stop his being stripped naked. His flaccid uncut prick overlapped two large balls drawn tight to the prick base, surrounded with a thick thatch of blond pubes. The cock had potential, Jim thought.

"I'll tell you something, mister," the redhead said. "I don't mind being bare-assed around another guy much. It is what you are thinking about seeing me naked that bothers me."

"You don't know what I am thinking about. And you might find it a pleasure," Jim answered. "Now you two get your naked butts over to that carcass and pick it up and start carrying it back to the cabin."

Jim again motioned with the gun. The blond stood and followed his friend to the dead deer. Jim picked up the clothing, and while the young men were busy hiking the dead animal up onto their shoulders, Jim sniffed the front and back of the Tommy Boy underwear.

He directed the young men from behind, holding the rifle at the ready, watching their round firm dimpled butts move gracefully as they walked along the rutted deer path. When they came to a small opening, Jim walked alongside and saw the redhead's cock was stiff and tall, and his nuts swung free and unafraid in a low hanging sack. A twinge of lust snaked down through Jim's belly, making his prick harden.

When they got behind the cabin, both young men had scratches on their untanned pink butts and thighs, which looked great in the abstract criss-cross random design. Jim directed them as to how to slip the chain about the rear hooves and hoist the animal up so the 6 points were just off the ground. While they were occupied doing this, Jim had reached inside the cabin door to where he had a pair of handcuffs hanging on a nail. Now he was ready to take complete control.

"OK, now clasp your hands behind your heads and kneel," Jim ordered. The guys hesitated. "Do it now or you boys will have no fucking head left to clasp your hands behind." He cocked the gun for effect.

Both of them quickly moved to their knees with hands clasped. The redhead's prick stayed jutting up hard, like ready for sex. The blond was still flaccid and his nuts drawn up higher in fear. Jim liked the idea of the redhead not being frightened. He also liked the idea that what was happening was making the young man so sexually aroused.

Jim put his foot against the blond's butt and pushed him facedown in the dirt, then stomped his foot on the young man's butt and pressed the end of the gun barrel in the small of his back. "Move your hands down behind your back slow and easy." Jim used the menacing tone of voice again.

"No. please.... what are you doing to us? Please don't hurt me anymore," the blond cried out, near to sobbing he was so frightened.

"Just do it, Mike. Don't rile this guy up or you will get your ass hurt for real," the redhead barked. He watched over his shoulder to see the other youth do as he had been told. When the cuffs were secured, the redhead complied without a word, lay face down and placed his hands behind him. Jim snapped the cuffs in place.

Then Jim moved each of the young men into a seated position and crossed their ankles so they would be more comfortable. He took his gutting knife from a shelf by the door and slit the deer's throat, using several slashes to be sure he got all the blood vessels. The blood began to flow over the deer's chin and gaping open mouth, and into a puddle.

"This fellow wasn't too big, but he sure got a nice set of balls," Jim said, caressing the dark-skinned testicles nestled between the deer's hind quarters. "You ever eat deer nuts?"

Both of the young men shook their heads. Jim continued caressing the grapefruit-sized nuts. The guys looked at each other thinking that Jim was enjoying that too much. Mike became very anxious and scared, his fingers and toes twitching nervously. The redhead, however, remained calm, his prick flat hard against his belly with a pearl of lubricant peeking out the piss hole. He honestly did not know what to make of Jim or his own reaction to what was taking place.

"Too bad. They really are tasty when cooked right. All testicles are," Jim said, looking into each young man's crotch. "Well, there is going to be enough for all of us, so you will no longer be deprived of the pleasure of eating testicles after tonight."

Jim began carving around the ball sack, pushing the knife in deep to sever all the nerves and blood vessels and, of course, the sperm ducts. He sliced and sliced, taking short careful strokes, and finally the balls fell free into his hand and he gathered some skin up and held them like a sack too small for the contents.

"A nice set, aren't they?" Jim asked, holding them up close to Mike, allowing some blood to drop on the blond's ankles and sneakers. "It's dinner. Might be all you will get." The youth turned his head away.

Jim showed them to the redhead. Some blood dropped on his thigh and he made no reaction, just examined the severed gonads with his eyes. "How do you prepare nuts for eating?" he asked.

