"SINGING COWPOKE" M/M, o&a humor, outdoors

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by Felix Lance Falkon

"Oh, this is number ten,
and I dive into your den,
Roll me over, lay me down, and do it again . . ."

Tim heard Dusty's deep bass voice gurgle to a stop. From his
perch, sitting on the edge of the horse-trough, he watched Dusty
sink beneath the water and bubble under the surface for a moment,
then come out of the water with a lunge which brought that
muscular blond to sit on the edge of the trough and which sloshed
cold water over Tim's body. The pair of naked cowboys finished
the song together:

"Ro-o-oll me over, in the clover,
Roll me over, lay me down, and do it again."

Tim asked, "How does the rest of that song go, Dusty? I've
never heard you sing it further than that."

Dusty chuckled, then said, "Gets harder after ten -- but so
does fucking. It goes on with `This is number 'leven, and I'm not
as quick as seven,' which is pretty weak. `This is number twelve,
and my cock will hardly delve' isn't much better. Teens are
hopeless; all the same rhyme, and the meter's off too. I could
skip to `This is number twenty, and I sure have had a plenty,'
but ten is a good stopping place for that fucking song."

"Fucking's about the only time you aren't singing -- I've
even heard you sing in your sleep."

"I don't know why I couldn't sing while I'm fucking," said
Dusty. "I just never tried."

"Aw, I bet you couldn't," said Tim. He stretched himself in
a prodigious yawn, feeling muscles tense and relax under his
taut, bronzed skin, and brushed his curly black hair -- still wet
from his own dip in the water -- out of his eyes. "Not while you
were shooting your load, you couldn't."

"Nothing handy to fuck around here --" Dusty gestured with a
sweep of his hands at the rolling prairie around them. But for the
cowboys' two horses grazing quietly a few yards away, the range
was empty to the horizon. "-- so, how 'bout a stake of a couple
of blow jobs if I can sing all the way through while you suck me

"You want me to put my mouth where my mouth is?" Tim asked.
He glanced down at Dusty's long, thick cock, then squeezed his
own, felt it respond with a swelling surge. "Done," Tim found
himself saying. Then, trying not to sound too eager, he added,
"Two -- hey, let's make it three. Plus, no matter who wins the
bet, you do me once to pay me back for me doing you right now."

"Okay, you're on," said Dusty, sounding -- Tim thought -- as
if he too was trying to hide his eagerness. Dusty swung his feet
away from the water, slid to the ground, slipped on his cowboy
boots, and strode over to the fence-post where his clothes hung.
He combed his blond hair, donned boots and Stetson hat, and began
to tune his guitar.

Tim slipped on his own boots and knotted a kerchief loosely
around his neck. "Do I get an accompaniment too?" he asked as he
strolled over to Dusty, whose still-wet, lightly freckled skin
glistened and sparkled in the noonday sun as he plucked at his

Dusty grinned. "Sure, why not? All I need to do now is to
stiffen up."

Tim looked over at Dusty's lengthening shaft, then down at
his own.

"You're a sight for a man-hungry gal," Dusty said, and Tim
was suddenly aware of Dusty's searching gaze as Dusty asked,
"Ever do any fucking in that costume?"

"I've worn my bandanna 'round my neck while humping
somebody, but never had my boots on too."

"There was one time -- I stripped, and then I put my boots
and hat back on, just for the Hell of it. Seemed to work -- we
wiggled and squirmed and humped and pumped, sometimes with me on
top and sometimes on the bottom -- anyway, I lost track of how
many times we made it that night." Dusty looked down his flat
stomach at his genitals again; his long shaft jutted out from his
hips now, the tip rising in throbs and quivers as he and Tim
watched. Dusty twitched that shaft a couple of times, struck a
chord on his guitar, and began to sing:

"That mouth of yours, please open up,
sing fuckety suckety fin,
That mouth of yours, now open up,
upon my cream you will soon sup,
I'll pump to you more than a cup,
I'll fill you right up to the brim,
the brim,
I'll fill you right up to the brim."

