After a DISMAL Summer of low flowing irrigation, we decided to investigate.

With phone help from SRP, we located an unknown Irrigation cleanout gate.

15 years we've lived here, and never knew the cleanout was there!

Here is a pictorial story of how we cleaned out, the cleanout.

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First: Locate the problem. In our case during several irrigation runs, we narrowed it down to a certain section. Then with the phone help of SRP discovered there was a cleanout in the back of the church parking lot!

This is AFTER Clearing away a dumpster of weeds and growth.

Sure doesn't LOOK like a 'cleanout'!

So on this first trip, I just reached in, and grabbed out what I could.

Having the camera allowed me to reach WAY Down, and snap shots of the inside of each drain.

After a trip to home depot, this is our second day of removing debris.
The most valuable tools were
1) The Pinchers/Grabber thing,
2) The dust bucket on a stick
3) a floor tile remover
4) a long handled spachula and mostly
5) the camera to SEE into the tunnels.

The Pinchers/Grabber thing

The long handled spachula to DRAG out items from the pipe.
I also used the Pincher/Grabber thing to 'blindly' reach in and pull out what I could...


After. Not perfect, but as good as we can get.


After. Again: Not perfect, but it'll do.
Before and After!
Of course I will install a heavy wire screen before the first irrigation run...

The debris removed on the second trip with the Pincher/Grabber things, and the DustBucket on a Stick.

To top it off, I cut a 3/4" Piece of plywood as a cover.
We'll check this annually, and repaint/replace the wood cover as needed.
Thanks for watching! Hope it helps.
Thanks for watching! Hope it helps.