"Depends on whose nuts." Jim smiled at the youth's interest. "I'll soak these in some salt water a while, then squeeze them to get all the blood out. You have to squeeze balls in a way that if they were still attached, a man would be screaming his guts out from the pain." Jim wondered if the prospect of hurting a man between the legs made the redhead's prick any harder, like it did Jim's rod. "Then I will soak them in some vinegar, garlic and soy sauce, then ram a skewer through them and cook them for a while. The cooking time varies according to the size of the balls. Mike's would take but a few minutes, for example. These will take longer. Well worth the wait."

The redhead said nothing, just nodded. Jim looked down at the red-haired crotch with the tall pink prick and light purple head, standing at least 8 inches, Jim surmised. When he looked back at the young man's face, he realized the redhead had been watching where Jim had been looking. So what if the kid figured he is queer, Jim thought.

"Well." Jim said, smiling. "I think it's time we got to know each other. My name is Jim. Well, really James, but I hate that name. Jim is tolerable. Now let's see... you, Mr. College kid with the fancy underwear, are Mike."

Jim squatted in front of Mike and grabbed the youth's dick and shook it as if he was shaking hands. "Glad to meet you, Mike." Then he squatted before the redhead and took his stiff cock in hand and shook it. "I'm Jim, and you are...?"

"Jeff. Well, really Jeffery, but I hate that name. Jeff is tolerable," the redhead smiled.

Jim stopped shaking the prick and gently stroked his hand up and down the shaft in a tender masturbating motion. "Jeff... sounds like a redheaded boy's name." Jim continued to stroke the prick slowly. It hopped sensuously. Clear liquid bubbled up out of the piss hole. A good sign, Jim thought, but the young man said nothing and did not change his expression.

Jim stood, his own cock now standing tall and proud, and he did nothing to hide it. He headed for the carcass and took the hunting knife and started to slice the deer's belly open to gut it. He pulled a wheelbarrow into place, and with a hatchet, hacked and cut at the head and twisted it by the antlers until it broke off. He used the hatchet and hacked the antlers off with a chunk of skull, then put the head on the wheelbarrow.

"Someone will like these for a gift or something. Mount them on a piece of wood for a hat rack. I'm not going to save the deer dick, though it is probably tasty. It will be tough, though. You see, young bucks like him are just like their human counterparts - horny all the time, but they don't have a hand to jerk off with, so they hump a tree branch or something. All that abrasion makes the cock meat tougher than shoe leather."

Jim proceeded to hack off the prick, then he pushed the knife in deep enough to really open the dead animal up, and as he did, the the contents began to spill out. He started at the top near where the prick had been and sliced downward, pausing partway to fish around inside and pull a large red blob of flesh out and hack that loose. He tossed it in with the testicles to soak in the saltwater, then he cut down to the neck base.

"That is the liver. Makes an excellent meal," Jim explained. "You see, dressing a deer is not that much different from dressing a chicken or pig, or a man for that matter, except it is bigger. More guts to dispose of." He looked directly at Mike, who was looking away, not watching the proceedings, but Jeff was watching closely, his cock still stiff. Jim really wondered what made this redheaded young man tick.

He scooped the guts out with his hands and cut some parts away from the rest of the flesh, not caring that the slimy and bloody mess rolled over his body, leaving him covered with a bloody slime. Then he took the wheelbarrow off into the nearby woods to dump it out.

When he came back, he lowered the carcass and hiked what was left on his shoulder and walked away out of sight around the cabin. When he returned, he hosed himself off with a garden hose, and then sat in front of the young men.

"The guy who built this place hunted and built a small cold storage room. I can leave the carcass there a few days, then take it down and have it butchered." He produced a piece of awning cord and knelt before Mike, who cried out as Jim tied a tight knot about his cock and balls. "Now, Jeff, shimmy your butt over here." The red head did as he was told and said nothing as his nuts and hard cock were tied tightly.

The two young men were facing each other. Now there was no way they could stand without yanking their balls out. "If you will excuse me, I need to take this into the kitchen. Don't go anywhere," Jim laughed, carrying the dish with the balls and liver soaking in saltwater.