Dusty glanced over at Tim's prong again, which now stood
stiffly erect, rising in a smooth, strong curve from a clump of
tightly curled black hair. "Looks like you're ready for your blow
job already," Dusty said with a chuckle.

Tim reached down, stroked his own stiff prong; carefully
licked his lips, then knelt at Dusty's feet. He took Dusty's
quivering prong in one hand, opened his mouth, and drew the broad
glans to him.

Dusty began the next verse:

"Your tongue against my prong I feel,
sing fuckety suckety fin,
Your tongue against my cock I feel,
it rubs against me like an eel,
For you to lick your coming meal,
Is a very good way to begin,
Is a very good way to begin.

"My glans into your mouth you've placed,
sing fuckety suckety fin,
My glans between your teeth you've placed,
I don't know yet how I will taste,
If I taste good, then please make haste,
And suck all the rest of it in,
it in,
And suck all the rest of it in.

"Another inch I will now insert,
sing fuckety suckety fin,
Another inch will I now insert,
continue to suck and be alert,
There's more to come, a fine dessert,
To the hilt I will soon drive on in,
on in,
To the hilt I will soon drive on in.

"My testicles now near your mouth,
sing fuckety suckety fin,
My testicles now touch your mouth,
and it is not at all uncouth,
To pull them snug against a tooth,
And beat a tattoo on your chin,
your chin,
And beat a tattoo on your chin."

Tim pulled his head back and looked up at Dusty "That was an
awful rhyme: Tooth and mouth -- ugh." Tim sucked the warm length
of man-meat into his mouth again.

"Well, if you do not like that rhyme,
sing fuckety suckety fin,
Well, if you don't quite like that rhyme,
and since you feel it's such a crime,
I will not do it one more time,
For indeed it is sort of a sin,
a sin,
For indeed it is sort of a sin.

"And as you suck this rod of mine,
sing fuckety suckety fin,
And while you suck this cock of mine,
I'll let you know just when you'll dine,
I'll give a neat and simple sign,
To come I'll ram all of me in,
me in,
To come I'll ram all of me in.

"To lose this shaft I would rather not,
sing fuckety suckety fin,
To lose my cock I would rather not,
and even though you get quite hot,
Be careful please, it's all I've got,
Don't bite or you'll scrape off the skin
the skin
Don't bite or you'll scrape off the skin

"Just now I'm feeling mighty fine,
sing fuckety suckety fin,
Just now I'm feeling mighty fine,
for this erected prong of mine,
Within that sucking mouth of thine,
A-pumping it soon will begin,
A-pumping it soon will begin.

"I really think you are the most,
sing fuckety suckety fin,
I really think you're quite the most,
for as your suction thrills my post,
I think my balls will surely roast,
They are in a wonderful spin,
-ful spin,
They are in a wonderful spin.

Tim sucked harder and settled into a careful, deliberate
pace: down to the hilt, back a few inches, down to the hilt
again. He felt Dusty respond, and Tim sucked even harder.

"Now with your tongue my prong you hone,
sing fuckety suckety fin,
Now with your tongue my spike you hone,
I feel a thrill throughout my bone,
Gonads are just such fun to own,
To think of them now makes me grin,
me grin,
To think of them now makes me grin.

"Now back and forth along the sides,
sing fuckety suckety fin,
Now to and fro along the sides,
your sucking mouth so tightly rides,
It first displays and then it hides,
A cylinder clad with my skin,
my skin,
A cylinder clad with my skin.

"My balls are big, my balls are round,
sing fuckety suckety fin,
My balls are big, they are so round,
but it's my shaft that you surround,
You make a slurping, sexy sound,
An excellent, wonderful din,
-ful din,
An excellent, wonderful din.

