Arlene and Robert Whitlatch Photograph Gallery

Many pictures of 2621 E. Pinchot Avenue, and the surrounding area.

Arlene (nee Gray) and Robert Whitlatch were long-time residents of the Phoenix Homesteads neighborhood, living in the house in which she grew up.

Arlene Whitlatch's parents Louis M. and Pansy Gray, were original residents of the Phoenix Homesteads neighborhood, living in the house at 2621 E. Pinchot Avenue. Below are photographs of the family home, exteriors and interiors, the semi-rural neighborhood, and their two sons Paul and Roy and daughter Arlene (b. 1939). Many show Arlene with dolls and pets, at parties, and in her playhouse.

Pansy Gray was the photographer for most of the images; her son became a professional photographer as an adult and some of the images are by him.

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Looking North (from 2621 E. Pinchot) to open fields. Horses Tonto and Jep, with Allen, Pansy's brother.

Look how small the HUGE pine trees were back in the 30's!

2621 E. Pinchot, front view. The house is only a couple years old here.

2621 E. Pinchot... several years old here, as apparant by the tree growth.

2621 E. Pinchot.

Paul, Roy, Arlene, Pansy, and Louis with Allen (Pansy's brother) and horses Tonto and Jep.

Portrait of Roy. Solar water heater visible on roof.

Looking West, South-West.

Arlene hanging out doll clothes to dry.

Arlene playing with dogs in her front yard. The 2632 E. Pinchot house across the street is in the background.

Paul Gray witting with dog skippie, Roy Gray standing, holding the cat Pinky. Ca. 1939

Backyard looking northeast, showing the house next door, a Ford Model 'A', and a horse with plough.

Backyard, looking South, 1940's.

In the backyard. Arlene, Roy and Paul Gray on horses Tonto and Jep.

Looking East down Pinchot, 1940s.

Arlene playing the piano inside her house at 2621 E. Pinchot.