The young men looked at each other, and when Jim was gone, Mike spoke up. "What the fuck is wrong with you, man? You let that faggot bastard jerk off your dick and then tie up your balls and you fucking say nothing. What's with you? You're acting queer."

"I am going to fucking survive. Can't you see the guy is crazier than a friggin' loony bird? Stop acting like a scared little boy every time he touches you down there," Jeff said.

"It is fucking scary, man. No guy ever touches my dick but me. Being handcuffed bothers me, too. I am scared, especially of him."

"Well, you just let him play with your cock. Maybe if he can suck us both off, he will be satisfied and let us go... but you go getting him pissed at us and we will be up on that fucking rack being gutted."

"No god damn queer is going to put my dick in his mouth," Mike snapped.

"You damn well better do what ever he wants us to do. I tell you, he is fucking crazy," Jeff snapped back.

"He is crazy because he is a fucking queer."

"He would be crazy even if he wasn't a cock sucker. Hush, here he comes," Jeff whispered.

Jim set a dish down with the deer nuts in it. He started a fire in the pit with some wood chips and rolled newspaper and charcoal. "Now then, we have a few minutes to do something. Entertain ourselves in some creative way. You would agree that a blow job is the best sex." Jim looked from Mike to Jeff, and back to Mike. "You boys have had your cocks sucked off a few times, haven't you?"

"A few times," Jeff said. Mike finally nodded.

"Then you can agree a blow job is good sex." Jim pushed for an answer.

"Yeah," Jeff and Mike answered together, but not with any enthusiasm.

"Well, then I think I know how we can entertain ourselves," Jim smiled.

First Jim reached between Mike's thighs, making the youth quiver, but all Jim did was untie the string around the blond's cock and nuts. Jim played with the balls gently and stroked the cock, pealing the foreskin back to see the cock head. Then he untied the string from Jeff, who made no movement even when Jim caressed the youth's red-furred nuts and stroked his cock, which had stiffened again.

Then Jim took hold of Mike's underarms and dragged him so his head was down near Jeff's hips and lay him on his side. Then he lay Jeff down with his head going in the opposite direction so he was facing Mike's crotch. The guys knew they were in a 69 position, Mike tried to roll away.

"No. no, no. You are missing the point, Mike." Jim said, grabbing the youth's shoulders and pointing his face an inch away from the ever-stiff cock Jeff still sported. "The entertainment is going to be you two boys blowing each other."

"No way, man!" Mike shouted, now willing to take a stand and protect his manly image. "No guy is going to get queer with my cock, and I for sure am not going to do anything queer with another guy, even my best friend."

"Mike, don't get fucking macho over this shit. Do what you have to do to survive," Jeff said.

"Well, the voice of reason. I think you are both close enough so you can start sucking," Jim said.

Mike did not move. Jeff pushed his head forward until his lips almost were touching the flaccid cock draped over the youth's fat nuts. Jim watched, his own cock growing hard in anticipation of forcing these straight guys into committing gay sex on each other. After a long pause, Mike still had not moved his mouth toward the fully hard cock head, perhaps now an inch from his mouth. Jeff moved his mouth forward and his lips surrounded Mike's prick end, then he sucked. The head slithered out of the protective skin as Mike's prick hardened, and Jeff took the head into his mouth as he pressed his face against the balls.

"No! God damn it! Jeff, don't do that queer shit on me," Mike shouted as he rolled his body away, yanking his now stiff prick from the other young man's sucking mouth.

Jim's massive cock was now fully hard. He squatted over Mike so his balls dangled over the youth's face. Jim grasped Mike's head and twisted it toward Jeff, causing the young man to turn back so he faced Jeff's boner. "I would suggest you start cock sucking now and let Jeff do what he needs to do." Jim's voice was low toned and menacing.

"No, please, please, no. Don't make me do this. I'll puke all over him," Mike said, now sobbing.

Jim wedged his knee against Mike's neck so the young man could not roll away this time. He took Jeff's long hard cock in his hand and pushed it against Mike's tightly closed mouth, rubbing the pre-cum it was leaking over the lips. He slapped the hard cock against Mike's face several times when it became clear the youth had no intention of opening his mouth.

"You are disappointing me, boy, I do enjoy a cock sucking entertainment," Jim said as he stood.