"My prong was merely hard at first,
sing fuckety suckety fin,
My prong was merely hard at first,
but now it's hard enough to burst,
I'm sure it will fill up your thirst,
But it will not taste much like gin,
like gin,
But it will not taste much like gin.

"My time to come is mighty near,
sing fuckety suckety fin,
My time to come is all too near,
I feel the cream collecting here,
It feels quite hot enough to sear,
And I am so warm now within,
And I am so warm now within.

"Now is the climax of my theme,
sing fuckety suckety fin,
Now comes the climax of my theme,
be ready now to take my cream,
As from my prong now jets a stream,
To come now I soon will begin,
To come now I soon will begin.

"It's pumping forth, it's squirting out,
sing fuckety suckety fin,
It's spurting forth, it's jetting out,
it's flowing fast without a doubt,
Yet more's to come by that same route,
Don't stop now, suck all of it in,
it in,
Don't stop now, suck all of it in."

As Tim sucked and swallowed and sucked for more of Dusty's
slippery juices, Tim felt and saw the muscles of Dusty's body
tense into sharp relief; saw Dusty's chest heave. Dusty gasped
once, then went on with the next verse:

"A few more spurts, with lesser force,
sing fuckety suckety fin,
A few more spurts, with much less force,
there's not much more left at the source,
I think I could send coded Morse,
Unless it is to you foreign,
Unless it is to you foreign.

"Though stiff and hard still is my rail,
sing fuckety suckety fin,
Though hard as rock still is my rail,
the organ which makes me a male,
This stream of cream begins to fail,
Dry now are my glands deep within,
Dry now are my glands deep within.

Tim sucked out one more spurt, swallowed, licked Dusty's
still-rigid prong, swallowed again.

"Oh, finished now is our great feat,
sing fuckety suckety fin,
Oh, finished quite is our great feat,
while powerf'lly you sucked my meat,
I sang along with a rapid beat,
And played on my violin,
And played on my violin.

"Of sperm and cream I have a lack,
sing fuckety suckety fin,
Of sperm and cream I do now lack,
my spike will soon be but a tack,
But give me time to fill my sack,
And you'll suck me all over again,
And you'll suck me all over again."

Tim scrambled to his feet, releasing Dusty's shaft, which
promptly snapped erect. For a moment, both cowboys looked at the
glistening, wet shaft as it quivered in the sun.~ Then they looked
into each other's eyes. Dusty struck a chord on his guitar, sang:

"So it's my turn to suck on you,
sing fuckety suckety fin,
So now I have to suck on you,
of sucking me we now are through,
It was a thing you liked to do,
You're wearing a satisfied grin,
-fied grin,
You're wearing a satisfied grin."

"I'll be fucked if I know why **I* should look satisfied,"
Tim growled. He tried to scowl, but felt himself smile instead.
"Your come tastes like Hell and I've got to suck three more loads
of the stuff out of your cock." He licked his lips reflectively.
"I'm going to get a drink of water before you blow me."

"If I taste so bad, why'd you swallow it all?" asked Dusty,
as he followed Tim to the horse trough, guitar still in hand.

Tim drank deeply from the pipe whose gurgling stream kept
the trough full. "Seemed the quickest way to get rid of it, and
you came so fucking hard some of it was already down before I
could do anything else with it."

"And -- ?"

Tim put his right hand on Dusty's left shoulder, squeezed,
let his hand fall. "Probably the same reason why you made -- why
**we* made this bet: we're pardners, so . . ."

"Well, it sure felt good," said blond Dusty. "Watching as I
fed you, feeling you swallow my load." He paused, strummed a
chord on the guitar. "Say, while I'm in good voice, how 'bout
seeing if I can sing and play while I'm taking **you* off?"

"How are we gonna do that?" Tim touched his broad chest with
his left hand. "I don't see how you can sing while you're
sucking, and I don't see how you can play that guitar if I'm
riding your ass."

