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Nick Tarr was in Outook magazine June 2006!!!
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An email to The Comedy Spot

The Comedy show seemed to start a little slow, but Nick Tarr's performance made it all worth while! He was absolutely HILARIOUS!!! I had not heard of him before (in fact my partner and I made small talk with him outside before the show), but I can't remember when I have laughed so hard!!!

He was an absolute riot and I would pay double to see him again!!! If you plan on bringing him back anytime in the future, I hope I am still on your email list, as we have recruited a "crew" of people who are now dying to see him. I'm sure you don't rebook the same people right away, but he was an excellent choice for that night and I hope you will bring him back in the future.

Thank you again for your show of support for our community and I will be seeing you again soon...."

Warm regards,

Lana H.


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One of many HELL Gigs.

"What!?   What did you say!?   I can't hear you! ...   Screw me?!.    Screw YOU LADY!!"
(I'm only joking...   When in character I'm very professional.  Going in the direction the clients requests.).

Ceasar for HBO's Premier of Rome

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Captain Valentine!!!

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Just shoot me!!!

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This is the first movie I was ever in!

Nick Featured for Judy Gold from HBO's "At the Movies"

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   Yes, even Coneheads need to use the facilities.

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Drop 'em!...   Not your drawers, ya Huckleberry!

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Data and Worf

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   Carnival Barker.   "Step right up!"

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    On the set of "The adventures of Alex".
p.s.  Yes, after the 11th hour of filming, he bit me.

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  Funny Bunny

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"So many women...   so little Mime."

Orlando Florida, O.B.G.Y.N. Trade show for Berlex.

CThe Church Lady gives advising to corporate America.

"Well isn't that Special!?"

Performance after Mr. Blackwell's 'Best Dressed, Worst Dressed'.

Church Lady teaches superiority dance.

Fans after comedy show in Del Mar, California.

Pic your favorite caption!

a) Church Lady kills the competition
b) "I'm the only one that wears Polyester in this city!
c) "Take it back!! Take it Back!!!"

"Woody" with bellydancer, and strippers.
"WoodStock forever!!"

Road trip from HELL!!!!
There's nothing like breaking down in the middle of the desert, when it's 115 degrees outside.
I'm NOT mechanically inclined!

"Colours the Clown", drivin' around town.

An 'Out of Africa' party.

Fellow Phoenix Comics...

Carl Lee and Nick

Nick as a ships Captain

Dancers for Nick's "Full Monty" Show

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A Show stopper and interactive song/skit routine...
The Full Monty is good for private parties as well as corporate events.
A guaranteed laugh!
A MUST at your next event!
This 'mock strip' is performed to the song
You can keep your hat on, by Tom Jones

Church Lady Earns a tip!

Nick Tarr's 'Drunken Disfunctional X-Postal worker Santa'
Doing his routine Girls just wanna have fun!

GGreat for an unconventional Christmas party

Due to Santa Clause being a Children's Icon,
it's not advisable for children.

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