"Don't be a fuck up, Mike. Only you and me will know," Jeff said. Then he sucked Mike's hard prick into his mouth again. This time Mike did not roll away, but his body shook in fear. His own cock was betraying him.

"That's more like it," Jim said as he tended to the fire in the stone pit next to the deer gutting hoist.

Alongside were some metal pipes. Jim set one pipe with a "Y" on the top end on ether side of the fire pit. "You keep on blowing him, Jeff, and I'll tend to our dinner. Those balls should be about ready for cooking."

Jeff continued to suck, and Mike's prick responded as any healthy young man's cock would, even if he did not like the idea of being sucked on by another man. As the prick stiffened to full hardness, becoming almost Jeff's equal in size, Jeff let more and more of the cock out of his mouth so that, by the time Mike's dick was totally hard, all Jeff had in his mouth was the head.

Jeff slurped, sucked, licked with his tongue. He parted his lips enough so the saliva his mouth was producing could drool out; he did not want to swallow any that had been on Mike's sweaty cock. He already knew what he would do if Mike actually shot off. He had seen enough porn flicks to know the girls never swallowed the cum loads. He sure was not going to.

Jim got the deer balls and closed the scrotum shut with some string to keep the juices inside, he explained as he prepared the meal. Then he rammed a large skewer through both of the grapefruit sized balls, then set the skewer on the crotch of the "Y" on the top of the poles on either side of the fire pit. Then he knelt down by Mike's face and Jeff's hard cock.

"Well, if you won't do him, I will. This boy has been in need of a blow job for hours, and I am not so cruel as to make him wait longer," Jim said. "Now watch and see how simple it is."

Mike watched, but more like he was watching an accident or something unpleasant, yet he could not turn away. Jim spread Jeff's legs wide and gathered the thick long prick into his hand. He began by giving head and slowly going down the shaft, allowing more and more saliva to flow from his mouth until he had consumed the whole thing and his nose was buried in the red pubes.

Then Jim started a slow and easy motion of moving his face up and down from the red-furred crotch, sucking on the cock all the time whether he was letting it glide out or going down on the magnificent prick. Jeff continued to suck Mike's cock head, slurping and letting a large amount of spit glide down the cock shaft and flood Mike's pubes and balls with saliva that formed a puddle under him.

The balls cooked, making a snapping sound as juice dripped from the sack where the skewers were rammed through, dropping into the fire. The air was filled with the pleasant scent of cooking meat, and both of the young men began to feel hunger, now reminded they had not eaten in quite a while.

It didn't take long for Jeff to be ready. His cock had been stiff and his full balls excited for hours, and the juice quickly boiled up from his nuts and blasted out into Jim's sucking mouth. He swallowed all the rich man cum. Jeff moaned loudly, showing his pleasure at being blown. He almost let Mike's cock head slip out from his lips, but he managed not to lose the boner.

Jim stood and watched as Mike became ready to shoot off himself. The balls were nearly cooked; the entertainment would end just before dinner. Then mike grunted and moaned a low long sound. Unlike Jeff's pleasure sound, this was mournful, sad noise.

Jeff let the cock out of his mouth and closed his lips tightly as the cum loads spurted out onto his face, streaming jets of hot thick cream over his mouth and up alongside his nose and left cheek, and more drooled off his chin. Then the cock slipped away from Jeff's face and drooled out the last of the man juice onto Mike's thigh.

Jim contemplated jerking off and shooting his wads into Mike's face for punishment because he had not sucked off his buddy, but Jim had the fun of doing that. He would punish Mike in a different way later, one that would still involve Jim getting off a load of cum.

"That was very good," Jim said, patting Jeff's head like he was a good doggy, then bending down and licking the streaks of cum from the young man's face. Jeff did not protest the tongue so close to his mouth. Jim then sucked the last of the juice from Mike's softening cock. "Well, dinner is ready."

Jim quickly brought a small folding table with two paper plates and bottles of beer. He removed the skewer, and with a fork, pushed the cooked nuts off onto the table where he sliced the bag open and cut out the round meaty testicles. He placed one on each plate and cut them up into bite sized pieces, then helped each young man back into a seated position.

He squatted beside Mike and took a piece of the cooked testicle and offered it to the youth who shook his head no and clenched his teeth tightly shut. Jim offered a second piece and again Mike refused.