"Not sucking -- I'll give you that blow job later -- I mean
a real fuck. Lie down on your back and I'll straddle you and take
your prong up my ass." He trotted back to clothes, trotted back
holding up a jar of Vaseline. "Then I'll sing while you fuck."

"I already owe you three blow jobs, but yeah, I'm still
game." Tim took the jar from Dusty, turned away from the trough,
and followed Dusty to the middle of the open ground by the

Dusty plinked at his guitar a couple of times, tuning a
couple of strings. "Okay; I'm betting that I can keep singing
until you've finished fucking me, and if I **do*, I get to fuck
you . . . three times?"

``Four times. And if you **don't* keep going all the way
through, you still get to fuck me once, and then I fuck you three
times. Tim greased up his rigid cock, stretched out on his back
on a grassy swath of ground, and pointed his cock straight up.

Dusty straddled Tim's hips and carefully knelt. Tim grabbed
Dusty by the prong and guided Dusty on down as Dusty impaled
himself on Tim's upthrust shaft.

"You **are* a tight fit," said Tim, as he felt Dusty's
muscles clamp tight.

"And, you sure the fuck feel even bigger than you look, and
you already **look* pretty big." Dusty wriggled his hips. Then,
settled all the way down onto Tim shaft, Dusty struck a chord on
his guitar and began to sing:

"Come all you now listen while I tell a tale
About a fair damsel who had ne're known a male
This beautiful maiden was somewhat a prude:
She never, oh, never, was ever seen nude,
Was never seen nude,
Was never seen nude.
She thought such a thing would be terribly crude.

"Wait," said Tim. "Slow down -- stop."

"What's the matter?"

Look; I like making it with a gal as much as the next man,
but -- but what we're doing right now is -- you know -- more of a
guy-guy thing, so . . ."

"Sure, sure." Dusty quietly rode Tim's shaft for a moment,
strumming a few random chords, then said, "How 'bout this:"

"Now Jon, a teen hiker, once strolled through a wild,
A forest primeval, by man not defiled;
He heard water splashing, and soon wandered there
To find in a deep pool, a man with gold hair,
A man with gold hair,
A man with gold hair.
A swimming and splashing with hardly a care.

"Jon felt a great longing he ne'er knew before
As he stood and he watched on that pool's woody shore
This man was the beautiful, muscular Roy;
His grace and his power to see were pure joy,
To see were pure joy,
To see were pure joy.
Jon knew in Roy's hands Jon would be but a toy.

"Roy rose from the water, and quick caught Jon's eye;
With grin bold and gay Roy was not at all shy
Then Jon saw Roy's body so handsome and fair
Was naked, was nude, and was perfectly bare,
Was perfectly bare,
Was perfectly bare.
A body with strength and with power to spare.

"Jon paused for a moment, with feelings complex
Observing with interest, Roy's organs of sex:
A great glans-ed penis from thigh to thigh swung
Big testicles round just behind it were slung,
Behind it were slung,
Behind it were slung.
This muscular youth like a stallion was hung.

"Roy's hips they were narrow, his legs straight and long,
A grandly arched chest was thick muscled and strong
His arms they were mighty, his shoulders were wide
Not an inch of his body did he try to hide,
Did he try to hide,
Did he try to hide.
This virile youth stood there with confident pride.

"Roy stepped to the bank then, and gave Jon a grin;
Roy's eyes quick undressed Jon, and took him all in.
Jon glanced at Roy's hips then, and saw with surprise
His virile shaft growing and starting to rise,
And starting to rise,
And starting to rise.
Erected it was of magnificent size.

"Roy took a step toward Jon, who beckoned him on
To Jon strode Roy lightly, a golden haired faun;
He stood now before Jon, all naked and strong
Jon eyed, fascinated, Roy's quivering prong,
His quivering prong,
His quivering prong.
That beautiful organ was rugged and long."

