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Nick Tarr got his start on the big stage at the age of 10 when he joined the Phoenix Boys Choir in Arizona. He was with that touring group for two years. Performing for affluent people, on the stage of ASU's Grady Gamage Theatre, and Symphony Hall. At age 14 he was in his first play called 'The Clown'. After performing it for the second year, he took a clowning workshop, and started making his teenage living, doing kids birthday parties.

At 18 with only two days training he was on the air full-time at KRDS radio station. His one year experience as a D.J. afforded him the opportunity when he moved to another city to be hired as a full-time D.J. at KSOJ an 'FM' radio station in Northern Arizona.

At 24 he graduated from CFNI in Dallas Texas, with an associates of Arts in Theology. Moving towards a full-time Christian ministry he realized his calling was not in the Church, but as a performer on stage. He moved back to the Phoenix area and began full-time entertaining. This included kids parties which lead to adult parties and trying his hand at stand-up comedy.

As life unfolded, and requests were made, he soon found that he had a gift for impersonations. This lead him to an improvisational drama troupe called 'Group Therapy', where for three years he was able to hone his skills at improv. While on stage Dani's Agency saw him and signed him up immediately. This opened up the opportunity to do commercial work, print, industrial films, and voice overs.

It was not long before all of the entertainment agencies in the Phoenix area knew who Nick Tarr was and that they could depend on him to be on time, creative, and give their clients exactly what they wanted... changing and customizing per their requests.

In 1998 Nick Tarr went full time perusing stand-up comedy. His unique experiences of his life and his comedy had great success leading to him doing comedy from coast to coast. After 10 years of adding stand-up comedy to his entertainment he found a new passion with his creativity.

In 2008 after meeting the love of his life and vacationing in Hawaii he JUMPED into the art world and is now also a full time painter and jewelry designer. Working with fused glass he has mixed those two art forms and has done over 500 art shows and added a retail business that adds color to everyone’s life. You can visit his their amazing art here: SweetEarthArt.

He also owns and runs his own candy vending business called Handy Candy HandyCandyAZ

“There is no limit to a creative mind and the will to keep things in motion.” –Nick Tarr-


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