"That is very impolite." Jim said.

"Keeping us as your prisoners and forcing us into sex is also impolite," Mike answered, again finding the nerve to speak up and the lack of sense to keep quiet.

"You will eat this god damn meat!" Jim shouted, losing patience. He grabbed Mike's ball bag and lifted him up by the nuts, which flopped the young man onto his back, hurting his shoulders because of the cuffed wrists, and as Mike's mouth opened with a loud scream of agony, Jim stuffed several pieces of the cut-up deer testicle in. Mike gagged and spit it out. Jim held onto the young man's balls and lifted Mike's butt off the ground, causing more screaming. He shoved more meat into Mike's open mouth. Jim set the paper plate down and began to pound the balls trapped in his grip, smashing his fist into the nuts several times.

"Ok! OK! Aaaghhh..." Mike shrieked and bucked his body about, hurting himself in a futile attempt to escape the nut pounding. Then the spat-out pieces of meat were stuffed back into the open, screaming mouth along with some dirt.

Mike chewed in total fright, crying and sobbing as Jim continued to hold the young man's nuts. When Mike swallowed the deer balls, he cried out, then turned his face away and puked. Jim squeezed the young man's balls extra hard, bringing an agonized shriek, then dropped them.

"You ain't worth shit, boy."

Mike had doubled up on his side, gasping from the extreme pain between his legs that was radiating up his belly and chest and down his legs, nearly paralyzing him.

Jim took the other plate and sat cross-legged as Jeff sat in front of the redheaded youth. He smiled and stroked Jeff's ever-stiff cock. Without a word, Jim picked up some meat in his fingers and put it next to Jeff's mouth. Without protest, Jeff allowed himself to be fed. When he had chewed the food and swallowed, he opened his mouth for more, Jim stuffed more in.

"I'm a little dry. Can I have a drink?" Jeff asked as he swallowed.

"Oh, yes, I forgot about the beer." Jim reached up to the table and opened a bottle and held it to Jeff's mouth and tilted it so the young man could drink. "I assume you are 21. I would hate to break the law by giving beer to a minor."

Jeff nodded, then choked a little, and Jim removed the bottle. Beer drooled down Jeff's chin and neck. "Thanks."

> "You like the cooked balls?"

"Yeah, sort of like a buffalo burger I once had," Jeff said.

Jim fed the rest of the meat to the redhead, occasionally stroking the hard cock, squeezing the head so the lubricant juice bubbled out. He gave him another drink of beer. "You sure are different from your friend," he observed.

"Yeah, I guess I am different."

Jim sucked on the cock head again, then released it. "What keeps your prick so nice and hard?"

Jeff sighed. "Don't know. Like I said, I am different. Not sure of the reason."

"Well, it's time for me to do what needs to be done." Jim said, standing and stroking his own cock, hard in anticipation of the pleasure he was about to enjoy. Jeff watched closely.

"Don't make him hurt too much. Do it fast," Jeff said, looking beyond Jim to Mike, who still lay in a fetal position, softly sniveling, his face wrinkled in pain and streaked with tears.

"It will take as long as it needs to take. You know that. It will hurt as much as he feels pain. We all feel pain differently," Jim said. Jeff nodded and looked at the ground, knowing he had spoken for Mike.

Jeff knew the end was near for his buddy. He had tried to make it an easy end, but he knew it would not be. The worse pain must be for Mike, knowing he was about to die, and nothing could stop that from happening.

Jim moved a small, round backyard barbecue grill over near the chain hoist. In the grass, he poked around where he seemed to keep things used out here. He found a couple of large steel hooks with rings in one end and sharp points on the upcurved end. He went over to Mike and took hold of the chain between the cuffs and dragged him under the chain hoist. Mike screamed until his voice broke as he lay on his back, looking up at the chain hoist.

Mike cried and sobbed, talking in a jibberish no one could understand, but the voice tone was shaking and pleading. Jim sat on the young man's belly, causing more pain in the shoulders and arms trapped between Mike's back and the ground. He showed the first hook to Mike, who did not seem to understand. His voice rose to a loud bellow when Jim shoved the pointed hook into the left pectoral muscle and shoved hard, cracking through a couple of ribs until it was secure. Mike twisted and shouted, his body shaking with the pain. The other hook was shoved into the right pectoral muscle, then the rings were held together and the hook on the end of the chain hoist was slipped through.

