Elizabeth’s grand party was only a few days away and she had already thought of 20 things she should have done. She was, in fact, so harried that she decided to take a quick trip to Menele’s by herself just for diversion and for a few last minute ideas she wanted to take care of. Upon arrival, the manager who had dealt with the little disaster the previous week recognized her and placed himself at her disposal for any service she might require. She was so relieved to be surrounded by such attention to detail that she felt the stress leaving her. Uncharacteristically, she was kind to the manager, dismissing him with a smile as she said she preferred to just peruse their excellent selections. She had an idea for a leg of man she wanted to add to the food for the party and headed into the butchery section.
.As she passed through the archway, the butcher who had done her such excellent service the previous week stopped and bowed slightly, addressing her as m'Lady. Noting that she had received such pleasure from his work recently, he invited her to observe as he 'layered' a male on his table for a cold meats tray. The male was still alive, of course, The butcher told her the male needed to be skinned first,

"He has a good pelt that will make fine suede, m'Lady," he said, grinning.
Elizabeth watched with eager delight as the furry male was skinned -- alive, of course, screaming and struggling so entertainingly.

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Soon as he had the male completely skinned, the butcher began slicing paper-thin bits of his meat. Elizabeth took great relish as the butchering proceeded and the male on the block screamed in agony -- it was even more entertaining than the skinning had been. The flesh of his outer muscles was being systematically sliced into long thin strips to be rolled up with various accouterments.
When done, he asked,

"m'Lady if she had ever played catch?"
Elizabeth told him she'd been quite good at sports and that she could catch anything he could throw.
The butcher replied,

"M'Lady misunderstands, I would never presume to actually throw anything at you. What I am referring to is the male over here standing by the block. I must de-cock him and wondered if you would like to attempt the catch?" Quickly, he added, "strictly for sport, m'Lady. The way I take a cock removes it cleanly and quite speedily. Also, you're apt to get a bit of blood on you, so be careful if you choose to attempt it."
Elizabeth bristled a bit,
"ATTEMPT? My man, I shall catch any part you care to send in my direction!"
The butcher grinned,
"YES, m'Lady! Prepare yourself."
He took the line tied to the head of the males cock and stretched it tightly across the table.

Taking careful aim, the butcher cleanly brought his cleaver down, just shaving the hair on the belly of the male, cleanly severing the penis and balls at the base. The tension in the cord, suddenly released, brought the genitalia flying across the table toward Elizabeth. As it came toward her, she snatched it cleanly out of the air, allowing the blood to stop at her hand. Grinning, she held it up as the butcher bowed deeply, "VERY good, m'Lady!"

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After she'd had a chance to clean her hands, Elizabeth arranged for the butcher to cut a grade A leg from a male and watched as it was taken from him, alive of course. The butcher, rather than using a cleaver or such which would make things dull, put the male on the carcass-ripping table. The three-foot blade went through as a hot knife through butter. The male put on an excellent show, briefly. The butcher had taken the blade past the leg into the abdominal area and the male expired, after a short but absolutely wonderful series of shrieks

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She arranged for her leg of man to be prepared and sent along with the rest of her order then picked up her duo and was in the cross country air space within minutes. Satisfied and somewhat refreshed, she set the car on autopilot and napped most of the way home.

When she arrived home, Maureen had left 3 messages with her service in just over 2 hours. Elizabeth called her up and caught her coming out of the shower.

"What in the world? What could be so important that you called me every 10 minutes?"
Maureen replied cryptically,
"It wasn't every ten minutes and if that's your nasty attitude, I won't tell you what will guarantee the Duchess will love your party!"
"What are you talking about?" Elizabeth asked.

"Oh, sorry about the 'ten minute' crack. Now, GIVE! What do you mean guarantee?"

"Well, ok. I would have told you anyway. This is too good to pass up! I play bridge on occasion with a historian who is doing biographical research on the Duchess and her entire royal line!"

Maureen told Elizabeth that, when she was a teenager, the Duchess had been sent as representative of her realm to an ancient and totally isolated area in the Alps. This was by special invitation to the governing families of selected countries or realms only. The teenage heir had spent the entire summer among these reclusive women, learning their governmental and sociological structures. They had opened their border, which heretofore had been impenetrable, to selected 'enlightened' societies where Femdom had come to the forefront. This action had ended more than two millennia of isolation whereby most of the world knew nothing of their existence.
The young teenager learned a great deal about them and their make up, bringing such knowledge back to her country then implementing a great deal of what she had learned once she came to power. Her realm made such rapid progress in systems for and the means to the total domination and subjugation of males that it was used as a pattern all over the continent. Eventually it crossed the Atlantic and was the basis for the election of President Hillary and subsequently her reign as Queen. As Maureen continued to fill in the details, Elizabeth got the idea of a lifetime and ran to the phone, leaving Maureen still talking.

