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Guess who showed up in a recent copy of "Phoenix" Magazine! Look closely at the bottom left, of the above left photo... It's 'Nick Tarr'!

Nick Tarr - feature article in IONAZ, May 2002

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taken from AROUND TOWN MAY 5th 2000

Leaping onto the stage with the excitement of a 10 year old on his birthday... Comic/Actor Nick Tarr takes the spotlight. Wearing a shirt that would make Liberache feel under-dressed, a Fish Bag as luggage, and purple hush puppies, were only the tip of this comical iceberg!

As I listened to him speak, and put on a slightly darker pair of sunglasses, I kept wondering how much was just an act, and how much was really from his life.
Mr. Tarr says, "I never watched the show COPS. They all look like like re-runs from my childhood! It would take years before I found out that Gin and Tonic were not a cologne!"

They say that all good comics have a troubled past. If that is true then
Nick Tarr has the potential for greatness! Mr. Tarr says, "There are three ways to make it through grade school when you're gay. 1) Beat up everyone... that would make you a lesbian! 2) Good camouflage skills and avoiding any unsupervised free time!, and 3) being a fast runner. You thought Forest Gump ran fast?! Try being ten years old, looking behind you at an angry mob of bullies and hearing 'Run Faggot, Run!'. Honey, I was pre-fag-tane!"

It was truly refreshing to listen to a comedian and not hear curse words used as a conjunction. The audience was clearly taken by
Tarr, it was self evident. His facial expression, ease with the stage and loud hand movement told that it was not his first time on stage.

Tarr says, "I have been performing for years. Prior to that I was heckled for years, put the two together and you have me today! I love to mess with the audience when time permits. Years of making a livelihood doing strange characters for private parties and bars, makes you pretty fast with your tongue."

And fast he was, almost too fast as the people were still laughing at the last routine, when the next one was coming out. But they didn't seem to mind. His show was like a salad bar buffet; not everyone got everything, there was a wide variety of subjects so everyone got something, and no one was left hungry for humor. They were all well fed.

The next time you hear that comedian
Nick Tarr is performing, don't miss out on a good comical meal!!

by: C.B.Boyce

Another article in the Echo Magazine, September 14, 2000, special Anniversary issue.

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