Jim stood, his cock stiffer than before. He pulled in the chain slowly, raising Mike to a standing position, his toes just touching the ground. Jim started a charcoal fire in the round barbecue, then picked up a hinged grid-like grill cover and set that nearby. Then he picked up four long skewers.

Mike was wailing and twisting as Jim grasped the young man's nuts, squeezing the bag so the balls were forced down to the end of the scrotum. He rammed the skewer though the balls with one fast movement. Mike gasped and screamed. Jim quickly pushed the next skewer up through the youth's cock, shoving it in deep until it was stopped by the pubic bone. The other two skewers were pushed through the cock, one in the middle of the shaft, the other through the cock head.

Jim took the grill grid and opened it so that the two pieces hinged together allowed the skewered cock and balls to rest between them. Then he closed the grid, crushing the cock and balls. This held them in place, and the skewers prevented them from shrinking so they would cook evenly. Then he pushed the barbecue up to Mike's thighs, causing the youth to scream anew from the pain of the hot metal. Then his cock and balls were locked in place over the charcoal flames.

Jim sat next to Jeff. He smiled and stroked Jeff's boner and his own. "Great watching a man suffer while he becomes your dinner."

Jeff said nothing. He just watched what he never believed he would actually see.

Mike still twisted and was groaning loudly, but his cock and nuts were firmly in place, cooking. Jim said no more, enjoying the sounds Mike was making. They became softer as the young man began to die. Blood was drooling down his chest from the holes around the hooks, It ran in small rivers over the youth's belly and down his legs into a puddle off his toes. Being hung in that position made breathing difficult, and eventually Mike would suffocate.

"I like my man meat rather rare," Jim said as he stood. He lifted the grid and twisted it about several times. Mike made no reaction. Jim pulled on the chain, lifting Mike up so his crotch was about the same height as Jim's face. The young man seemed to revive as his body was stretched. He moaned and looked down as Jim removed the grid and yanked out the skewers from his cock and balls.

"Wh... wh... what are you doing to me? What ha... ha... have you done?" Mike asked in a shaky voice.

Jim licked the cock head, then went down on it, twisting his head about. Mike watched, his eyes widening, not able to feel anything, but he could see Jim's teeth gnawing at his prick. Then Jim stood back, chewing.

"Oh, my god. What the fuck is he doing, Jeff?" Mike called out in a sudden burst of energy.

"He's eating you, man. Eating your cock," Jeff quietly answered, watching intently, his prick still tall and wet on the head.

Mike looked down at Jim still chewing, then swallowing. He watched and tried to move his body away as Jim clamped his teeth down on the middle of the cock shaft. He bit off another chunk of the young man's once proud dick. Mike wailed, realizing his cock and balls must have been cooked to be eaten this way and him not feel it. Jim took one last bite, sinking his teeth into the top of the scrotum and the base of the cock near where there once had been a thick bush of blond pubic fur, all burned away in the cooking.

The young man's head rolled back and dangled down as if he were dead, but his chest still moved in a labored way. Jim sliced the balls free from the hanging body and set them on the table, then lowered the hanging man so his toes once more touched the ground, making breathing easier, Mike could suffer longer, feel the agony of what was about to happen next.

Jim took the large knife he had used to butcher the deer and plunged it in to the hilt in the opening where the cock and balls had been hanging. He lifted up and sliced the blade through Mike's belly up to his sternum. As the skin parted, guts began to billow out along with body fluid, blood and organs. Mike's head sprang up, his eyes wide open in fear and unspeakable pain, then the head tilted back and he gasped and let out a long low groan as his lungs emptied.

Jim picked up the nuts from the table and sat next to Jeff, holding the cooked balls in his hand. "By the time I finish eating, his guts should all have spilled out. There is an eight foot long skewer over there and I will push it through him and roast the rest of him tonight. Human flesh keeps better if it is cooked."

Jeff said nothing; his cock was unchanged. He watched Mike closely, no longer seeing any signs of breathing from his friend. "You do this often?" he asked Jim.

