Cop De Jour


When he woke up, the young cop was hanging by his ankles. Naked like a side of beef. Someone had made two cuts inside his thighs, but little did he realize that's all he was, a side of beef. And while he had not been a hairy guy, even the little bit of hair he had had had been removed from him.
A rugged naked man came up to him. He told him he had come to give him a body rub. His now hairless body was sensitive to his touch. He could not understand what was happening to him as he rubbed the oil into his skin.

The young cop was so handsome and muscular. It was a pleasure for him to work his body over.
“Do you love that big juicy cock of yours??”

He nodded.
"I want to eat your cock", he whispered in his ear.
The cop's smooth hairless groin was aroused. He had been chosen for its size. It was quite large.

He began to lick the shaft. The cop’s body began to shake and his balls tightened. He broke a capsule and placed it in front of his nose. His mind began to spin as he felt the pleasure of his sucking.

"I said I want to eat your cock"
All of a sudden he began biting. His mind was alternating between the sharp pains of his teeth and the pleasure of his sucking.
"What is this man doing?" “He’s driving me wild!”
He continued biting harder and harder. The copy knew he was about to have orgasm. He sensed it too.
He grabbed the knife, and with one motion, the heavy organs were removed.

The young cop continued his orgasmic spasms, totally unaware his cock and balls were gone.
"You know," he muttered in the cop’s ear, "its best to castrate a pig before he is slaughtered!"