The night of the party, the Duchess was fashionably late, arriving nearly an hour after the festivities began. Her entrance was predictably grand, with fanfare and attendants flanking the entrance foyer as her grace swept in, capturing all eyes. She was the epitome of formality and decorum, even her ball gown seemed to be standing at attention as the grand lady seemed to float down the staircase to the main floor. As custom dictated, Maureen waited off to the side as the matriarch descended.

When she had completed the initial introductions, Elizabeth escorted the Duchess and her party to their seats at the head table. Once seated, the room came to life again with small talk the leisure activity occurring around the serving tables. As she had suspected and as Maureen had alerted her, the Duchess was only mildly entertained, making polite remarks during the evening. Elizabeth thought to herself, 'the woman is insufferable! If Maureen had not had the most fortunate good luck learning about the Duchess' childhood, the woman would no doubt have nothing good to say about all the extreme expense and measures Elizabeth had gone to. Her "Dignity" just wasn't getting into the spirit of things,
That is, she wasn't into the spirit until Maureen and Elizabeth escorted her to the main garden toward the rear of the property. The part was starting to wind down and Elizabeth knew 'her grace' would decide to leave at any moment so the two women went into action. As the Duchess exited into the garden between the two women, her eyes fell on something out of the past, something very special. A cart full of young studs were being spun on the 'merry-go-round she had seen in her youth. The young lads kicked and danced on the end of the ropes around their necks to the high country music of their home.

Stretched out overhead was a lean muscular stud, looking down on them as they entered the garden. He was quite obviously in a great deal of pain due to the extreme tautness of the lines holding him up which brought a smile to the Duchess as she paused to look at him.
There was a very touching and wonderful reunion for the Duchess. Maureen had arranged not only for some of the women to come with a large compliment of the males, she had discovered which girl the Duchess had been most taken with during her stay. The girl was now a woman of the same age as the Duchess and had readily agreed to venture outside her home for this very special reuniting.
Her name was Dulcea and she was now the Chief of Military Training and Operations for here realm. When the strange woman in the strange garb of full battle armour first approached, the Dutchess was puzzled. As Dulcea sheathed her lance of office in the appropriate 'receptacle' of a male positioned for the task, she knelt and said,

"Do we forget after only these few short decades, 'Ariel'?"
The Duchess stared for a moment then with a broad grin and tears flowing, ran and embraced the friend of her youth. 'Ariel' was the name Dulcea had bestowed upon her when she had to return home. Ariel was a form of 'angel' in their language and Dulcea had said the Duchess reminded her of one because of her golden hair. The Duchess had dubbed Dulcea 'Raven' because of her thick black hair. They used their bestowed names throughout the remainder of the party.
The two old friends were brought back to the party by the screams of a male which Elizabeth and Maureen were preparing for 'fries'. The Duchess actually squealed like a schoolgirl as the males, brought just for the Duchess, were led out and arranged. They were in various forms of restraint so the ladies might 'peel and eat' to their hearts content.

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As much fun as the 'fries' were, the hit of the evening was the challenge brought by Dulcea/Raven. She had brought along a particularly healthy male and proposed a competition between the two realms. Winner taking honor and glory home with them. The Duchess thought it was a wonderful idea and was overwhelmed when Dulcea announced it was a 'greased man contest', all would participate!
The.male.was brought forth, already thoroughly coated with lard, and released on the enclosed estate. The next half hour or so there was absolute pandemonium as ball gowns were discarded and the women jumped, chased, elbowed each other, grabbed the male only to slide off and generally squeal with childish delight.
It was the Duchess herself who finally managed to take the ribbon from the male's neck after cornering him and managing to pin him to the ground. She personally took his 'fires' as her personal reward and declared that the victory won by her realm was made possible only by the heart and generosity of Dulcea's home. The two women cried like babies with joy.

Unlike most formal affairs, the Duchess and many of the guests were still there after three in the morning. The occasion had been so joyous that nobody cared to leave. As she held her old friend’s hand, the Duchess tearfully thanked Maureen for the most wonderful party she'd ever attended. The Duchess told her that she wished to talk to her privilly the next day or two, there was very likely to be a 'sudden' abdication of one of the lesser posts in her family because of loss of favor with the Duchess. She hinted that Maureen would be perfect to replace the errant member of the royal family.

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The following day, Maureen and Elizabeth were out by the pool reminiscing about the previous nights' incredible success when a large wooden crate arrived. The card simply read, 'Enjoy!' signed 'the Duchess'.
Upon opening the crate, Elizabeth was overwhelmed to find one of the most perfect male specimens she'd ever seen, trussed up and dangling from a rope in the center of the box. The two women gave each other a rather evil look as a most worried expression came over the male's face. 'Today isn't going to be as relaxing as I had thought', Elizabeth said to herself as she reached in and grabbed the hunk by the cock.