"Only when the opportunity arises. Guys hitchhiking, or trespassing, or drinking a little too much in a bar. I'm an opportunist." Jim tore the scrotum away with his teeth, revealing a bright pink ball that looked like cooked pork. "Tastes like chicken skin, fried crisp. Here, have some."

"If you don't mind, I'll pass, him being my friend and all," Jeff said.

"You never know if you will live long enough to have the opportunity to taste the unique flavor of a man's testicle," Jim said, holding a section of the ball under Jeff's nose.

"I'm a survivor. I may get that chance again."

"If you are a survivor, you'll do what it takes to survive," Jim said, pushing the nut toward Jeff's closed mouth. The redhead's lips parted and he took a portion of Mike's cooked ball into his mouth and chewed it slowly, like he was savoring the flavor, then he swallowed. Jim smiled and said nothing, finishing the other ball and its crispy skin.

Jim took a drink of beer and put the bottle to Jeff's mouth and poured until the young man spilled beer out over his chin. He squatted down and caressed Jeff's large balls and stroked the hard cock like he was going to jerk Jeff off. "I bet you will do a lot to survive." Then he forced his mouth over Jeff's and pushed his tongue up inside and spit into Jeff's mouth. "You will do just about anything I tell you to do." Jim walked over to Mike's hanging corpse laughing, knowing what his ultimate sexual passion was, and that Jeff was going to share that passion to survive at least the night.

Jim took a ring of keys from the table and unlocked the cuffs holding Mikes arms behind him, and set them on the table with the keys. He cut away intestines and other unwanted body parts, and then lowered Mike to the ground and removed the meat hooks. He dragged the body away from the pile of guts, already attracting flies. Then he helped Jeff to his feet and stood him by the table.

"I have never done this before... that is, shared my fetish, but I suspect that if you don't share my pleasure, you will still join me to survive." Jim laughed again.

He placed Jeff on his knees with his balls lying over Mike's face. Jim straddled Mike's round dimpled butt, and Jeff realized he had known all along what the fetish was. Jim stroked some spit on his dick, then inserted it into Mike's dead asshole and shoved in so his pubic hair was crushed to Mike's ass. Then he leaned forward and positioned Mike's face so his mouth would surround the hard cock Jeff still had. Without an order from Jim, Jeff pushed his prick in deep, feeling his cock head enter Mike's dead, not flexing throat.

"You catch on quick. I knew you would go along with this, giving me a real show to watch - someone else getting off on a dead body," Jim said as he started to fuck Mike's ass.

Jeff moved his hips slowly, easing his giant cock in and out of the throat, the lips loosely closed about him, still-warm saliva inside the mouth, making it feel much like any blow job, except the tongue was not moving and there was no flexing of the throat or suction. Jeff fucked the dead mouth while watching JIm.

The redhead watched with blank expression. His hips moved slow and easy so he would not cum too soon. He moaned softly as if in pleasure, but unknown to Jim, Jeff was concentrating on finding the handcuff key from the ring he had picked up while standing by the table.

Jim's passion was growing. His hips moved faster as his cock reamed out the dead anus. He reached out and placed his hands on Jeff's shoulders and kissed the young man on the mouth. Jeff kissed back, sucking on Jim's tongue passionately while working the key into the lock, painfully twisting his fingers about, turning the key, then feeling the steel claw opening.

They both were panting, very near to shooting off. Then Jim cried out and his hips froze as he spurted his cum load deep into the dead man's rectum. Jeff's left hand was now free, and he too started shooting off, sending jolts of hot cum down the dead throat. Jeff closed his eyes in the pleasure of orgasm, breathing heavy and fast. At the same time, he raised both arms and smashed his hands that were holding the metal cuffs down onto the back of Jim's neck, smashing the neck several times with all the strength he could muster, making a crunching noise.

Jim looked up at Jeff with a surprised and shocked expression, then his eyes rolled back and his face slid down Jeff's belly to his crotch, and as Jeff removed his spent cock from Mike's mouth, it dragged across Jim's face, leaving a snail trail of cum. The young man moved quickly, removing the other cuff and dragging Jim by his balls over near the fire pit. Jim moaned.