Dusty stopped singing for a moment, still riding Tim's hard
shaft. He strummed for a moment more, then took up the tune

"Jon reached out to touch Roy, to feel his thick arm,
Roy grinned then with shy boyish masculine charm
`You have the advantage,' he said, `Over me:
There simply is not much of you I can see,
Of you I can see,
Of you I can see.
Besides, without clothes, oh, how handsome you'd be!'

"Jon gave to his yearning, and he did begin
To strip himself naked, right down to the skin;
When bare was his body, as bold as -- as --"

Dusty stammered to a stop, then gasped aloud. Still bobbing
up and down -- his motion intensified by the thrust and pull of
Tim's lean hips -- Dusty tried a chord on the guitar, tried
another, then gave up and laid his guitar aside. "I -- I just
can't. Funny -- **getting* fucked is turning me on harder than --
than --"

"You won't get fucked much longer," panted Tim, jabbing his
cock up into Dusty, harder and harder. "I'm -- almost --
**there!"* Tim's muscles locked him into a motionless spasm as he
pumped his load up and into Dusty's guts. Minutes later, Tim let
himself go limp, then remembered to breathe. "Okay, Dusty," Tim
said at last. "I'm done."

"You won, too," said Dusty, rising to his booted feet in a
single, smooth motion. "I couldn't quite feel you squirt, but you
got nice and slippery all of a sudden."

"Whooosh," said Tim, getting to his feet more slowly. "I
think I prefer sucking and fucking in bed; I got dirt all over my
back while you were bouncing up and down."

"I got pretty fucking sweaty too," said Dusty. He looked
down at his big, wet shoulders. "Let's take another dip."

The pair pulled off each other's boots, trotted to the
trough, shooed away their horses, and slipped into cool water

When they emerged, Dusty said, "The day's warm; let's ride
like this -- just boots and hats -- on to Broken Rock. We can
camp there."

"Naked? Hey, that sounds like fun." Tim tossed his head,
flipping his wet hair up and away from his eyes. "By the time we
get there, I'll be reloaded and ready for you to suck me off, and
you'll be all ready to fuck my ass." He slipped on his boots, put
on hat and neckerchief, rolled the rest of his clothing into a
neat bundle, and strapped the bundle to his saddle while his
horse stared askance at his nakedness.

Both cowboys swung themselves into their saddles; Tim felt
his own still-half-hard prong begin stiffening again as he
settled butt and balls onto well-worn leather. He took a deep
breath, spurred his horse into motion; Dusty did the same. Tim
said, suddenly unsure of himself, "And then, after we cook
supper, we can start paying off our gambling debts?"

"Sure -- unless . . ." Dusty let his voice trail off, then
spoke up again: "Unless --"

"What ya thinking?"

"Look, Tim, I don't wanta insist on going through with this
unless -- unless you want to. So . . ."

"Dusty. We're **pardners.* We gotta be honest with each
other. And to tell the truth, I've had the hots for you ever
since I first saw you."

"You do?" asked Dusty. "Hey, **great!* Ever since I met you,
I've been figuring out some way to get into your pants --"

"Yeah? We got some catching up to do. How 'bout a sixty-
nine, soon's we get the horses unsaddled at Broken Rock. After
supper, we can fuck each other silly. And then, tomorrow --"

"What are we waiting for? Come on, Tim; let's make tracks."

Tim spurred his horse into a canter with Dusty and his mount
alongside. As he rode, he was conscious of the sun warming his
naked hide, his balls bouncing on the saddle's hard leather. He
was comfortably aware that his prong was hard again as he heard
his muscular blond pardner break into song again -- without
guitar accompaniment, of course:

"My cock is getting hard once more,
sing fuckety suckety fin,
My cock is stiff'ning up once more,
We'll fuck and suck until we're sore."
It's sure as Hell not a sin,
a sin,
It's sure as Hell not a sin,

[Copyright (C) 2004 by Felix Lance Falkon; you may save or make]
[paper copies for your own use; do not post, repost, publish, ]
[or archive elsewhere without the author's express permission. ]