Historical NewsClippings and Documents

This video was apparently produced by Phoenix in the late 80s.
It was filmed at Jan's house and Amy's house (pre-Jan and Amy).
It is a look at Historic Preservation and why Phoenix Homesteads came to be.

(Click image below to play video, this is a large file and will take some time)

We have a GREAT new 'Historic American Landscape Survey'
for Phoenix Historic Homesteads!!

All work has been done by volunteers committed to the recognition and preservation of historic landscapes. Much of the work has been completed by students under the supervision of members of the American Society of Landscape Architects.

View Phoenix Homesteads Survey HERE

More surveys can be found HERE

This is a 144 page word document, that is almost 60meg Large.
It's best to 'Save' the word document to your computer for viewing.
Click on above white text to 'Save' file.

We also have a new treat for you! While the Creighton School is NOT In our neighborhood,
the offices are. So this is three segments of 16mm historic film.

Clip 1 is from 1936 (click on 'CSD 1936' below)
Clip 2 is from 1950 about 'Safety' (click on 'Safety' below)
Clip 3 is misc. footage from 1951 (click on 'Misc' below)


 These pictures documents have been provided by the ASU Hayden Library, Arizona Collection.
These, and many more documents of our own Phoenix Homestead Association history can be found there.

I want to thank them for loaning these precious moments in history to us for our website.

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This is an article from the AZ Republic, in 1974.


A newsletter from 1989, that someone spent alot of effort on...

A document marking our neighborhood as a Historic District


This is the second annual Luminaria Festival Flier!

We're still doing this, and going strong!!!

What a lovely, magical night this is, for all these years!

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This is an 'Agreement to Purchase Land' from 1936!

You'll never believe what a home was worth then.

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This is an article from 1994!

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Here's a newspaper article from July 2000!

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This is a recent article Focusing on our Wonderful Neighborhood!!!