Jeff grasped the man's nuts and lifted him up and tossed him onto his back. Jim grunted and seemed to wildly reach for his injured nuts, his arms flailing about uncontrollably. Jeff kicked the hands away. He stood and waited for Jim to really wake up, then he stomped hard on the man's crotch, crushing the balls and cock, breaking the pubic bone, and causing as much pain as he could in a frenzy of kicking and stomping.

When he stopped, Jim tried to curl up, screaming in agony, attempting to clutch his balls. Jeff straddled the man's chest. "That was for Mike. He wasn't much of a man, I guess, but he didn't deserve the end you gave him. I am a survivor, and I will do whatever it takes, including killing you. But as for the rest of it, well, let's just say, I am different."

The redheaded young man stood, and Jim could see the prick was still hard, sticking out in front. Jeff started to piss, and directed the stream into Jim's face. The man turned his head away, but each time, Jeff's urine stream followed until he was empty.

"Now I am going to do what has to be done," Jeff said.

"Please..." gasped Jim. "You must have busted something in my neck, I can't move my legs or arms. I feel them and feel the pain in my balls, but..."

"Well, at least you can feel pain," Jeff said.

First Jeff dumped the still-burning charcoal into the far side of fire pit, then he gathered some wood from a nearby pile and crisscrossed several sticks over the charcoal to make a longer lasting, brighter fire, as it was getting dark. In the grass, he found a length of pipe which he laid across Jim's belly and chest. Then he used a clothesline he cut down from the back of the cabin and tied Jim's hands and wrists to the pipe.

"What are you doing, man?" Jim asked. "I'm injured, maybe paralized. I need a doctor." Jeff remained silent.

Then he lifted the knees into a bent position and tied them to the pipe, and finally secured Jim's feet and ankles as well.

"Don't fucking cook me alive, please," Jim begged.

"I have no intention of doing that. It would be too good for you." Jeff answered, otherwise ignoring the little grunts and whimpers Jim was making as the fire began to heat his skin and make him sweat.

The redhead found the longer pipe, which was the skewer Jim had mentioned. Jeff held the pipe with one end on the ground and used the hatchet to hack burrs into the pipe on all sides. He hacked at it for some time until razor sharp pieces of steel were sticking out in all directions, each blow creating sparks that stung Jeff's skin, a pain that added to his excitement. Then he laid the pointed end in the fire.

"It may not take as long for you to die as it would if you roasted to death, but this will be far more painful," Jeff said, stroking his long stiff cock as he stood by Jim's face, letting the man see the hard prick ready for sex. Jim reached feebly with his mouth open for the cock as Jeff teased him.

"Take me down from here and let me suck it. I'll give you the best god damned blow job you ever had," Jim pleaded.

"No, maybe later, but you won't know it is happening. But my cock is the last thing you will see," Jeff said, and he stabbed the butcher knife into each eye. Jim screamed.

Jeff got behind Jim with the skewer and pushed it into the man's asshole, causing the hot steel to sizzle on asshole moisture and burn enough so a whiff of smoke curled up between Jim's legs. Jim wailed, understanding how he would die. Jeff pushed more, sending over a foot of steel up into the man's rectum.

Jim screamed; his body shook and twisted slightly. Jeff pushed harder, the sharp burrs tearing at the tender rectum tissue with each inch of pipe that was shoved in. By the time three feet of pipe was inside, Jim was no longer moving, still breathing shallow little breaths, making soft whimpering sounds. The pipe hit a barrier Jeff knew to be the diaphragm. He pulled the pipe back a foot, making the man swing some, then he rammed hard and the pointed end broke through. Jim no longer breathed.

The dead man's head dangled down and Jeff easily threaded the pipe up through the chest and into the esophagus, and because of the way the head hung down, the point, all bloody, came out of Jim's mouth. There would be no corpse fucking at either end. Jeff pushed more of the pipe through the body and tied the ends to the uprights. Then he sat beside the fire pit, studying Jim. He had done whatever it took to survive.

His cock was still standing tall against his belly as he sat by the man he had just murdered. Was it pleasure he had felt? Maybe.

Like this man, he was different in many ways, perhaps some ways he had never realized until today when Jim opened new doors of self-knowledge for him.

Would he spend the night by the fire pit, gazing upon the man he had just skewered and murdered, and would he still be here in the morning when the sun rose to illumine the body?